Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (4.27-4.30)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the Ministry of Finance: concerning the issuance of the notice of interim measures for the administration of special funds for the development of renewable energy

In order to promote renewable energy development and utilization, optimize the structure of energy, energy security, according to the People’s Republic of China Law on budget, the People’s Republic of China renewable energy law and other related laws and regulations as well as the party’s 18 session specific on deepen fiscal and taxation system requirements, stipulated by the Ministry of the interim measures for the management of the Special Fund for renewable energy development. Be issued, please comply.

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2, the National Energy Board, the national State administration of work safety notice on photovoltaic power generation enterprise safety production standardization norms issued

For implement implementation State on further strengthened enterprise safety work of notification (country sent (2010) 23rd,), and State on insisted science development security development promoting safety situation continued stable improved of views (country sent (2011) 40th,), file spirit, strengthened power safety supervision management, specification PV power enterprise safety standardization construction, National Energy Council and national security regulatory General joint developed has PV power enterprise safety standardization created specification, Be issued, please follow the implementation.

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Market review

1, reliable sources: countries are flagging policy is likely to let go

Recently, many companies told reporters the on-grid price subsidies are not in place or there is a delay, with respect to this issue, the leadership says subsidies deferred the situation does not change within a short period, will continue for at least the near future. One is due to the overall shortage of funds, and second, because the decentralization of national-level subsidies must be delayed. In addition, State subsidies and possibly 2 years was coming to an end, how it is not certain, so companies need to take fully into account that when assessing risks.

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2, the United States of China PV “double reverse” influence weaken China’s PV capacity increased

United States a second “double” after landing, many PV companies found that currently exports to the United States for PV product still used the first “double” rate, and with the domestic photovoltaic industry matures, United States “double reverse” the impact on the domestic photovoltaic industry wanes, PV capacity of enterprises, also is growing.

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Global PV demand rose 3, IHS:2015 30%

IHS forecasts 2015 global PV demand up 30% in 2014, up to 57,000 megawatts (GW) is a photovoltaic industry seven years ago more than 10 times of the size of times. IHS AshSharma PV Senior Research Director said: “in 2015, China will be the third year in a row as the world’s largest PV installed capacity market and drive global PV demand growth in core markets. “Other PV demand rapidly growing markets include Japan and the United States and the United Kingdom and India.

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4, the National Energy Board: new photovoltaic subsidy when implementing

SNEC2015 the PV global financial Summit, Assistant Director of the NDRC’s Energy Research Institute, Center for international cooperation in the international Yuan Muran said, in 2015, the policy of the National Energy Board for the photovoltaic industry to be dominated by fine tuning and perfecting. First of all, construction, power plant deployment quota among the different provinces and, secondly, solar subsidies will be addressed, after 2015 new projects could be implemented in the year; and, third, internal integration of the photovoltaic industry will be “along the way” advantage of the construction of merged into the overall cooperation in various energy with other countries.

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5, giant cross-border to seize the Internet “marriage” PV

On April 29, SNEC (2015) the Nineth international exhibition on photovoltaic industry and photovoltaic engineering exhibition center of Huawei, says “FusionSolar smart marketing-maintenance center” on the big screen is displaying thousands of kilometres of mountain energy’s photovoltaic power plant in Inner Mongolia monitoring data, big data analysis, thermal imaging for unmanned patrol, smart security and other operations can be achieved through this management system. In fact, large data operations systems such as these are just the PV and the Internet “marriage” a microcosm. And previous years, this year giant transboundary play PV in various forms, especially in Internet companies is the star performer. From 2010 into PV, Huawei continues and clou electronics, Eicon Technology, upper Yellow River, and many other businesses in hand to provide intelligent solar solutions and GCL integration reached a strategic cooperation in the show layout of pyramid energy Internet.

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6, institutional investors opening PV rough logic

“PV is expensive, most photovoltaic power plants are facing financing problems. “One body to reporters in Shanghai, financial institutions investing in photovoltaic power plant currently has its own” mate choice “standards, although there are a few simple and crude but very common, for example, did you get any special loans by CDB, the electricity subsidy amount does not exceed 6 cents.

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7, renewable energy Special Fund will introduce the market mechanism of preferential allocation

Recently, the Treasury unveiled the latest version of the interim measures for the management of the Special Fund for renewable energy development (hereinafter referred to as the methods) notice in the way on renewable energy Special Fund to support adjustments in scope and allocation of funds, the introduction of market mechanisms, the promotion of “preferred” distribution, improve investment efficiency, to use subsidies on “cutting edge,”.

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8, European solar panel charges city escape tariffs

Taiwan media said the European solar panel maker jointly appealed to the European Union once again, charges manufacturers suspected by was not limited by city, Taiwan and Malaysia, the 3rd, and move into Europe, avoiding import tariffs and quantitative restrictions.

Comment article

1, Hung-Wei: ask “why Apple bet on solar energy: why now? ”

Because ask, so when you follow the old Red Apple bets on solar energy: why now? (“Now”), a writer, expectations are high, but after reading was down to a high value. So, for this Act, “now” has raised two very good questions: WhySolar? Whynow? did not give a very good answer.

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2, alternative photovoltaic power station exit mode

No direct transfer of shares of the project company, but transfer of the shares of the project company’s parent company. This way of walking is still a “flagging” sale, apparently not allowed by the policy environment and sustainable business models. Relevant departments strictly prohibited “flagging” the consequences of the trade measures are emerging.

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3, Apple moved into China’s PV: playing the “gimmick” or serious?

A 40MW power station project, amounting in hundreds of megawatt-scale construction of the Chinese PV market is cause for concern, not only because Apple is not for General company, perhaps the most imaginative on the market, or “Internet”. Playing “gimmick” is serious?

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4, Yuan Haiyang: photovoltaic industry will experience a “United States manufacturing”?

Yuan Haiyang says, “made in China” increasingly weakened on the international image of China PV industry group to the United States produced “United States manufacturing” has an edge. “The United States manufacture would replace manufacturing in China, especially in the field of photovoltaic. “American Chinese Yuan Haiyang said in an interview with Xinhua that” five years ago, I saw a report from the Boston Consulting Group, say, 5 years in the United States manufacturing industries from China back to the United States. Now, the trends are becoming evident. ”

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5, the differentiated impact of lowered power prices for the photovoltaic industry

According to the Executive meeting of the State Council held recently, a cut in the country’s coal-fired electricity price average about 2 cents per kilowatt hour, and commercial and industrial power with the price of electricity, and national commercial and industrial electricity prices down about 1.8 cents per kilowatt hour on average, reduce the tariff burden on enterprises. The prices drop and impact on the PV industry speaks for itself.

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Enterprise version

Enough people vote for tens of billions of dollars in solar 1, Ningxia index map door stuck

Since its establishment in Shanghai in May 2014, after less than 1 year, zhongmin voted once again for its photovoltaic layout add takes an under-April 18, zhongmin investment Ningxia (Salt Lake) integrated demonstration area of the country’s new energy Foundation, the project is completed, it will become the world’s largest single solar power project. All indications, zhongmin cast of “five-year plan” has quietly started.

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Heaven prestige fall 2, 8.5 billion, so much pressure just around the corner?

Once enough of tianwei group, now down in disgrace. 2014 annual report shows that by the end of 2014, tianwei short-term debts of 4 billion yuan. According to statistics, which expires before the end of April 2016 all kinds of debt is as high as 4.5 billion yuan. In other words, tianwei short-term debts of up to 8.5 billion dollars.

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3, Apple’s “partnership” the secret behind the share PV landscape in Central

Tianjin zhonghuan Semiconductor Corporation semiconductor industry build up, originally in the PV industry’s performance was not great, but this time since becoming United States Apple’s “partnership” attention. Meanwhile, the PV expand has become clear. If not for the “Apple concept,” Central shares may still be in its photovoltaic materials and plant operations to work quietly and less to be concerned.

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4, bet on PV crystalline section downstream of the great leap forward to face multiple risks

Stock speculation became a shareholder, jinkosolar holding limited (hereafter called “apt”) made of polycrystalline silicon plant owners. Including GCL-poly, Trina, Crystal branch of traditional photovoltaic companies, looking downstream-the PV, but apt Rockefeller striking. It is estimated that sitech area at the plant has invested around 3.7 billion yuan. 2014 annual report also shows that jinko solar power plant project income was 237 million dollars, which compared with the previous year of 76.7 million dollars, an increase of nearly 210%.

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5, hareon zijin electronic holdings of shareholders pull out intended to make way for vote

Hareon 2014 report released recently, about a loss of 950 million yuan in net profit. Two consecutive years of losses, was listed into the “*ST” category, the company official said that in 2011, the company was listed, has been in a winter period, loss is hard to avoid. But with its national strategy to adjust the layout and support future growth there is still space for development. Hairun reduction of large shareholders, the outside world has a different voice, big shareholders purple e-more of a financial investment, exit will not be profitable, the company is also encouraging more strategic investors, zijin electronic holdings, could you voted for the introduction of war with ease.

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Insufficient indicators cast tens of billions of dollars in solar landscape of Ningxia door stuck

Polaris solar PV net news: the plan “in the PV industry, do so for five years, the world’s first” China Minsheng investment joint stock company (hereinafter “vote”) is the title a disease.

Since its establishment in Shanghai in May 2014, after less than 1 year, zhongmin voted once again for its photovoltaic layout add takes an under-April 18, zhongmin investment Ningxia (Salt Lake) integrated demonstration area of the country’s new energy Foundation, the project is completed, it will become the world’s largest single solar power project. All indications, zhongmin cast of “five-year plan” has quietly started.

However, the reporter visits the investigation found, zhongmin vote in order to achieve its PV ambition seems to be premature. Insufficient local target quotas, grid-connected people voted in the supporting construction is an unavoidable problem.

Huge sums of money betting on Ningxia

Salt Lake City in the small town in the eastern part of Ningxia, now becomes the largest PV companies grab the treasure.

“Before the vote, dozens of photovoltaic companies already to visit Salt Lake to negotiate. “The yanchi County industry and Commerce Bureau told reporters Qian Yongzhi, Deputy Director, before the vote settled in, has Wanglejin in yanchi County township has an area of 27770 acres of photovoltaic power generation Demonstration Garden, there have been more than more than 40 PV companies have investment intentions.

Zhongmin why investment hydrangea dumped the salt ponds, Qian Yongzhi believes that “the construction of photovoltaic power plant must have two conditions, first land, the second is light, which also happened to be Salt Lake’s advantage. “Qian Yongzhi said in support of zhongmin tender, salt ponds and the project is not included in the Wanglejin solar demonstration zone, separately freed up 90,000 acres of land.

Another Deputy Director of the Bureau Wang Xupeng said administrative planning in yanchi County, an area of more than 8000 square kilometers, but only a population of 170,000, has a lot of spare land available for PV power station construction. “We are here, along with sunshine is well-equipped, very suitable for photovoltaic power plant. ”

In fact, salt ponds are just people voted in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region layout in PV on the second leg. As early as in August 2014, zhongmin cast and Ningxia PV industry investment projects involving 50 billion yuan were signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In December of the same year, zhongmin in Ningxia’s first photovoltaic project under construction.

“Ningxia essay, to lay the foundations for national distribution. “People vote for President Li Huaizhen said publicly that zhongmin vote map of renewable energy will be in the Northwest, Southwest and East China, South China, northeast of the big five show, Ningxia Hui autonomous region is a top priority.

