TrendForce: China raised its installed capacity 2015 target-17.8GW solar prices bottomed

Polaris solar PV net news: China National Energy Board March 17 announcement in 2015, the implementation programme for the construction of photovoltaic power generation, new 2015 target for new solar energy capacity will raise the 15GW of to 17.8GW, in addition to the 2014 submit supplementary administrative year unfinished project, the construction of distributed PV is also further relax the restrictions.

TrendForce said its green energy business unit EnergyTrend analyst Gao Jiaxi, 2014 China PV module production reached 35GW,60% dependent on exports. Top ten 56% per cent of production, capacity utilization to nearly 90%, but component vendors that manufacture scale less than 500MW, capacity utilization was only 72%, and significantly lower. New programme to substantially increase capacity limit, can immediately resolve the China component for countries to double exports are blocked, the impact on excess capacity, however, for component manufacturing in China expanding substantially over the past few years, causing quality and cutthroat price competition, but could not be improved. Strong ability to predict the future health, technology vendors, and will be the biggest beneficiary of this policy, and component manufacturing, China will enter the shake-Fu is strong, a new phase of consolidation.

The other hand, supply chain inventory situation to observe from the market, said Gao Jiaxi inventory to current upstream rate than expected, euro and Japanese yen have been demoted, overseas customers have deferred orders delivery time orders, is not high. Downstream vendors March up the procurement action has slowed down appeared downstream order as anticipated, about April order situation are mostly conservative, giving the whole supply chain, prices continue to fall. China domestic market launch is expected to boost the overall orders pick up, prices could rebound.

Original title: TrendForce: China raised its installed capacity 2015 target-17.8GW solar prices bottomed

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