“The design interaction across the Taiwan Strait” běi jiāo dà inaugural Hina thin film solar power lighting design on both sides of the light

Arctic star solar PV network news: March 30 morning, “2015 Strait design camp” camp ceremony cum Han can global film power products innovation contest preaching will in Beijing traffic University opened has curtain, activities around film power of theme, through camp ceremony, and expert lecture, and technology preaching, and students practice work camp, forms, and full of exchange activities, closer from Strait on both sides of 14 by College of student representative zhī jiān of distance, common lit on both sides of design of light. From the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, the Ministry of education, colleges and universities across the Taiwan Strait, the Chinese film the generation group, Beijing Design Center and many important guests attended the ceremony, and was witnessed by representatives from teachers and students across the Taiwan Strait films generating creative journey.

Beijing Jiaotong University Vice President Chen Feng speech at the opening ceremony, Han has achieved in technological innovation, leading the industry change achievement congratulate well-known alumni of Han and Li Hejun vigorously expressed gratitude for the support given to schools over the years. He pointed out that who has the world-leading manufacturer of thin-film technology, its host of films generating competition for cross-border innovation, stimulates creativity provides an excellent platform for hope “2015 design interaction across the Taiwan Strait,” the representatives of more than 190 teachers and students use this platform to bring into play their respective advantages, and create success. From the Ministry of Education Office Deputy Director Zhao Lingshan, Asia University President Cai Jin and Han can product development group CEO Zhang Qingliang, China have also addressed, fully affirmed the “2015 design interaction across the Taiwan Strait” sharing of meaning and who have strong support for cross-strait exchanges.

Speech by Beijing Jiaotong University Vice President Chen Feng

Speaking Ministry Macao Office Deputy Director Zhao Lingshan

Taiwan University Associate Professor Ma Minyuan lecture: “from ‘ man ‘ to ‘ benevolence ‘ approach to design

Han could address the product development group’s CEO Zhang Qingliang, China

The design interaction across the Taiwan Strait during the event, students were divided into 12 groups on both sides, Sino-global leader in thin-film solar technology, to move the concept of energy, environmental protection, each centered around a competition for design and implementation, creative, design-related industrial and household items. Experts and engineers from Hina introduces global thin film solar power product innovation competition, participation and awards of the contest rules and other content, further explained the film technique and application of power. With flexible flexible thin-film technology, light weight, good low light plastic, adjustable color, shape and other advantages, is widely used, which caused the presence of designers and of great interest to students, and Chinese engineers film enthusiastically discussed the possibility and power products are designed.

Chinese technicians explained film power generation technology

This 9-day design camp on both sides, last day at design camp invites all participating students for reporting on results and invite important guests for students designed for the awards and the awards. “The design interaction across the Taiwan Strait” as the key exchange project of Beijing Jiaotong University, school of architecture and art in 2015, is Hina global thin film solar power product innovation contest important tiebreaker. Depth of the two platforms together would experience latest design theory and practice to promote cross-strait exchanges to further promote design as a subject of extensive innovation and popularization of thin film solar power products.

2015, all members of the design interaction across the Taiwan Strait Photo

On Chinese power film power Group Co Ltd

Chinese films the generation group is currently the world’s power plant, technology, scale is the first thin film Group since 2009 to enter the solar industry, its main business includes design and film production line, and the development, operation and thin film solar power generation projects and applications. Companies by global technical integration and mastered the world’s leading independent research and development of thin-film technology. At present, Chinese thin-film CIGS and GaAs thin film solar cells power transformation rate as high as 21% and 30.8% respectively. With flexible flexible thin-film technology, light weight, good low light plastic, adjustable color, shape and other advantages, can be widely used in thin-film power building integration (BIPV) household, agricultural facilities, power generation, automotive, electronics, General goods, commercial areas such as unmanned aircraft and specialty products. For further competition, can be found on the contest official website (http://tfaward.hanergythinfilmpower.com), or to focus on micro-letter contest official services “film generation innovation platform” to learn more about specific entries.

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