“We of zhongmin’s investment prowess has never been questioned. “Qian Yongzhi zhongmin have confidence in investing and financial strength,” ‘ shareholders are behind some powerful entrepreneurs, bankers, the last thing they need is money. ”

Insiders who do not want to be named, said investing in photovoltaic power plant, the most important is the money to support this investment and don’t have to worry about. “Indicators can find enough, matching can also be built up slowly. “This person said, zhongmin investment funds out there,” If you got the money, others are not. “

Investment advisor in the new energy industry researcher at the Shaw letter considered that, under the State’s clean energy trends, the development of photovoltaic industry is to change the structure of China’s energy needs, “so the PV industry development prospects, zhongmin cast has a certain profit margin in this business. “Xiao also said that PV industry is extremely competitive, zhongmin voted to became champion in the short term is not easy.

Target quota problem

In reality, although zhongmin invested in solar projects have been launched in yanchi County, in the construction process, however, still faces many uncertainties.

Qian Yongzhi told reporters, people voted in the current projects still at the feasibility study stage. He disclosed that the zhongmin cast outside of the project in addition to photovoltaic power plant, also supporting projects such as modern agriculture, the current park planning and design already delivered initial drawings are reviewed by the zhongmin cast changes, also recommend revision of the brine pool.

“Zhongmin actually vote in the long-term planning of the project is to build 3GW of solar power station, the current plan 2GW year planning construction scale of 1GW planned construction began in June. “Qian Yongzhi said, after media reported 15 billion investment refers only to 1GW of investment this year, 10 billion of which is for construction of photovoltaic power plant, related to the other 5 billion for construction. “Because of investment promotion provisions in Ningxia, the introduction of the project investment 30% of funds to be used for the related supporting industries. “Qian Yongzhi said.

As for local investment in supporting industry development of feedback in the next station after completed, zhongmin vote preliminary plan drawn from a per unit, 3, or 6 points, 9 points for the creation of a poverty alleviation fund, and supports a number of development projects in the late. However, this is just a preliminary plan, the Foundation still unknown exactly how.

In addition, zhongmin cast such a large investment projects are still facing many uncertainties. “One of the main problems is the target quota”, said Wang Xupeng, now the main problem is the photovoltaic construction indicators, not targets, and grid-connected power station cannot, no sense in investing big.

Qian Yongzhi also deep feeling. He told reporters this year only 600MW of photovoltaic power plant in Ningxia region indicators, and put another phase of 1GW zhongmin, existing indexes cannot satisfy demand. “People voted in will probably directly through their relationship to the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board to indicator, or at national level to target at the same time, consume in Ningxia a certain percentage targets. But how to implement specific indicators, there is no accurate information. ” Qian Yongzhi said that indicators take it down, it won’t be able to start the construction of the project. Even walking horse build power plants, electricity nor Internet access issued.

In addition to the indicators it is difficult to implement, troubled people voted in another trouble is that supporting the incorporation of PV power plant problem. According to people familiar with the matter said, current salt ponds are not yet completed associated transmission delivery facilities, relying on exports to Zhejiang in Ningxia in the County of UHV ± 800 lines of both power supplies – Max and gufeng substations are still in the construction phase and once completed will it be possible to address the incorporation issue.

However, in the face of difficulties, and zhongmin cast in yanchi County, is trying another way. “Investment and intends to take as the spur mechanism, namely construction, forcing countries or provinces to solve relevant problems”, Qian Yongzhi said.

This reporter called them several times and take responsibility for the new investment company in Ningxia Fan Cheng, General Manager of the business to verify, but received no response.

Original title: insufficient indicators cast tens of billions of dollars in solar landscape of Ningxia door stuck

Tianwei defaults: no can not break the myth

Polaris solar PV net news: on April 21, the group released important matters that, due to the large losses, fails to honour 2011 second stage medium-term notes of interest this year. Tianwei group has become the first in the public bond market interest on the breach SOEs.

Previously, the Group had released two servicing risk warning notice in April. Bulletin, the companies huge losses is one reason new energy industry contraction, excess capacity, lower product prices and other conditions failed to improve, company revenue cost upside down is serious, operating loss, mainly from the new energy industry; reason is based on the principle of caution in the scope of consolidated financial statements related assets provision for impairment of 8.34 billion dollars.

According to debt credit figures, from 2011, the Group net profit has 4 losses in a row, and losses continue to enlarge. Since 2014, other than creditors, the creditors such as banks and trust companies have taken measures, such as debt recovery of tianwei group. Which reflects the banks ‘ solvency of tianwei group has produced a very pessimistic attitude.

Tianwei group has also announced in mid-April, some funds should be deposited in the bank accounts of unsuspecting case Bank deduction to offset the Baoding branch of tianwei group in parts of the bank debt. Insiders say this may be the last straw weighing down tianwei group.

Tianwei group bond default, a public opinion the most common point of view mainly has following several aspects:

First, that breach exposed the weakness of the Chinese PV industry. Securities research report pointed out that the people’s livelihood, tianwei group interim breach exposed the excess capacity of the photovoltaic industry to producers of small, weak financial strength caused by combat.

Tianwei group market deteriorating business conditions known, but of those super tianwei days and Hunan, Hubei, bonds of different, tianwei of just 88.5 million dollars for breach and tianwei trimming when backers, so most investors confidence on tianwei bond has just confirmed. But there is another, market participants believe that, for the Group’s default crisis, tianwei’s parent company did nothing. Because subsequent debt tianwei honour hole is too large, soldiers loaded group does not want to pay too high a cost to save, but also because the PV industry has gradually lost the living space, tianwei group as soldiers loaded and children.

But there are also some analysts believe that with the gradual implementation of the new national reform, the new energy industry boom is expected to continue to rise. Analyst Deng Haiqing said new energy bonds are not without opportunities.

Is considered the second breach as the first State-owned enterprise bond default, indicating that differentiation of credit increase.

CICC evaluation concluded that the tianwei events of default in the short run, low-rated bonds will come under pressure in favour of the high grade, widen spreads among the ratings will be phased; the medium to long term, breaking just per dollar and lower financing costs are not contradictory, but conducive to the efficient allocation of resources.

BOCOM international Managing Director and Chief Strategist Hong Hao thought, tianwei default is conducive to effective allocation of resources and market price risk, but because of its State-owned enterprise backgrounds, the bond market had no strong default expectations.

Haitong securities suggests that defaults from private to public, and to the spread of State-owned enterprises by private enterprises will continue to only pay attention to preventing credit risks, carefully selected to avoid stepping on mines.

The third is that defaults will break the bonds of “rigid payment” industry knowledge, that breach is breaking the rigid payment a positive development. Investors have said that this means that there have been new breakthroughs in China’s financial market, and is now maturing.

Some netizens expressed, tianwei votes as a State Enterprise bonds in default on its substance, exceeded market expectations, the public bond market to break the “rigid payment” yet another milestone. SOE just confirmed fairy break, private enterprises will further demonstrate the quality of good risk management.

Deng Haiqing, an analyst believes that defaults of iconic significance, led by liquidity, China’s pricing mechanism for credit spreads are expected to change, the credit debt markets increasingly tends to normalize. This will accelerate the 2.0 era of credit pricing, low grade credit spreads will be phased impacts, high level and low level of spreads on the stage is enlarged.

Some financial commentators said, to resolve rigid payment you can actually breach for breach of trust product. In this way, market on rigid payment expected breaks down trust products, trust product risk premiums will rise; the entire debt instruments, “risk-free rate of return” would fall, stock market valuations improved.

But there are also netizens pointed out that the SOE just confirmed is broken, this suggests the economy has taken a serious to a certain degree. Due to an economic downturn in the second quarter, large amount of maturity, low refinance qualified enterprises are still facing difficulties, annual reports and track the ratings focus on disclosures, credit incident probability is high, the real increase in defaults would cause for breach of normal and expected increase in marketing, expansion of the necessity of its existence spreads among the rating.

Original title: tianwei defaults: no can not break the myth

2014 World’s top ten ranked solar PV module suppliers (table)

Polaris solar PV net news: IHS’s latest report shows that in 2014 the world’s ten largest PV module suppliers ‘ shipments reach 23.7 GW, accounting for 49% per cent of the global total in 2013, representing a ratio edged up slightly. China continues to dominate the local market, leading the global solar market.

“Given that China is the world’s largest solar market and closed to foreign suppliers, component manufacturers, China still led the list of IHS. “IHS solar supply chain analyst Jessica Jin said,” in addition, China suppliers in Japan and the United States and other markets are also performing well. ”

IHS’s latest list of the world’s top component suppliers, component suppliers in China get seven seats, Japan and United States vendors accounted for two and one seat respectively. Although among businesses and 2013 2014 list the same, but the rankings have changed. For example, in 2013, “third overall” Trina 2014 won the top champion. Last year, the Enterprise components shipments soared nearly 52% per cent to 3.66, GW, 61.26 million dollars in net profit, and gross profit 16.9%. Merge with with Q Cells, hanwha energy jumped to fourth from tenth position in the rankings.

IHS predicted 2015 global PV market growth 30%, to 57 GW. Global utilization increased from 61% in 2014 to 2015, 69%, one of the first manufacturers of utilization ratio is equal to or greater than 90%.

“In 2015, top PV module maker market share will continue to expand. “Jin pointed out that” 20% ja solar module production capacity this year is expected to increase. Trina solar also said plans to add 1 GW of capacity. ”

Original title: seven Chinese enterprises selected for the top ten continue to lead the global PV module market

Energy released in 2015-power stations list of qualified equipment suppliers

Polaris solar PV net news: recently published energy-saving solar technology company limited (2015) photovoltaic project equipment’s qualified supplier list, in no particular order. Energy saving solar technology company limited is a subsidiary of China energy conservation and environmental protection group, was founded in September 2009, the registered capital of 2.817 billion dollars.

First package: PV modules (crystalline silicon)

Changshu solar Sun power technology limited

Energy saving solar technology (Zhenjiang)

Changzhou eging photovoltaic technology limited

Hefei JA Solar Energy Science and technology limited company

Oriental rose new Energy Corporation

Ningxia yinxing energy company limited

Magnetic East Hengdian Group Corporation

Second: the combiner box

Sun power

Shenzhen Jin Hongwei Technologies Ltd

Flourishing micro-electro Technology Corp

Shenzhen Fu Yuan science and technology company limited

Jin Hai Xin Yuan electric Jiangsu co

Tim King, Shenzhen technology limited

Jiangsu Sun Holdings Limited

Hefei Sauve Energy Science and technology limited company

Shaanxi changling solar electric company

Shandong Okuta electric co

Third package: inverter

Huawei Technologies (low power)

Jiangsu MV love new energy limited (low power)

Sun power (high power)

TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis company limited (high power)

Wuxi New Energy Ltd (high power)

Package IV: main transformer

Shandong Luneng Taishan electric power equipment co

Baoding tianwei tebian electric co

TBEA Hengyang transformer co

Shandong Taikai transformers limited

Ningbo Tian an (Holdings) company limited

Guodian Nanjing automation company limited

V Pack: box

TBEA Shenyang transformer group limited

Shandong Luneng Taishan electric power equipment co

Jiangsu complete prefabricated substation technology limited

Shandong Taikai Cabinet co

Hainan Golden plate electric co

Flourishing micro-electro Technology Corp

TBEA Hengyang transformer co

Ningbo Tian an (Holdings) company limited

CEEG (Jiangsu) company limited

Baoding tianwei tebian electric co

Six pack: crystalline silicon solar module support

Beijing Zhong Fu Yuan construction engineering company limited

Gansu power construction Harbor ship Engineering Co

Jiangsu zhongtian science and technology company limited

Shenzhen antaike construction technologies Ltd

Suzhou Elken metal technology limited

Jiangsu Sun Holdings Limited

Jilin Tianhe wind power equipment co

Jin Hai Xin Yuan electric Jiangsu co

Xiamen clenergy technology (Xiamen) company limited

Henan tianfon steel structure construction Ltd

The seventh package: PV cable

Jiangsu yuanda cable Ltd

Xian electric cable limited liability company

Zhongtian science and technology equipment cable Ltd

Long An cable owners Anhui Holdings Limited

Changzhou BA Yi company

Eighth: communication cable

This package is only one unit to participate, not competitive, not reviews.

