Three banks grant SPI solar billion yuan line of credit

Polaris solar PV net news: headquartered in Shanghai, the photovoltaic solar energy application developer SPISolar announced on Thursday, has been with the Minsheng Bank, China Construction Bank and Bank of Suzhou signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the three banks will provide 7 billion yuan respectively to the SPI, 2 billion yuan and 1 billion yuan renminbi loans, project financing, mergers and acquisitions and financing to support the latter, as well as other financing needs.

SPI is a global supplier of photovoltaic solar energy, and utility-scale solar systems provide distributed power generation business. SPI said the partnership will enable the company to execute their strategic plans.

At present, in the context of global markets, the solar sector is attracting more and more attention. According to data from the National Energy Board in 2014, new grid-connected photovoltaic capacity 10.6 million-kilowatt, by February 2015, the cumulative number of grid-connected solar power 26.52 million-kilowatt, the year when power 23.1 billion-kilowatt. According to the State Council recently issued the 2015 national scale grid-connected PV annual plans to add table (draft for soliciting opinions), 2015-15GW national grid-connected PV annual plans to add scale.

Galaxy international, China predicted that China’s installed capacity will reach 15GW and 16GW in 2015 and 2016 respectively (2014-10.6GW). In addition, taking into account the total installed capacity of solar energy accounted for 2% of the national electric power total installed capacity of solar installed capacity in the medium term, there’s a huge upside.

In overseas markets, the technology giants Apple and Google in the near future with the solar industry. Apple announced in February with the first solar energy company to invest $ 850 million to build a solar power plant expected capacity of 280 megawatts, enough to meet the electricity demand of more than 70,000 families. Followed subsequently, Google has invested 300 million US dollars involved in United States largest residential solar energy system installation company in Sun City, creating a total of 750 million dollars in funds for residential solar projects, its Google, by far the largest renewable energy investment.

Original title: three banks grant SPI solar billion yuan line of credit

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