Xu Ning: SEAC annual report of curtain walls of BIPV

Polaris solar PV net news: the last time we mentioned the Netherlands solar research facility “SEAC”, the Agency’s global BIPV 2013 BIPV report is divided into four parts, namely, sloping roofs of BIPV, flat roof, BIPV, curved roof BIPV curtain BIPV. Report in this issue, we learn about the bending of flat roofs and BIPV roofing BIPV BIPV and curtain wall.

A bent, flat roofs and BIPV roofing BIPV

BIPV for flat roofs and curved roof of the report describes no specific place, and sloping roof, similar, is divided into five categories, will not go into here.

Flat roofs of BIPV

Curved roof BIPV

Second, walls BIPV

BIPV report curtain wall was divided into the following categories:

1. ordinary curtain BIPV

Similar to regular granite or marble, the solar panels were installed on the building’s facade. Usually for ventilation and insulation, installing solar panels and building when there is a space between.

The report includes the following common wall BIPV products: Germany Soltecture company, Germany Schuco company, Finland Ruuki company, Austria’s ErtexSolar company, Austria’s MGT-eys company, United States of Bisem company. These companies use the technology varies, the products also have their own characteristics. Germany’s two companies using a-Si technology. MGT-eys using the c-Si technology.

Schuco company BIPV

2. transparent wall BIPV

Translucent BIPV module is the use of laser technology to deal with conventional amorphous silicon solar module surface, enables it to achieve good light effects. This report describes the production of transparent walls of BIPV manufacturers, two are from China (sic, the report did not mention specific names of manufacturers). They are using c-Si technique of Smile Solar company SunTech Corporation and uses a-Si technology.

SunTech Corporation BIPV

3. sunroof BIPV

These skylights can power and lighting and shading of a building or shelter. In this report, Germany Solarnova company skylight most attract people’s attention. This BIPV skylights can automatically track the Sun’s angle, allowed the building to obtain most reasonable sunshine and produce energy.

Solarnova company BIPV

Original title: Xu Ning: SEAC annual report of curtain walls of BIPV

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