Nineth package: power cable

Tebian electric company limited

Zhongtian technology cables limited

Jiangsu on cable group

Jiangsu yuanda cable Ltd

Xian electric cable limited liability company

Sea cable owners Anhui Holdings Limited

Cable group

Jiangsu Hefei cable Ltd

Jiangsu Hongxiang cable Ltd

Long An cable owners Anhui Holdings Limited

The tenth package: high and low-voltage switch cabinet

Sichuan electrical equipment group company limited

Ningbo Tian an (Holdings) company limited

Shandong Taikai vacuum switch limited

Tianshui great wall switch factory

Encyclopedia of Jiangsu Changjiang electric appliance company limited

Flourishing micro-electro Technology Corp

Flat Group Co Ltd

Henan senyuan electric company limited

Jiangsu Sun Holdings Limited

Jin Hai Xin Yuan electric Jiangsu co

11th: active/reactive power compensation, monitoring, system, integrated protection

TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis company limited

Henan senyuan electric company limited

Park Chang-deep red relay automation limited

Beijing Quartet Nr automation limited

Weifan intelligent electrical technology co

Automation Shanghai siyuan Hong, Ltd

Shandong Taikai power electronics limited

XJ Group Corporation

State power NARI Technology Corp

Nanjing NARI-relays engineering limited

Original title: energy released in 2015-power stations list of qualified equipment suppliers

High transfer offer contrary *ST hirun align shareholders and executives get tickets

Polaris solar PV net news: *ST hirun shareholders, executives at the proposals, decision-making high dividend and transfer of existing illegal actions (disclosure link), the SSE recently to draw on relevant liability fines, of which *ST hairun’s Chairman and General Manager of Huai Yang is being denounced.

By regulatory sector identified, *ST sea run January 23 bulletin displayed, company shareholders, and Chairman and General Manager Yang Huaijin and other two bit shareholders nine run tube industry, and zijin electronic group he Shi common to listed company Board proposed: based on *ST sea run future development needs and combines company 2014 actual operating status, to active returns shareholders, and all shareholders share company future development of operating results, in meet profit distribution principles, guarantee normal operating and long-term development of premise Xia, proposed * ST sea run in 2014-“for every 10 shares converted into 20 shares of” profit-sharing plan.

Meanwhile, the *ST sea run after receiving such profit distribution proposal of the Board, to live and communicate the means of communication with the company’s Board of Directors all directors, Director Yang Huaijin, Li Yanren, Ren Xiangdong, Wu Yishan is aware and agrees that the per capita distribution of profit proposal, all Directors sign a written confirmation, and promised at the time of convening the Board of Directors of the company consider the above proposal of profit distribution to vote.

However, the “generous” raised high after transfer, *ST hirun had erupted on January 31 this year performance losses. Notice, preliminary estimates by the Finance Department, 2014 is expected to lose about 800 million yuan in net profit. For this, the shareholders said the company was not aware of when the profit distribution proposal put forward for information about listed companies results in 2014 all Directors also agreed that the profit distribution proposal and pledge to vote, and *ST hirun 2014 results is not known about.

Regulators believe that Yang Huaijin as *ST the sea-run shareholders, also serves as the company’s Chairman and Managing Director, introduction and consideration of the relevant profit allocation proposal, should be aware of or to actively verify the operating situation of the company, and to determine the profit distribution proposal and the related disclosure content conforms to the actual operating situation of the company. Yang Huaijin verified in should be aware or do not take the initiative business case, “combining hareon 2014 real operating conditions, positive return to shareholders, with all stakeholders share the company’s future operating results” for the proposed and agreed with the profit distribution proposal, disclosure related with the company a few days notice performance loss obviously, and may have a significant impact on investors ‘ judgment. Huai Yang entrance was diligent and responsible, such acts have seriously violated the related provisions of the listing rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange, as well as in the directors (supervisors and senior managers) the commitments made in the Declaration and undertaking. Jiurun pipe industry, purple and electronics group, as well as *ST hirun executives mentioned in the above link also exists a similar violation.

Facts and circumstances in view of these breaches, Shanghai Stock Exchange approved by the Disciplinary Committee and in accordance with the relevant provisions, the SSE decided to publicly condemn the Yang Huaijin; jiurun pipe industry, zijin Electronics Group, and the *ST sea run director Li Yanren, Ren Xiangdong, and Wu Yishan, Zhang Yongxin, Zhang, independent Director Hong Dongping, Jin Caoxin, Xu Xiaoping criticized.

Needs to be pointed out is this SSE *ST hirun shareholders and executives of the punishment does not mean *ST hirun “high transfer affair” ended. In February this year, *ST sea run for alleged disclosure violations have been Zheng Jian, Jiangsu Bureau of investigation and the securities regulators have turned the main shareholders in the company proposed capital reserve share capital whether insider trading before and after plans to start verification.

Original title: high transfer offer contrary *ST hirun align shareholders and executives get tickets

Taiwan polysilicon industry “cats in winter” Pao-no production

Polaris solar PV net news: solar grade polysilicon industry is still in the midst of winter, Taiwan’s first mass production of Fortune energy is currently in application re-engineering stage, this capacity has been proudly sporting energy continue to bear, with a minimum of expense to make it through the winter.

According to Pao-te energy annual report released yesterday, there is still no revenue, while the annual operating cost of 303 million dollars, lower than in 2013 to 347 million dollars, showing corporate management is still trying to reduce overheads, after-tax net loss of 385 million Yuan and net loss per share of 0.34 Yuan.

In an era of solar grade polysilicon shortages, bid more than $ 300 per kg, but only $ 16~17, except for machinery and equipment have some veteran manufacturers, depreciation and amortization, and beyond can still scrape by, and the remaining new capacity out of the manufacturers, all at a loss.

Prison here decides shout Fortune energy cards, and apply for a restructuring, which also makes the original “their own” hopes to burst. Pao-energy for Taiwan second input field of polycrystalline silicon manufacturers, although capacity is already available, but you can only hold back production or it lacks the immediate depreciation, spent winters at the lowest cost.

Original title: Taiwan polysilicon industry “cats in winter” Pao-no production

Department of energy releases special regulatory reports for power engineering: photovoltaic and wind turbine projects are named

Polaris solar PV net news: to further strengthen the quality supervision and management of electric power projects, streamline quality supervision and management system of electric power engineering, Department of energy Web site has issued a report on the special supervision of the quality of electric power projects. This special supervision of field inspection projects focused primarily on 220,000 kV and above transmission project and big volume, big power generation engineering, wind engineering and waste power generation project. Renewable energy projects such as wind power, photovoltaic projects construction project fails to perform the quality control procedures is quite prominent. The following is the body of the report.

Electric special construction project quality supervision report

National Energy Board

April 2015

To further strengthen the quality supervision and management of electric power projects, streamline quality supervision and management system of electric power engineering, power quality supervision agency, urged the participation of electric power projects the implementation responsibility, ensure the quality of construction, issued pursuant to the National Energy Board on the second half of 2014 priority notification of special supervision plan and the special supervision on power engineering quality supervision requirements of the notice, National Energy Board from July 2014 October organized a special supervision of quality of electric power projects, Anhui, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Hunan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Gansu and Inner Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) supervising the provinces, Jiangxi province, a Department of energy Office of the supervising district. Based around inspection, form of this report.

A basic condition

National Energy Board at the end of July 2014 in Nanchang, Jiangxi province will hold a launch, develop specific regulatory scheme, set up a special supervision supervision group, full deployment of special supervision. Liaoning, Jilin, Anhui, Shanxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Gansu and Inner Mongolia (Inner Mongolia regions) agency under provincial jurisdiction in accordance with the overall arrangements and requirements according to local conditions to carry out on-site inspections.

The special monitoring of the main topics, including the National Energy Board issued the notice on strengthening engineering quality supervision (State security [2014]206) implementation outline of engineering quality supervision and inspection, the electric power and a series of rules and regulations implementation, project construction all quarters main body responsibility for implementation, the quality of construction projects, as well as oversight bodies of work carried out in five aspects. This special supervision of field inspection projects focused primarily on 220,000 kV and above transmission project and big volume, big power generation engineering, wind engineering and waste power generation project.

On-site inspection in accordance with the focus, point, point principle to carry out checks and take reports, access to information, on-site inspection, sampling measurement, tracking, review, and so on checking and discussing ways and affect key parts of the project quality and safety, testing agency was commissioned to conduct a random sampling.

From the perspective of this special supervision and on-site inspection, most power projects quality supervision institutions, power engineering and construction unit and participation the parties have attached more importance to engineering quality supervision and management, able to perform engineering quality supervision and management responsibilities, maintain the orderly operation of the quality management system, in the case of electric power construction have been expanding, and maintained an overall electric power engineering quality controlled and sustained and healthy development. The National Energy Board issued the notice on strengthening engineering quality supervision (State security (2014) No. 206) subsequent to the issuance of most units capable of positive action, to further standardize the project quality management, efforts to enhance the level of engineering quality supervision and management work.

However, the special supervision of on-site inspection found a number of problems to be solved. According to statistics, this special regulatory supervision, inspected the project 81, issues 935 cases were found of the unit, of which 477 cases in terms of quality management, quality aspects of 458 cases. The problems it finds, issues related to power transmission and transformation engineering in 363 cases, 151 cases in terms of thermal power engineering hydropower engineering problems in the construction of 60 cases, wind power engineering problems in the construction of 320 cases of garbage power engineering problems in 41 cases. Field inspectors group during the process of regulatory supervision, a total of 65 issued rectification notices issued suspension orders 2.

Inspection found statistics broken down by category is as follows:

As can be seen from the above table, management and quality issues half; management issues 110,000 volts and less in power transmission and transformation engineering and wind projects accounted for relatively large; stroke project entity quality problems more prominent.

To solve this problem, field inspection team has asked the client to develop a corrective action plan immediately, the rectification.

Second, main problems

(A) part of a project infrastructure and quality control procedures are not in place, pre-construction hasn’t done quality supervision and registration, breaches and operation issues

Inspection found that such issues a total of 46 cases, accounted for 4.9% of the problems it finds, mainly in the section registered prior to construction quality supervision of building works, design, construction, project acceptance that is put into operation, do not meet basic construction procedures and acceptance procedures. Especially some wind power and renewable energy such as solar power, waste power generation project construction project fails to perform the quality control procedures is quite prominent.

Column 1: problems of capital construction and quality supervision program

N long Ting, Phoenix, Zhuzhou, Hunan new energy wind farm project, 110,000-volt substation construction unit of Zhuzhou hydro-new energy Windpower without unit project acceptance Committee, yet to be established starting acceptance, not to handle the transfer of production procedures, fire fighting facilities within the station put into use without a fire department permit that operation connected to the grid.

N of Huainan-Shanghai-Nanjing 1 million-volt AC ultra high voltage Engineering (Anhui section), the construction of Anhui power company did not receive review preliminary design documents approved by the case, ahead of publication of shop drawings and construction does not meet “after the investigation, design, construction,” the capital construction program and did not timely quality supervision and registration procedures.

