Waternest100 solar-powered housing

Polaris solar PV net news: If you’ve ever fantasized about life drifting across the water, but also eager for solar power housing, pictured here from Italy architect GiancarloZema idea may be to your taste.

Global warming leads to global warming and sea level rise is not a matter of one or two days, many countries face the shoreline retreats, and probably irreparable situation in the coming years. Under the rise of environmental awareness, a foreign company called EcoFloLife, spent years in designing a series of energy-saving housing concept-Waternest100 in the picture, the purpose is to let us have the opportunity to adapt to the living environment of the future on the planet could face upheaval.

Italy design famous architect GiancarloZema Waternest100 the concept of energy-saving housing

Waternest100 covers an area of 1,000 square feet, whole room entirely made of reclaimed wood and recycled aluminum into appearance give the feeling of small domed ball, the main structures include skylights, balcony and large Windows, so that occupants can enjoy the surrounding natural scenery. However, Waternest100 the biggest features are equipped with a large solar panel on the roof, can power the indoor facility, is another important, Waternest100 ball design is more than just great, whole House can really float on water works.

Waternest100 resulting from reclaimed wood and recycled aluminum, is equipped with large-area solar panels can power the indoor facilities

Maybe some day in the future, familiar world we now may be swallowed by the flood, but if I had the choice to live in Waternest100, caught in the tide of self-sufficiency but also retains a certain style.

Original title: Waternest100 solar-powered housing

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