Who hold the energy back

Polaris solar PV net news: 2011, Germany proposed ambitious energy transformation goals–2050-year 80% per cent of its total generating capacity of renewable power generation. At present, Germany had risen to about 30% per cent of renewable electricity generation. Development of renewable energy and traditional fossil fuels benefit game, how to resolve the contradiction grid-connected renewable energy? To just stand at the starting point of China’s energy revolution, Germany experience is helpful.

Desert wind up trapped difficult solution, to reverse this phenomenon, it is necessary to design rational electricity price system. Really determine the trend of energy is that energy prices, only the system to make the allocation of resources to achieve a reasonable market price.

“Why Germany ‘ energy transition ‘ word, but in China using ‘ energy revolution ‘? Many conventional fossil fuels who say coal energy revolution is not leather, but to make coal cleaner. By contrast, if that is the goal of energy revolution, perhaps even ‘ transformation ‘ word is not. “Wind energy professional Committee of Chinese renewable energy society-General Qin Haiyan held a few days ago on the Sino-German Forum on energy transformation of outspoken way.

The energy development strategy action plan (2014-2020) set development goals for renewable energy are, in 2020, the share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption to 15%. However, the situation is worrying the Qin Haiyan, the industry, in recent years abandoned wind up phenomenon accentuated by light, power grid construction and electric power system reform and uncoordinated development of the renewable energy industry remains a paradox at the heart of China’s renewable energy development.

Reporters learned at the Sino-German Forum on energy transition, in Germany, in order to achieve the 2050 renewable energy goal of total capacity of 80% per cent, pragmatic German has taken a number of measures for the development of flexible power grid, admitted a growing number of new sources of energy. Number of participating Chinese experts believe that Germany experience decipher our desert wind up light problem is useful.

Competing interests led to blackouts

Information displayed, to traditional of wind resources rich, and installed volume concentrated of “three North” area for cases, Jilin, and in Inner Mongolia, and Gansu, abandoned wind most concentrated of regional, Supreme Shi abandoned wind rate has reached 20% above; also, in solar field, 2013, domestic PV power station was “abandoned light blackouts” of proportions has reached has 40%, even is some grid conditions good of station, starts rate also insufficient 80%.

Desert wind up reasons, State grid Energy Research Institute, Director of the Institute of energy strategy and planning Deputy Chief Economist Bai Jianhua at the above meeting is given the answer: “abandon wind up light is because the domestic market is still relatively small, delivery channel is not perfect. ”

Bai Jianhua poor construction led to abandon the wind up on delivery channel argument, by the Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission Wang Zhongying, Director of the Center for renewable energy development clearly opposed. Wang Zhongying: “desert wind up just a question of institutional mechanisms, as far as power grid status, far from channel problems. ”

“I always say why blackouts, because who’s generation who earn money, you don’t let the thermal power generation, thermal power will not earn money. “Qin Haiyan believes that renewable and traditional energy interests battle.

Abandoned wind up behind the conflict of interest reflects the deeper problem is the lack of integrated power market in China, that is, administrative planning and scheduling interfere unduly with market choices, resulting in a misallocation of resources.

Germany grid-connected path to contradiction

Reporters learned at the Forum, for Germany, when an increasing number of intermittent renewable energy into the grid, Germany also faces a difficult task.

“Grid-connected renewable energy has two latitudes challenges: one is the technical challenge of the network itself, the second is the challenge of the market. “Germany FelixChristianMatthes Institute of applied ecology, climate and energy policy expert said.

Felix clearly states that cause of desert wind up light is not technology, “technology is a challenge, but not the biggest obstacle.” He suggested that taking into account the natural monopolies of power grid, grid-connected renewable energy need to strengthen regulatory and market reforms.

The beginning of this century, Germany’s grid operator opposed development of wind and solar energy. The reason, Felix said: “not that they can’t deal with it, but about interests of the company, because the renewable energy access to reduce the number of operating hours, so they use monopoly power request to abandon the desert wind. ”

Therefore, Germany stepped up after regulation, adjusted its network operating system, network upgrade, grid access for renewable and will be a winner. Meanwhile, Germany set up a more open and free market in electricity, and can bid to enter markets such as solar energy, wind energy, due to the long-term marginal cost is zero, you can enter the market at a lower price. “Now they are more support for renewable energy. “Felix adds.

Market-oriented pricing system is the right way

How to design our pricing system to support renewable energy development, Germany at Berlin’s free University, senior fellow at the environmental policy research centre Hans-JoachimZiesing suggested that “consumers are sensitive to price, without the price signals in the Chinese system, is unlikely to change anyone’s behavior. “He believed that if you turn up wind up light phenomena, price formation mechanism has to change.

In this regard, the power company of Inner Mongolia electric power dispatching Director Hou Youhua said renewable energy project first launched a few years ago, the core problem lies in the price guide. “PV now swarm the floor, nor demand, is essentially a price guide”, Hou Youhua believes that changing the desert wind up, it is necessary to design rational electricity price system.

For how set reasonable of price system, Hou Youhua said: “design reasonable of power price system, should meet three points requirements: a is don’t caused power mass of concentrated construction, especially technology also not mature of power cannot mass concentrated horse; II is to makes parties has reasonable of price interests expected, but and cannot obtained profiteering; three is to makes price reflected out responsibility, is proceeds more high risk more high of principles. ”

The only system to make the allocation of resources to achieve a reasonable market price. “Really determine the trend of energy is that energy prices, only a market-oriented pricing system, can truly make our energy system is reasonable and we need to walk the roads. “On our Lady of China.

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