N guodian Longyuan company weining, Guizhou Dragon Mountain, largest lake wind power project, the construction unit Longyuan wind power in Guizhou province does not apply for engineering quality supervision procedures, no code acceptance of construction starts.

Jiangxi Datang n Fuzhou power plant construction project, design units in Guangdong electric power Design Institute of design disclosure non-disclosure documents, lack of disclosure procedures, disclosure is not comprehensive.

N Jinchang, Gansu wuwei jintai Electric Co, Jinchuan district, photovoltaic power generation project, aerospace company hongshagang II wind farm projects coming on stream, the construction unit Jinchang jintai Electric Co, wuwei, Gansu engineering quality supervision and the aerospace company has not registered.

N spring Ridge solid waste incineration power plant construction project in Nanchang in Jiangxi province, Jiangxi Nanchang best mǎ Shì green energy, Ltd unit in Foundation treatment and partial acceptance of visa-free, ground handling has changed but with no change to organize for inspection violations of inspection procedures.

(B) the supervisor on duty are not in place, site supervision institutions useless

Inspection found that this kind of problem is a total of 137 cases, accounted for 14.7% of the problems it finds, mainly in the most of the on-site supervision of supervision unit system is not perfect, did not develop targeted on-site supervision measures; unreasonable allocation of project management professionals, poor quality of supervision staff, undocumented; supervision project is not fully equipped of the necessary test equipment supervision record information authenticity is worse.

Box 2 the supervision of institutions and personnel issues

N long Ting, Phoenix, Zhuzhou, Hunan new energy wind farm projects, hydroelectric energy in the construction of Zhuzhou Windpower employing no “electricity works” rivers of Hunan science and technology limited company supervision of qualification of professional supervision, leading to confusion of construction management, acceptance of some works that is put into operation.

N Quan Ling life garbage incineration power plant construction project, in Nanchang, Jiangxi, boilers supervision unit rings Beijing International Engineering management professional construction site supervision plan is incomplete; ball of boiler construction site supervision record, up after more supervision records, construction workers, supervisors sign there is a logic error.

N Lin Wu, Hunan rushing wind farm projects, supervision units in the dahua group Beijing consulting company, lightning protection and grounding of wind turbine projects have not been completed, the unit had failed to provide voltage and lightning protection and grounding test report the test report cases, supervision this section fill in “full acceptance”.

N-in you County, Hunan province power company power plant of Wang chuanshan’s 500,000-volt transmission line project, supervising unit part of the Hunan electric power construction project management and consulting company engineer specializing in the documentation is not complete, there are multi-disciplinary phenomena such as signatures, expired.

(C) qualification is not strict, and illegal phenomenon

Inspection found 73 cases of such problems were, accounted for 7.8% of the problems it finds, mainly in the unit there is beyond the scope of qualification to undertake the project as well as the people with undocumented, signed by serious irregularities, such as multi-disciplinary.

Box 3 units involved problems of certification and qualification

N the Jiangxi anyuan Huaneng power plant, “pressure on” new construction, anyuan generating unit in Huaneng LLC delegate field pile testing to non-pile foundation detection of Jiangxi electric power Design Institute to implement special qualifications.

N Gansu China electric Yumen ephedra beach first wind farm engineering, construction units China water hydropower tenth Engineering Council limited; Datang Guazhou North Bridge sixth wind farm engineering, construction units in the can built Tianjin construction company, and Beijing Tang Hao power engineering technology limited, and in Inner Mongolia third power construction engineering company, and Jiangsu Province power construction third engineering company, units in the part welding, and measurement, construction personnel no qualification card, part high at job, and lifting job personnel, no special job qualification card, individual test personnel qualification certificate has expired.

Liaoning Datang international law libraries in shuangtaizi n wind farm, new construction, wind farm set power line construction in Jilin province, Li power project inspectors without valid documents, and not that the appointment of inspectors.

N-chuan in you County, Hunan province power company power plant 500,000-volt transmission line, power engineering company, a construction company, Hunan province, special operations personnel and clarification of signature staff is inconsistent, measurement work on-site without qualification.

(D) more confusion to manage subcontracts, such as illegal subcontracting and illegal subcontracting issues

Supervision found, this class problem total 26 cases, accounted for all problem 2.7%, main performance in units on contracting units of contracting behavior neglect management; contracting units on points package units of qualification qualification checks not strict, part contracting units exists will subject engineering illegal subcontracting, phenomenon; part points package team management chaos, personnel quality poor, no card induction phenomenon compared General, engineering quality security management not in place.

Column 4: the problems of project subcontract management

N long Ting, Phoenix, Zhuzhou, Hunan new energy wind farm project, 110,000-volt substation construction units in the water for 11 violations of Department of engineering construction projects subcontracted to third parties.

N CPI group máo jiā hé Jin Yuan dynasty hydropower project in Guizhou province, construction of hydropower Engineering Bureau, Guangdong electricity Bureau on construction subcontracting escrow team prevailing with the packing, the subcontracting team qualification is not strict enough, field personnel was not seriously carry out induction training, uneven quality, quality consciousness.

N China, Inner Mongolia tongliao nǔ gǔ sī HA LUN there are wind power projects 35kV electric circuit parameter measurement engineering, general contractor China State construction northeast power plant engineering company contracted the project, try subcontract works without bearing the decoration to the quality of tieling Juli construction machinery co., Ltd.

Datang suibin Kat n Inner Mongolia wind farm phase I (49.5MW) project, northeast power engineering company General contractor after the engineering contract, 220kV substation, 35kV lines illegally subcontracted to jiamusi Huawei electric (Group) co., Ltd.

N Huaneng in changtu city, Inner Mongolia wind farm (48MW) electrical installation #1 section engineering, general contractor IV of Northeast China power engineering company to subcontract the main illegal anticorrosion insulation limited, Henan province, the project’s subcontractors anticorrosion insulation limited, Henan province super qualified to undertake construction of 220kV substation.

N cgnpc, guyuan County 220kV Huang Gai NAO wind farm in Inner Mongolia sent line project, general contractor, Jilin province, Li power engineering jobs, Tower operations, stringing illegal subcontracting jobs to Rui Fu, Jilin province Engineering Construction Ltd; Rui Fu Tong engineering construction limited, Jilin province Gong Chao 220kV transmission line engineering contract of qualification.

(E) the engineering construction compulsory standard in place, design and construction of illegal issues

Inspection found 113 cases such problems, accounted for 12.1% of the problems it finds, mainly in terms of implementation of engineering construction compulsory standard, lagging performance standards prevailing in each project, not updated, and so on. During the course of construction, engineering, grounding of electrical equipment, and testing of concrete engineering construction compulsory standard violations is more prominent.

Column 5: problems of implementation of mandatory standards

N 500,000 volt fertilizer South Anhui electric power company substation project, the construction unit of Anhui electric power companies in the engineering construction compulsory clause in the plan of implementation, the building construction quality approval unification standard in use (GB50300-2011) had been removed.

N Shanxi coal, Ltd Edition 2x300MW power project, the construction unit Shanxi coal, Ltd does not explicitly adopted technical standards and mandatory requirements of the project.

N Shanxi ox Ridge wind farm project, design units of Shanxi Guang Hua electric power survey and design Ltd, di is not mandatory and that demanded a 35,000-volt power distribution room lower SF6 forced ventilation measures.

Gansu wuwei aerospace company hongshagang n the second wind farm project, the construction unit in wuwei, Gansu province aerospace company has not developed engineering construction standard compulsory article, check program.

(Vi) some quality inspection agency management, test-report fraud

Inspection found that 41 cases such problems, accounted for 4.4% of the problems it finds, mainly in scene detection, no preparation of test construction, sampling proportion failed, the pilot scheme test incomplete and irregular section to review quality management issues, some inspection agencies even issued an incomplete test reports, seriously endangers the project quality and safety.

Column 6: problems of quality inspection

N pingwei power plant phase ⅲ project of Anhui Province, Anhui enhanced testing of power engineering co detection units without metrological certificate, part of the sampling and testing personnel qualification has already been voided.

N country network Xinyuan full hydropower station reconstruction engineering, units country network Xinyuan company full dam reconstruction engineering construction Council commissioned of site test room for this engineering units in the water Northeast survey design Institute limited responsibility company under of II level institutions, and no independent corporate qualification, and design units exists interest relationship, cannot meet provides of independent third party test room of requirements, violation has construction engineering quality detection management approach (People’s Republic of China construction makes 141th,) ; Construction company China National water resources and hydropower Engineering Bureau II shaft concrete construction of diversion tunnel of time, was not at the scene of indwelling slump test specimens and, do not meet the specification of concrete construction.

N power company 500,000 volt fertilizer South substation project in Anhui Province, Anhui zhonghao building materials limited on August 18, 2014 materials factory-free 28-day strength of concrete technology reports.

N Jiangxi China can anyuan power plant “shàng big pressure small” new engineering, construction units Zhejiang Province II built construction group limited, and in the can built northeast power smoke tower company, and Henan province second construction group limited, and in the can built northeast power third engineering company, and in the electric built Jiangxi province thermal power construction company, site checks material scene test records in the, individual batch steel not for comes into play test, that identifies “test qualified”; #2 furnace province coal device, weld checks proportions test list identifies Ray, and ultrasound check proportions are for 25%, Does not meet the prescribed standards for radiographic or ultrasonic Inspector 100% of the provisions the ultrasonic testing of welds of thick-wall pipeline and welding factory for pipe manufacture of welded joints are not cleared on both sides of the shield fixed blocks, ultrasonic inspection measures failed, the ultrasonic test result is invalid.

N power company in Fushun, Liaoning province, East of 220kV transmission line for loop network project, supervisor of Liaoning electric power construction supervision co based rating recorded no specimens in intensity was rated as excellent.

(VII) construction engineering quality management and control measures are not in place, part of the engineering quality problems

Supervision found, this class problem total 197 cases, accounted for by found problem of 21.1%, main performance in parameter built units in design, and construction, and detection, and acceptance, each links of quality tube controlled measures not in place, engineering entity quality not qualified, more highlight of is concrete quality control not qualified, try block strength detection not qualified, and electrical anti-Thunder grounding construction process not meet procedures specification requirements, problem, most quality supervision institutions on 110,000 v following lost variable electric engineering quality supervision not in place phenomenon also compared General. Some engineering quality problems.

Box 7 the quality problems

N Guizhou Guizhou source power company good mud Po hydropower station project, construction units China water hydropower IV Engineering Council construction of dam concrete beings bleeding serious, and rough aggregate segregation phenomenon, concrete tie than and mix business quality control not in place, dam table hole parts first poured block structure sewing used network grid template exists leak pulp problem, caused copper check water around concrete not dense, formed leakage channel; dam in the hole work arc door, and overhaul gate, and table hole gate, and diversion tunnel seal blocking door, and Tailrace Gate via a third-party testing, such as manufacture of weld defects were found unqualified.

N in the electric voted Guizhou Kim won-group máo jiā hé hydropower station engineering, construction units China water hydropower third Engineering Council, and Guangdong hydropower II Council construction of diversion tunnel engineering part lining masonry segment concrete peeling, steel cover obviously insufficient, caused steel out dew, effects structure of security and engineering durability; purchased gravel aggregate quality control and site stockpiled management not meet requirements; on both sides of dam shoulder processing range yǐ wài natural slope, and water mouth slope Shun Po to unloading Dutch fractured development, exists collapse, and falls stone of security hidden ; Powerhouse tailrace ballast sediment is higher out of the water, tail gate Qian JI Shi can not fully meet the requirements of tailrace gate structure could constitute damage, affecting unit starting in front of the door was safe and stable operation; seen from the dam core sampling, dam bad interlayer within, and so on.

