The United Nations Environment Programme: renewable energy will provide opportunities for development in Africa

Polaris solar PV net news: local time on March 4, the 15th session of the high-level meeting of African Environment Ministers in Egypt’s capital Cairo. At the meeting, UN Under-Secretary General and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Achim ˙ Steiner said that renewable energy will provide machines for the leap-forward development in Africa.

United Nations Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Environment Programme Executive Director Achim ˙ Steiner (right) and Egypt’s Environment Minister at a press conference.

In recent days, African countries attending the 15th session of the African Ministerial Conference on the environment, environment ministers gather to discuss environmental protection plans. During a press briefing, CNN first to the UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Achim ˙ Steiner, he threw an African people are very concerned about the issue: that is, how do you view the relationship between industrialization and environmental protection. Steiner’s first reaction was that this problem was “not small”. He said “development is not a simple repetition of the experience in the past, but to summarize and draw on others ‘ experience, learn new skills, to launch a new process of cooperation. A case study of green energy, South Africa has some deposits of coal, although the taste is not high, but South Africa through green energy economy in 2011 will be put on the agenda. At that time, largely by domestic capital markets, raised about $ 14 billion to develop green energy such as solar energy, attracted a lot of investors in the past. In addition, UNEP headquarters in Kenya, also is at the forefront in the use of green energy, whether residential or industrial electricity prices, were as geothermal and wind energy development and networking is reduced. Of course, Morocco, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Ghana and other countries, and also in terms of economic development and industrial use of green energy, in the face of fluctuations in world oil prices, but only less vulnerable to these economies. ”

Steiner also term referred specifically to natural capital. Natural capital are the people from the perspective of environmental protection, given the value of natural resources, this proposal is intended to remind mankind, once the destruction of biodiversity, then the cost of repair will be doubled. Of course, always consume some natural endowments grow, but the key is to make clear where the red line. What have adhered to, and what you can market, this issue is worth studying. But in reality, many industrialized countries, and some of the other industrializing countries on the road, is paying the price for failing to adhere to the red line. Steiner said: “environmental pollution can seize millions of people’s lives, the World Health Organization estimates that each year from indoor and outdoor pollution, lead (global) about 7 million early deaths, these are costs, but many theories and strategies of economic development were overlooked. ”

Steiner told reporters that in recent years, the cost of developing new sources of energy has been reduced a lot, network technical difficulty was not so high, depends on Africa’s ability to construct the corresponding energy system, he also called on the international community to give more attention and investment in Africa. “If Africa does not receive the appropriate technology, capacity and economic assistance, then it will, inevitably, on (via fossil fuels for the following) the old paths of development, it will mean a flood of new discharge of gases such as carbon dioxide, the situation arises, the whole world will not be able to cope with. ”

Of course, Steiner also have confidence in the development of Africa. In his view, advocated by African leaders aimed at optimizing resources for the benefit of the African people in Africa “Africa vision 2063” can be seen, the African continent has chosen new paths of development. In this journalist’s question, Steiner said: “choose renewable energy, will provide opportunities for the people of Africa realizing leap-forward development. I would like to say that Africa attaches great importance to gain experience and turn it into domestic policy, while Africa also attaches great importance to regional and international cooperation. In China, for example, between Africa and the United Nations Environment Programme, there will be tripartite cooperation agreement on environmental protection. I also learned that China has made it clear, ecological and civilized society. ”

Original title: United Nations Environment Programme: renewable energy will provide opportunities for development in Africa

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