N Jiangxi province power company Fuzhou 110,000 v Jinxian ya qián lost variable electric engineering, construction units Jiangxi gandong power industrial limited completed delivered of main transformer, accident put valve of metal blocking Board not demolition; main transformer iron core, and clip pieces of grounding leads line, not directly and grounding device connection, not meet specification requirements; transmission line 8th,, and 11th, pipe Tower of right grounding flat steel and Tower body connection not meet specification requirements.

N new 500,000-volt boat Brook Carey Guizhou power grid company substation project construction of Guangxi power transmission and transformation construction company is part of the basis for the construction of steel bar welding process does not meet code requirements, Station Road deformation joints are not set.

N Jiangxi Jiujiang pengze Spring Hill 46.2MW Wind farm new engineering, construction units Jiangxi province power Institute design of boost station 110,000 v grounding knife gate, not by provides set grounding introduction referrals; boost station lightning rod grounding introduction referrals not by specification requirements construction; 4th, wind machine platform no drains, backfill soil rammed dense degrees not meet procedures requirements, slope not made processing; individual concrete tie than, detection report detection units not signed confirmed, not see concrete tie than design report and 28 days detection data.

N Liaoning Datang international law library shuangtaizi wind farm new engineering, construction units Jilin province Lee source power group limited construction of set electric line c line 16# Tower, and 713# Tower of ∠ 40X3 angle bent deformation super poor, anchor bolt no anti-corrosion measures; has group State Tower failed to reliable grounding; grounding leads connection exists used on welding process, and weld not do anti-corrosion processing, problem; 35kV switch cabinet, and protection control screen not fixed, based slot steel not see obviously grounding ; 2nd, main variable 35kV switch cabinet into line tube type bus hanging frame not grounding, hanging frame and shed top fixed parts missing installation bolt; main once electrical equipment grounding Terminal and grounding leads bolt connection (hole number, and hole from, and aperture) not meet specification requirements; full station households within Ming enough grounding line connection not meet design and specification requirements; outdoor video equipment bracket not grounding; outdoor cable ditch not by design requirements installation, potential grounding line.

(H) engineering for process control are not in place, some distortion of facts and figures

Inspection found that such issues altogether 106 cases, accounted for 11.3% of the problems it finds, mainly in project quality management of information that is missing, part of the standard errors in this distorted data, references or incomplete, premium changes, such as visa information, does not reflect actual quality management processes, influencing engineering quality and traceability information.

Box 8 quality process control problems

N grid 500,000 volts of TongRen, Guizhou province, bi Jiang hydropower project construction in Guizhou power transmission and transformation engineering company, construction quality acceptance inspection evaluation of range partitioning tables that do not improve, quality control standard approval procedures are not standard.

N net new source reconstruction project of fengman hydropower station, Xin Yuan company, State grid construction unit of fengman dam reconstruction engineering construction technology standard listing missing national standards and fails to perform the preparation, review and approval process.

N Jinchang Gansu Jin Yao power co Jinchuan district, western slope of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project construction unit Chang Jin Yao power limited, Jiuquan, Gansu province IV of the Northern wind farm project construction in Gansu electric power co, did not prepare the statement of acceptance of construction quality of projects, no set of engineering quality control points.

N Huadian Shuozhou in Shanxi power plant 2x350MW engineering, the construction unit of Shandong electric power construction company and supervision units in Shanxi, four in Shanxi electric power construction company Cheung jiantong Engineering Management Ltd boiler construction records and in the standing record of castable, no mixing ratio of steel fiber, no casting material mixing, no casting material from production to the end of time, no release time.

N Datong of Shanxi electric power company Dong 500kV transmission project, construction of power transmission and transformation engineering company, Shanxi province, Shanxi province, engineering installation company electrical engineering acceptance record signing date and the actual date is inconsistent.

Third, opinions

According to the problems identified in a special regulatory supervision, makes the following regulation:

(A) for serious breaches and violations of the engineering construction compulsory standard long Ting, Phoenix, Zhuzhou, Hunan new energy projects such as wind farms, have been ordered to shut down to rectify and punish according to law.

(Ii) for part project capital and quality management program Executive not in place, and starts qián not for quality supervision registered, and violations voted shipped, problem, obliges Hunan new energy Zhuzhou long Ting Phoenix wind farm engineering, and Huainan-Nanjing-Shanghai 1 million v Exchange special high-pressure Engineering (Anhui marked segment), and country electric Dragon source Guizhou company weining leading mountain, and big Haizi wind electric construction engineering, and Jiangxi Datang Fuzhou power plant construction engineering, and Gansu Jinchang gold Thai power limited Jinchuan district PV power project, and Wuwei aerospace company hongshagang II wind farm project, Nanchang, Jiangxi spring Ridge garbage incineration power plant construction projects in construction and design units, in accordance with the relevant provisions of re-acceptance and processing of tissue engineering project quality supervision and registration procedures, ensure effective implementation and follow-up of the capital construction program and the quality management program.

(Three) for supervision personnel shoe vocational not in place, and site supervision institutions shaped with exist in, problem, obliges Hunan new energy Zhuzhou long Ting Phoenix wind farm engineering, and Jiangxi Nanchang Springs Ling life garbage burning power plant construction engineering, and Hunan Pro wuda rushed wind farm engineering, and Hunan province power company you power plant-chuanshan 500,000 v transmission line engineering of units and supervision units, perfect site supervision system, developed has targeted of site supervision measures; reasonable configuration supervision professionals, strengthened on supervision personnel of training forensics work, Configuration complete necessary testing equipment, organize perfecting supervision record such information.

(Four) for qualification audit checks not strict, illegal violations phenomenon highlight problem, obliges Jiangxi China can anyuan power plant “shàng big pressure small” new engineering, and Gansu China electric Yumen ephedra beach first wind farm, and Datang Guazhou North Bridge sixth wind farm engineering, and Liaoning Datang international law library shuangtaizi wind farm new engineering, and Hunan province power power company you power plant-chuanshan 500,000 v transmission line engineering of construction, and construction units, strictly review parameter built units and related personnel of work qualification, strengthened units qualification and personnel qualification audit checks, Put an end to transcend the competence scope of construction, no undocumented.

(Five) for engineering points package management chaos, and illegal subcontracting and violations points package, problem, obliges Hunan new energy Zhuzhou long Ting Phoenix wind farm 110,000 v boost station equipment installation engineering, and in the electric voted Guizhou Kim won-group máo jiā hé hydropower station engineering, and in Inner Mongolia China can tongliao nǔ gǔ sī Taiwan HA LUN call are GE Wind electric project 35kV set electric line parameter test engineering, and in Inner Mongolia Datang suibin Kat wind farm a period (49.5MW) engineering, and in Inner Mongolia China can changtu old town wind farm (48MW) engineering electrical installation engineering # 1 marked segment engineering, and in Inner Mongolia in the wide nuclear guyuan Huang Gai NAO wind farm 220kV sent out line engineering of construction, and total contracting, and construction units, timely corrected subject engineering illegal subcontracting and violations points package behavior, strictly points package contract and safety agreement of signed and effective Executive, strictly Executive points package team personnel admission security education and exam qualified hòu induction provides, urged points package team perfect quality security management system, improve independent security management capacity.

(Six) for engineering construction mandatory standard Executive not in place, design, and construction exists violations problem, obliges Anhui Province power company 500,000 v fertilizer South substation engineering, and Shanxi country Kam coal electric limited a period 2x300MW power engineering, and Shanxi cattle home Ling wind farm engineering, and Gansu wuwei space new energy company red Sha gang second wind farm engineering of construction, and design, and construction units, strictly implementation engineering construction standard mandatory provisions implementation measures, ensure mandatory provisions Executive effective, and in place.

(Seven) for part quality detection institutions management chaos, detection test report content fraud, problem, obliges Anhui flat Wei power plant three period engineering, and country network Xinyuan full hydropower station reconstruction engineering, and Anhui Province power company 500,000 v fertilizer South substation engineering, and Jiangxi China can anyuan power plant “shàng big pressure small” new engineering, and Liaoning province power company Fushun East 220kV ring network transmission line engineering of units, urged quality detection units strengthened engineering quality detection work, specification detection behavior, put an end to fraud, Ensure that inspection reports true and valid.

(Eight) for construction engineering entity quality exists of problem, obliges Guizhou Guizhou source power company good mud Po hydropower station project, and in the electric voted Guizhou Kim won-group máo jiā hé hydropower station engineering, and Jiangxi province power company Fuzhou 110,000 v Jinxian ya qián lost variable electric engineering, and Guizhou grid company 500,000 v Carey boat Brook substation new engineering, and Jiangxi Jiujiang pengze Spring Hill 46.2MW Wind farm new engineering, and Liaoning Datang international law library shuangtaizi wind farm new engineering of construction and construction units, strengthened design, and construction, and detection, and Acceptance process and other aspects of engineering entity quality control in strict accordance with the requirements of engineering procedures, standards, specifications and corrective action in place one by one.

(Nine) for quality process control not in place, part information, and data distortion, problem, obliges Guizhou province grid company 500,000 v Tongren bi River variable station engineering, and Shanxi China electric Shuozhou thermal power plant 2x350MW engineering, and country network Xinyuan full hydropower station reconstruction engineering, and Gansu Jinchang Jin Yao power limited Jinchuan district West Po grid PV power project, and country electric Jiuquan Ann North IV wind farm project, and Shanxi power company Datong East 500kV lost variable electric engineering of construction, and supervision, and construction units, strengthened engineering quality supervision, and Inspection and acceptance management, specification for engineering construction file management, improve engineering quality supervision account information.

National grid company, and South grid company, and China can group, and Datang group, and country electric group, and in the electric voted group, and China electric built group, and in the can built group, and in the wide nuclear group company and the units to urged belongs units and the engineering, developed rectification plans, and clear measures and requirements, January 2015 late qián completed rectification work, and will rectification situation by requirements submitted national energy Council and sent institutions.

Related to national energy Board sent in accordance with the authorities concerned and corrective action implementation of the project, appropriate organization “look”.

The inspection did not cover the units and projects carefully against these problems and corrective action requirements, extrapolate, and actively carry out self-examination and self-correction, strengthen project quality management and guarantee the quality of construction projects.

Four, regulatory recommendations

For above effects power engineering construction quality of many problem, for further strengthened power engineering quality supervision work, recommends further sound power engineering quality supervision work system and work mechanism, clear power engineering quality supervision work of the guarantees measures, perfect accountability right distinct of government supervision management system, from policy regulations, and standard system, aspects more measures simultaneously, integrated power engineering construction management, and survey design, and construction, and engineering supervision and supervision detection, aspects of quality management work, ensure power engineering construction quality, Promote safe, healthy and rapid development of the power industry.

(A) to further improve the power quality monitoring system

Inspection found that at present most of the power engineering quality supervision institutions are located in the power enterprise, are prevalent in the work imperfect, staffing issues such as inadequate, it is difficult to independently and effectively carry out quality supervision function of Government, it is difficult to achieve full coverage of electric power construction engineering quality supervision. Recommends that the relevant State departments to speed up construction of the system of quality supervision institutions, in terms of organization, staffing, financial guarantee and ensure effective power engineering quality supervision, and ensure project quality management control in controlled, progressive realization of centralized management with the national energy authority, carry out quality supervision responsibilities independently of power system engineering quality supervision institutions.

(B) to further improve the mechanism of coordination of electrical engineering quality management

Inspection found that 35,000 volts or less in some areas, garbage power generation and other power transmission engineering there are power engineering quality supervision in project quality supervision organizations and local quality supervision agencies overlapping functions, quality supervision duties and unclear issues, leads to duplication, imperfect conditions, affects the quality of construction. For current China power development speed fast, and construction scale big, and technology difficulty high, and external risk factors more, actual, recommends further strengthened construction, and power, and water, and QC, administrative competent sector of integrated coordination, clear power engineering quality supervision management duties, implementation parties regulatory responsibility, established sector between of communication coordination, and information shared and joint law enforcement of long-term work mechanism, formed regulatory Heli, promoted Enterprise perform social responsibility, science effective tube controlled and reduced engineering quality security risk.

Original title: quality of electric power projects of special regulatory reporting

Trolley-era residential solar rail base will disappear?

Polaris solar PV net news: global solar installations rapidly rising, however, there is a but not necessarily be driven by growth in shipments of key spare parts, solar industry consultant firm SunCentric CEO Glenn Harris believes that solar module used to be fixed on the roof-rail base, might face elimination, residential solar energy will be fully into the trolley era.

Why eliminate rail base? This actually is not to don’t of problem, but reality of economic surface considerations, past long long of aluminum business rail type base seems to is solar module fixed in roof shàng indispensable of parts, but rail type base itself of length and weight, and installation process needs CD cut, and drilling, and tied bolt, job, produced many extra cost, installation process in the more may occurred installation errors, led to loss and duration extended.

To a 20 module, and 5,100 w of system for, even not calculation rail type base of original material and manufacturing cost, alone put rail type base from factory transport to site, sent shàng roof installation of process, on produced 409 dollars of cost, and in solar module hardware cost continued declined zhī xià, relative for, this no can save of transport, and installation cost on increasingly is rubs.

Manufacturer of rail base is also committed to reducing costs, but reduce the already stretched to the limit, and physically difficult to cut rail base amount of material used, is confined to the cost of raw materials, unable to keep up with the pace of solar module prices. In contrast, trolley system uses the amount of material can be 50% less than the rail system, as well as the overall system light weight, reduces the cost of transport and construction.

Can reduce the cost of solar power

Add two squares, making 2015, United States Home rail hardware plus the inevitable cost of solar system installation costs, 24.4 cents per watt, and trolley systems for 17.3 cents expected by 2020, the rail system can be reduced to 21 cents per watt, but trackless systems can fall to 11.6 cents.

Apparently accounted for most of the trolley system, so, the solar energy operators are actively developed or purchased directly and obtain the trackless technology, such as the United States leading solar lease SolarCity buys solar module to install a new venture ZepSolar, just to its electric trolley mounting technology.

Trackless system of development on solar industry also has useful, expected 2016 years trackless system can for United States solar industry save 130 million dollars, to 2020 is can save 320 million dollars, save range more up 45%, on solar industry reduced cost, and improve Maori, can said has quite big of help; but, Le has solar operating commercial, on bitter has rail type base manufacturer, Glenn Harris said, although rail type base does not immediately disappeared, But market within 5 years will transition into the trolley era, rail system will only be in the minority. Rail base manufacturers would have to plan ahead, positive transformation for trackless technology suppliers, otherwise inevitable fate has been phased out.

Original title: trolley era residential solar rail base will disappear?

SPI and Huawei signed a more than 2GW smart PV solutions a comprehensive cooperation agreement

Polaris solar PV net news: SPI green energy company (“SPI green treasure”) and Huawei Technologies Co Ltd (referred to as “the company”) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, 2015-2017, SPI Bao and Huawei will work on the construction of green energy smart PV provides Internet key to financing and smart device solutions, including smart inverter, wireless broadband systems, PV FusionSolar intelligent management system. Within the next 3 years, Huawei will as smart PV solutions supplier to help build a 2GW SPI green energy treasure over the industry’s leading intelligent solar power station.

SPI Bao is an international Internet company new energy, green energy, formerly known as United States solar power company limited, was established in 2005 in United States, California, in 2007 in the United States market, is a dedicated PV development, investment, construction and operation of the solar energy company, has a wealth of photovoltaic plant design and implementation experience. At present, the SPI green treasure, mainly in America, Europe, Japan, Australia, China’s five major market development, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations, and other services.

In light of SPI Bao in PV systems, green energy and energy advantages of Internet, and Huawei in the PV inverter equipment and intelligent power station excellence, mutually agreed terms in PV information sharing platform, smart PV photovoltaic solutions, key components and overseas market related areas such as establishment of a comprehensive partnership.

FusionSolar Huawei management systems integration programs for PV power plant “camp”, “dimension” intelligent management solutions, including smart-dimension cloud Center, smart, smart PV photovoltaic plant monitoring system of production management system. Bao and Huawei will use FusionSolar SPI green energy management systems jointly develop PV global marketing-maintenance center, while the two sides in accordance with their respective advantages, expand the PV global operations center deep cooperation.

In addition, “along the way” along the market, SPI Bao and Huawei to jointly develop the project resources, green energy, in Pakistan, the United States, Australia and other countries for comprehensive market cooperation.

SPI green Po official said that SPI green treasure is a domestic leading enterprises in the field of photovoltaic Internet financial operations, Huawei is the leader of smart PV solutions. The cooperation with Huawei, are powerful alliances, mutual benefit and win-win results. SPI via Huawei fine operation of smart PV solutions to protect, and enlarge the investment earnings, and with high accuracy and high reliability of data acquisition and analysis system for data mining to optimize the power station. The next step, the two sides will also make use of their respective advantages, in PV development and implementation, advanced materials, Internet of things, photovoltaic power plant expanded cooperation in the fields such as information technology, to build the simple smart efficient photovoltaic power plant in the world, promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry and technological advances.

SPI green can treasure head while introduced to, in Internet, and big data, and cloud computing, technology constantly development of background xià, company on new energy market, and user, and products and research, and enterprise value chain and whole commercial ecological for has again review, seeks to times, will new energy and Internet organic to thaw for one, is committed to build out a new of energy production and consumption of ecological system. Meanwhile, Huawei, the world’s leading providers of information and communications solutions, has a strong research and development and the joint integrated technical capabilities, information technology, Internet, digital technologies and the integration of photovoltaic technology, has introduced a smart PV solutions, which SPI green treasure is consistent on its position and direction.

It is understood that Huawei provided parts of the PV inverter, power plant management, operation and maintenance of the whole system solutions to help clients achieve “smart, efficient, safe and reliable” plant product, customer support “high returns, operational, management, evolution of” global PV development strategy implementation. SPI green Po proposed “leasing the Sun, save the future” concept, is committed to allowing everyone to become producers and harvest of solar energy, people by investing in solar power, access to safe, stable, profitable and reliable revenue at the same time, able to fight smog, contribute to protecting eco-home.

Huawei and SPI green treasure, both share a common value-driven industry-leading enterprise in hand, based on the principle to create maximum value for customers, which is leading the trend and development orientation of China’s photovoltaic industry, for the sustainable development of PV industry in China to create a model project.

Global photovoltaic boom hit did you stand in the air?

Polaris solar PV net news: 2015 is the history of mankind has absolutely “milestone” meaning year, because from the first day the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air than 400ppm (ppm-parts per million) and for several months remained at 400ppm per cent. Up to now, the world’s hottest year in 13 of the 14 years are after 2000 in May 2014 and the temperature is more than ever the highest temperature during the same period, another record high.

Global warming on human health, food production and water supplies will have an impact. According to the survey, global average temperatures compared with pre-industrial now has 2 degrees, greenhouse gases produced from burning fossil fuels is the main reason leading to global warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) says, if you want the global temperature 2 degrees Celsius, the percentage of renewable electricity in 2050 to reach at least 80%. Therefore, the renewable energy industry a bright future.

Countries all over the world to accelerate the achievement of “zero emissions”, vigorously develop renewable energy and all renewable energy, photovoltaic power generation is one of the most important direction of development. Dependent not restricted by geographical conditions, small footprint (or may be installed on the roof, does not occupy lands) and zero carbon emissions, is easy to install, relatively low cost, photovoltaic power is universal in the world, an upsurge of PV being “swept” worldwide.

United States is now the photovoltaic power generation in the world’s most wired country, which relies on United States PV equipment prices and installation costs are both down sharply. According to the United States solar energy industries Association (SEIA) released the news that, in 2014, the total installed capacity of 6201MW rose by 30% per cent, its highest record in history. With PV has spread to households across America, in some of the larger States, middle-income and working-class families are both increasing investment in rooftop solar systems, and this trend is heating up.

Germany is PV installed capacity in the world’s largest country, in promoting photovoltaic development policies, management and technology experience for many countries in the world to follow suit. In 2014, Germany have photovoltaic power generation for the first country in the world for 9 years in a row. By the end of 2014, Germany the photovoltaic power generation capacity of about 38.2 million-kilowatt at that time when the PV reaches 32.8 billion-kilowatt, total generating capacity of about 6.3%. PV has become Germany’s largest power supply. By the end of 2014, Germany photovoltaic generating capacity accounted for Germany total electricity installed capacity of 21.5%, the highest proportion. Renewable power generation, PV installed capacity accounts for most, 43.5% per cent of installed capacity of renewable energy.

United Kingdom also intends to popularization of photovoltaic power generation in the country. Recently, the United Kingdom Government on the right of real estate-related regulations were amended, and lowered the threshold for rooftop photovoltaic installations. Under the revised regulations, 1MW installed on the roof of the future (1000kW) and the following photovoltaic device no longer need “building permit” (United Kingdom Government regulations to build or renovate houses must apply for the card). Zhī qián, United Kingdom Government regulations if the roof loading above 50kW photovoltaic devices, must apply for “building permit”. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom Department for energy and climate change on “electricity price subsidy” modified: 2019, mounted on the building of photovoltaic power generation device can be moved at any time, and the latter will continue to enjoy electricity price subsidies. Prior to price subsidy policies inconsistent with the actual situation, the requirement for installation of photovoltaic devices must be in the same place on “service” for 20 years before they can benefit from government subsidies. This shows that the United Kingdom Government initiative for the popularization of photovoltaic power generation, “put on a pair of wings”.

China in this year’s parliamentary session after the popularity of photovoltaic power generation in the country. Prime Minister Li keqiang proposed in the Government work report this year: “revolution in energy production and consumption, related to development and people’s livelihood. To develop wind power, solar power, biomass energy, actively develop hydropower, safe development of nuclear power, exploitation and utilization of shale gas and coal-bed gas. Control energy consumption, enhance energy saving in industrial, transportation, construction and other key areas. Industry into a new pillar industry of energy conservation and environmental protection. “This talk has identified priority development status. Under the guidance of this policy, China will enter an era of industrialization of photovoltaic power generation. On March 17, just after the two sessions on the second day, issued by the National Energy Board issued on 2015 construction of photovoltaic power generation implementation of the programmes referred to in the notice of 17.8GW construction scale of new photovoltaic power plant this year, and include photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation in this important work. Within the PV industry development is now in full swing, in shangluo, Shaanxi Province launched 100,000 residents of rooftop photovoltaic project; Hefei, Anhui province to build “solar city” 17 projects started zhangbei, Hebei province with an annual output of 75 million green energy solar thermal power station started, and so on.

Other countries, like Japan, and Chile, and Korea full popularity across the country, such as photovoltaic power generation.

According to the market research firm IHS,2019 annual cumulative global PV installed capacity will reach near 500GW (498GW), more 177%-2014 180GW. This overall situation indicate over the next five years will install 318GW solar modules and 180GW the end of 2014, with an average annual installation near 64GW.

As the cost of PV modules continued to decline, will continue rapid commercialization of PV industry. It is estimated that within the next five years, China’s new energy market will reach more than 2 trillion yuan. In PV “sweep” during a global boom, did you stand in the air?

Original title: global photovoltaic boom hit did you stand in the air?

United States: household distributed PV “runs” traditional utilities

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a report by 2030, with more and more residents deployed solar power generation and storage facilities, United States Northeast Utilities would lose about half of its revenue.

Energy consultant in Snowmass, Colorado said in an earlier report by: residents and business customers abandon traditional centralized utility power supply, opting instead of distributed renewable energy more economically, it could erode the region’s utility tariff revenue of about $ 34.8 billion. Amount of electricity sales to consumers to reduce, even affected utility companies is planned in the 2010-2030 mountain power project finance capability.

Falling cost of solar panels, innovative lease model and advance payment-free installation to detonate the American enthusiasm for installing photovoltaic roof, average annual growth of 50% over the past 3 years. Traditional utility companies in some States want to increase tariffs for self-generating users, they said received funds will be used to build a flexible grid system, allow users to sell excess power, and again a situation in their private systems rely on power grid.

The report’s co-author James Mandel and Leia Guccione said: “for shareholders and of the traditional centralized power generation and transmission operators, we find that is not good news. “They think, utility companies are struggling to find new business models and bring them in your new network of traditional systems.


A Washington institution representing the traditional public utilities–Edison Electric Institute, is not the first time to comment on the report. Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, a major supplier of Eversource energy companies main supplier Consolidated Edison Company of New York also did not comment on the report.

United States national grid Corporation Chairman Rudy Wynter said Federal Regulation: “the report may overestimate the attractiveness of local power generation. “United States national grid for 3.4 million customers in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island will supply electricity.

Wynter said, “solar and wind power only on large-scale deployment of utility-grade can be more economical. ”

Report to the shareholders of the power plant in advance “real risk”, the proliferation of distributed PV generation and energy storage systems, future-oriented competitive electricity markets, which will make the traditional utility assets impairment.

Network charges

Including SolarCity, NRG Energy, SunEdison, and many of them will sell solar photovoltaic systems, customers reduce its reliance on traditional public utility electricity.

Shareholders of public corporations are planning to lower sale price of photovoltaic power generation, and to introduce a monthly network access fee. Last month, SolarCity sued in Arizona, requires the distributed solar power users pay the minimum each month $ 32.44, paying for the cost of grid connection and.

Report, New York, California and Hawaii consumers will find that 10-15 years in the future, select PV + energy storage system will be cheaper than relying solely on public utility power grid. State regulators have already begun thinking about how to protect traditional power company profits improving deployment of PV + energy storage devices.

California utilities shareholder PG&E and Edison International said that as more and more consumers are deploying PV + energy storage facility, utility companies would seize the growth opportunities, the investment to upgrade the power grid, so that power can flow in both directions.

“A lot of debate about the new regulatory framework and the fee structure will be faster than it is now expected to become a reality,” Guccione said in a telephone interview, author of the report. “Persist even now people will actually have to pay a heavy price. ”

Original title: United States: household distributed PV “runs” traditional utilities

Trend of rebounding in the second quarter the price of solar power market demand in China is expected to stop falling

Polaris solar PV net news: the International Energy Agency (IEA) latest information shows that newcomers to the world of solar energy system installation for two consecutive years in Asia Pacific Championship. According to EnergyTrend gold report, 2015 global installed capacity will reach 51.4GW, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for more than 60% for the ratio, continues to outpace other regions, which China estimates of installation 17.8GW, the proportion accounted for 35% of the global market, China’s market demand for solar industry price movements.

EnergyTrend Gao Jiaxi, an analyst said the market demand in China has stabilized in the second quarter, total solar energy prices is expected to show signs of falling. Timing after entering April, orders by manufacturers and raw materials is becoming well orders have significantly grown, pull strength also has reinforced signs, and the demand for efficient products proportion of up to 50% per cent; and polycrystalline cell efficiencies achieved above 17.8% has become mainstream in the second quarter.

Prospect second quarter price trend, polysilicon part due to upstream material supplier gradually to bottleneck of completed, will has new capacity opened, supply quite sufficient, so price rose easily, can check fell is needed observation needs has no further upgrade; wafer in material supply no runs of situation xià, downstream on high quality of extension tablets needs phase more qián a quarter high out many, and price is depends on polysilicon of check fell or not. Polycrystalline silicon and Silicon spot prices of the end of March, have fallen closer to 2011 European two-handed backhand and the 2012 United States double reverse impacts of historic lows, so manufacturers generally expect prices as demand improved and stabilized, current trends in polycrystalline silicon chips decline also has started to shrink.

Battery manufacturers are still in wait-and-see changes in supply and demand in the second quarter, cut are reluctant, narrow spot market price shocks in the near future. Under the national policy has been clear, market uncertainty will drastically reduce the downstream system, will also help to increase the demand and overall supply chain utilization rate can be further enhanced. Despite the better future demand and possible synchronization stopped falling battery prices, however, have a chance to rise, still needs to continue to observe the increased demand for speed and capacity depending on the situation.

Price varies depending on the condition of a component, has entered the system power plant operated by manufacturers and raw materials, due to access to master high and relatively stable prices; others pure component manufacturing sales companies, in component supply situation, ought to try and fight for the downstream system needs relatively there will be downward pressure on prices.

This week, the spot market price

Prices continued falling this week, in part of the polysilicon spot by 1.18%, the average price quotation to $16.7/kg. In part of the wafer, high performance polycrystalline silicon chips to maintain flat price for $0.895/, high efficiency polycrystalline silicon film continues-0.24% price of $0.848/, Silicon-0.76% price of $1.05/.

Cell parts capacity utilization is beginning to pick up but prices are weakening, high efficiency polycrystalline cells of small-0.65%, the price came to $0.308/w, Taiwan multi crystalline cells also continued falling 0.68%, prices for $0.298/w, multi crystalline cells offer dropped to $0.29/w, China, monocrystalline cell part or 0.53%, an average price of $0.378/w. In terms of modules, prices and little change compared to last week, narrow shock adjustment, the poly-250W module small-0.18%, an average price of $0.548/w single crystal 265W modules offer for $0.609/w.

Original title: China’s market demand is rebounding, solar energy prices in the second quarter is expected to stop falling

“Do not drink” can fly the world’s largest solar-powered plane attention

Polaris solar PV net news: “Sun power, 2nd” is a 5-month world tour. The world’s largest solar-powered aircraft since the beginning of March in the U.A.E. capital of Abu Dhabi since set sail, has attracted the attention of the world.

This “do not drink” aircraft powered exclusively by solar energy, zero fuel consumption. It has a 72-meter wingspan, and nearly 4 m more than the Boeing 747 plane, weighing 2.3 tons, which is about the weight of a sport-utility vehicle. This solar-powered aircraft “power source” is more than 17,000 pieces of fuselage solar, which is “Sun power 2nd” one of the biggest highlights. These Solar tiles directly on the enormous wings, each piece of the thickness of the panels is 135 µm, which is about the width of a human hair, which stores electricity for “Sun power 2nd” fly day and night without a drop of fuel.

According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association the 2013-2017 global PV Market Outlook report estimated that the energy produced by solar irradiation for 1 hour, enough to meet last year’s consumption of the Earth. In fact, a long history of human use of solar energy, but will only use it as a source of energy and power to be a 300-year history, and rapid development of solar technology began in the late 70 ‘s. Solar-powered plane is only an attempt to use solar energy. In 1974, the first solar-powered airplane “Sun comes up”, was a short flight, for the first time realized the dream of using solar energy to power the aircraft. After more than 40 years, solar-powered aircraft are constantly emerging, but never met using solar-powered manned day and night, long distance flights, “Sun power 2nd number” appears, refresh the records of the history of human flight.

Humans have on the utilization of solar energy heat-light-electricity conversion and photovoltaic conversion in two forms. Photothermal conversion is accomplished by gathering sunlight heats the boiler, generation and use of steam driving turbine power generation in this manner no different from conventional thermal in nature, and low energy conversion efficiency. Basic principles of photovoltaic conversion using the photovoltaic effect, would convert solar energy directly into electricity. It is the fundamental unit of solar, “Sun power 2nd” sources of power that solar photovoltaics.

For solar cells, and photoelectric conversion efficiency is the most important parameter. At present, solar PV cell conversion efficiency of approximately 30%, you typically need to shunt and battery storage methods in order to achieve the effect of enhanced mileage and power.

This solar-powered aircraft from the germination of the idea from drawing to reality after 12 years. Flight director Raymond-Clark believes that compared to pick up a passenger airplane, it has a more difficult task, that is spreading to the world “can belong to the clean technology and renewable energy of the future” information and ideas.

“Shinin 2nd” symbolism of the trip than the commercial value. Printed on the wall as mission control says science fiction writer Jules Verne ˙ Jules Verne’s famous words: “all the impossible things are to be achieved. “Looking to the future, this 35,000-kilometer trip probably just one small step for future expeditions,” wings of light “infinite potential, hinting at the bright future of clean energy.

Original title: air “do not drink” can fly

Premium selection grid is solar thermal power generation and the environment full of development potential

Polaris solar PV net news: solar-thermal power generation because of its stable performance, not only do peak shaving power grid based on load, but you can do; compared with wind energy, photovoltaic, lower carbon emissions, known as grid and the environment the best choice. However, at present there is no large-scale construction of solar-thermal power, no relevant pricing policy, solar-thermal power generation is still in the primary stage of popularization and demonstration.

What restricts the quality development of renewable power–solar-thermal power generation? Its development prospects? How to promote the rapid development of solar-thermal power industry? In the recently held a forum on the development of solar thermal industry and technology, and experts on wants to rapid development of solar-thermal power generation to find a valid path.

Three issues restrict development of solar-thermal power generation

Why planning solar-thermal power projects, and built small? When it comes to problems of solar-thermal power, experts say, there are many questions or challenges to be faced.

“Although the main parts with the commercialization of solar-thermal power generation capacity, but the commercialization of key technologies of solar-thermal power generation in power plants also need to verify the long-term operation, reliability; special climatic and environmental conditions in our country, a lot of foreign technology is difficult to direct domestic application; compared with other renewable energy industries, solar-thermal power generation policies and environmental improvements are urgently required. “The NDRC Energy Research Institute researcher Shi 璟li.

Hai Yang energy, solar thermal Division General Manager Zhang Haobin says: “problems of solar thermal power generation, a policy environment is an urgent need to improve; second, the tariff-free policy support is weak; the third is inadequate economic and financial reliability demonstration project, the lack of commercial application, while international technical barriers. ”

Very specific climatic and environmental conditions in China, many foreign technology cannot be directly applied, such as Spain and the United States technology, our country needs based on the three northern regions, high altitude on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, winds, blowing sand and other very special geographical conditions, considering the technology development and application. If the introduction of digestion and absorption, foreign technology needed to be adjusted or self-developed technologies in order to meet the requirements of long-term reliability.

At present, the system of solar thermal industry are more perfect, but there are some key equipment to be imported, coupled with some weaknesses in technology and industry, economy and competitiveness of solar-thermal power generation need to be developed. Meanwhile, other areas of renewable energy, solar-thermal power generation policy environment in urgent need of improvement. So far, in addition to control light and heat from the Group of projects outside of Government pricing, there is no other clear policy of industrialization and market-oriented development of solar-thermal power.

“It can be said that now the solar thermal industry policies, and policies in industrial development. This is a ring, the ring needs to find a breakthrough to unlock it. “Shi 璟li said.

Industry development of policy support and promote solar thermal industry out of trouble

Although development of solar-thermal power generation currently faces some difficulties, but see from the development environment, either international or domestic have seen an excellent development opportunity.

It is reported that after 2008, international Polish thermal power generation to achieve a rapid growth, becoming in the renewable field is a very important new industries and markets. Beginning in 2013, solar-thermal power generation in China has made great progress in the global market, although no decline of photovoltaic power generation costs significantly, but has also significantly declined.

After years of development, China Light product quality has been recognized by the international market. But why the solar thermal industry failed to move up? Zhejiang Daming glass, CSP General Manager Wang Chao Yang said: “everyone keeps talking about pricing, personal feeling, don’t expect the State to give you a very high price, do not hope that an industry will have a windfall. From a more macro perspective, we really ought to do something for the sector, driving down costs throughout the industry, rather than overnight. ”

Is there any way to make solar thermal industry out of trouble?

First energy-saving solar thermal technologies General Manager Yao Zhihao by submitting a proposal to the CPPCC, photothermal industry development and put forward feasible proposals: one is a combination of “along the way” the development of the solar thermal industry. Because light hot power with “area along” is very good of fit, regardless of is road “Silk Road” also is sea “Silk Road” economic with, are is for light hot power of place; II is requirements first batch demonstration project must has localization of support, has must of localization of proportions; three is recommends planning shí combines grid enterprise, planning several big of light hot power base, don’t here made a, there made a, no scale advantage.

Zhang Haobin light hot policy gives has is big expects: “a is needs very fast introduced electric price, guarantees internal proceeds rate; II is Government on owners using localization key equipment, to gives must subsidies or policy preferential treatment; three is encourages traditional technology progress, promoting cost reduced; four is encourages key equipment manufacturing, and integrated enterprise, using mature or technology development commercialization project, active validation its commercialization technology reliability. ”

Wang Chao Yang hope through everyone’s appeal at home do some projects, so as to drive the development of the whole industry.

Solar thermal power plant is common choice of grid and the environment

Solar hot power is traditional thermal power technology and solar hot using technology of combines, using low cost storage hot technology achieved continuous stable power, both can made grid based load, and can as adjustable peak power, was think is most has may instead of traditional thermal power of technology; and wind, and PV compared to, solar hot power of carbon emissions volume more low, has more excellent of environment friendly characteristics. “Solar thermal power is the common choice of grids, environment, we have reason to believe that solar thermal power will become the new choice of new energy power generation and will also usher in a better spring weather. “The national solar thermal industry technical Alliance Tian Li Vice President of optical-thermal power generation with confidence.

Shi 璟li believes that the significance of solar-thermal power generation is, first of all, it is useful to promote the overall development of renewable energy and electricity restructuring. Secondly, solar-thermal power generation using primary material is to dissolve the traditional industry’s excess capacity, does not like the PV development are particularly controversial in the early. Meanwhile, solar-thermal power generation in terms of industrial manufacturing, or from the application, very much in line with “along the way” strategy.

According to Tian Li introduced the “Twelve-Five” national 863 and 973 during major technology projects under the guidance of research area of solar thermal power generation technology in China have made rapid development, SCI papers solar thermal power generation dispatch and boasts the world’s first patent number increased year by year, is now ranked fourth in the world. In technology research and funds promoted xià, in recent years solar light hot industry get has is big development, industry chain constantly perfect, construction a general solar hot power by needs of material, and equipment can completely achieved domestic self-sufficiency, some domestic products has export international market, to validation products performance, domestic gradually built different of experiment loop 30 a above, these experiment loop effective validation has domestic products of performance, promoted has industry of mature development. Meanwhile, demonstration power plant construction, planning projects to achieve 3 GW. In 2013, the Badaling successful experimental power Tower power, grid-connected control group in Delhi station successfully, 15 megawatts of power projects have been built domestically. First 10 MW Tower project and cgnpc 50 MW trough projects are under construction. According to incomplete statistics, planning the project to be developed in about 3 gigawatts.

“Solar thermal power development is immense. “Tian Li said.

Original title: premium selection grid is solar thermal power generation and the environment full of development potential

Rooftop solar in Europe by courtesy Britain and France from the new deal to encourage

Polaris solar PV net news: in recent years, with the popularity of clean energy in the global solar is popular in many countries. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) statistics, 2014 years year alone, total global solar power installation reached 38.7 GW. According to market research firm IHS predicted that by 2019 the cumulative installed capacity will reach 498 gigawatts of solar energy, increase by as much as 177%.

With such a rapid industry development, rooftop solar is also rising, showing a good momentum of development. In Europe, many countries are actively encouraging the roof-mounted solar panels. Even the perennial rain of United Kingdom is no exception.

United Kingdom media reported on March 25, the United Kingdom Government announced approval of the relaxation of the roofs of commercial buildings to install solar installed capacity, from previous 50-kilowatt to 1 MW. According to the United Kingdom Secretary of State for communities and local Government Secretary Eric Pickles introduced after the United Kingdom commercial building if you want to install solar panels on the roof, installed 50-kilowatt is required to submit a full project planning and obtain permission before the installation, now under the new system, installed capacity of less than 1 MW rooftop solar project will no longer need to go through red tape mentioned above.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom Department for energy and climate change are icing on the cake to prove, starting in 2019, commercial building owners who installed solar panels once the move will not only be able to take solar panels can also enjoy the price subsidy shall be taken away. According to United Kingdom’s electricity price subsidies, subsidies for solar projects need to stay in the same place for 20 years, but United Kingdom 65% rental housing is the business user, average rental period must be less than 10 years.

United Kingdom renewable energy Association, said Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive, in the rooftops of commercial buildings to install solar panels to increase clean power production greatly facilitated unreasonable policy planning upon the development of this industry and became a big obstacle. “This commercial rooftop solar installed capacity increase for approval, is a simple and effective measure, lifted a lot of rooftop solar project constraints. “Nina Skorupska says,” in addition, price subsidy can be transferred along with the project’s policies could reduce the owner’s worries, so that more business owners are willing to install rooftop solar. ”

United Kingdom solar energy industries Association, also welcomed the new deal. “Raising the installed capacity for approval ceiling, cleared the way for rooftop solar development. “Analysts David Pickup of the Association said,” approval of installed capacity jumped from 50-kilowatt to 1 MW, may promote commercial solar industry experienced explosive growth. We can foresee that there will be thousands of warehouses, factories, even office buildings can save costs and at the same time, easier access to sustainable electricity. ”

Coincidentally, according to Agence France-Presse reported recently France Government has approved a new environmental Bill, demanding France all new buildings in downtown, must be between plants and solar panels “to choose”, mounted on its roof.

It is understood that the green roof with insulation effect, helping to reduce energy consumption of buildings in winter and warm summer cooling. Ecologists believe that it can help keep the roof rainwater, thus reducing storm water runoff, and can also provide shelter for birds in the city, promoting biodiversity.

Agence France-Presse said that in recent years, the “green roof” is very popular in many countries. For example, Canada’s Toronto in 2009 passed a bill imposing green roof, required all industrial and civil objects to the construction of green roofs.

In addition, more people and fewer of Japan, green roofs have received increasing attention. Japan Government to develop mandatory guidelines and legislation will be introduced. Tokyo Metropolitan Government as early as 2000, amended the nature conservation Ordinance, stipulates whether new or converted buildings have an obligation to make green roofs; United States through Government-led, green roof work.

Earlier, France environmentalists have suggested that should be mandatory for all new buildings must be covered with green on the roof. However, France Parliament finally persuaded environmentalists, the Act was identified as requirements for commercial buildings. In addition, the new Act in order to reduce the burden on enterprises, requiring only in part of the building green roofs, but you can also choose to install solar panels as an alternative.

In fact, in recent years, France rooftop solar development is outstanding. According to incomplete statistics, France have rooftop solar project to be completed within 10, installed capacity ranging from 2 MW to 9.2 megawatts. Owners who install rooftop solar is also getting benefits. For example, in France a 15 square meters of rooftop solar panels installed, it takes about 10,000 euros. If it works well and does not take into account unequal geographical, sunshine, then annually to France electricity company sales income reached about 5300 euro, plus France rooftop solar is installed the Government has given each family one-fourth of tax breaks, many families, commercial users to install rooftop solar is very positive.

Original title: rooftop solar in Europe by courtesy Britain and France from the new deal to encourage

Mixed development of solar-thermal power generation and wind power value

Polaris solar PV net news: different forms of renewable energy will be a mixture of complementary development, fully exploit the advantages of different renewable energy technologies, complementary technical defects, so that the overall renewable energy systems are more stable and powerful, it has become a viable with the greater value of new energy development.

Adjustable light and heat in its stable of advantage, to whom it is good choice for mixed development of renewable energy technologies, at present, the development of photovoltaic and solar thermal hybrid cases are increasing as SolarReserve in South Africa RedStone Tower project and developed a complementary development of photovoltaic projects larger cases. Solar thermal and photovoltaic development can be achieved in two complementary stable power grid, for PV solves the problem of unstable light kWh of heat in terms of overall project costs will be lower than simply building a solar thermal projects.

Photovoltaic and wind turbine with two kinds of instability but the scale has a fair amount of renewable energy, solar thermal and PV complement each other, then, will combine the solar-thermal power generation and wind power development what are the values?

At present, the new energy industry’s utilization of photovoltaic and solar thermal hybrid power generation has been practicing, but thought that combines solar thermal and wind power was rarely mentioned, in fact, if careful study storage costs of wind power, and we will find the solar thermal and wind energy feasibility and value of mixed development.

SolarReserve, Chief Executive Kevin Smith said, “compared with PV and solar thermal complementation, wind power and solar thermal complementarity would be much smaller, because wind power the intermittent problems, but wind power has the advantage of its many lower cost than PV LCOE. ”

As with PV, wind electric and solar thermal hybrid plan mainly because I hope the question of cheap molten salt heat storage system using light to hold more power, to ease the problems wind up wind. Also need to use wind power heating area, through the heat of molten salt storage system is also a feasible way. After the two complementary, overall project cost per kilowatt thermal power stations less than pure light, but also won a promotion at generating quality projects.

Wind Intermittency of more severe than photovoltaic grid have used various methods to solve this intermittent problem. In a geographically suitable circumstances to achieve output of wind power smoothing solution pumped systems is the use of low-cost, pumped storage is a very mature technology, by supporting it with wind power in Spain, such as wind power has been applied in. But many areas suitable for wind farms, are not suitable for construction of pumped storage environmental conditions.

If using batteries to store energy, its hard to economy. Tehachapi at Southern California Edison Electric power energy storage project on the use of a battery to store wind power, its storage capacity is 32MWh, the investment of $ 49.9 million, the unit kWh invest over $ 1500. SolarReserve Crescent dunes in stored energy molten salt Power Tower is 35 times more than twice as many of the above projects, which calculate the kWh energy storage costs are only about one-tenth of the Tehachapi project.

Above data is based on current cost estimates, in the near future, cheaper cost of solar thermal power stations, SolarReserve predicted that compared has completed the construction of Crescent dune plant, it is South Africa developed by Redstone molten salt Power Tower can also reduce the cost of 20%, mainly through the heliostat design improvement is to be achieved.

From this point of view, if wind power with solar thermal storage system can have smooth power output than using battery technology has economic value, this program is worth trying out.

Now more and more are beginning to realize that solar thermal power generation and other new energy technologies is a mutualistic relationship, rather than competition. Such as wind power, some experts believe wind turbine and solar thermal can be mixed using, realize the synchronization of heat and electricity output. As two different kinds of new energy technology, wind power can make use of solar-thermal power generation systems of molten-salt thermal storage system to store part of the surplus energy, and during rush hours the release, light and heat you can use wind power as part of an auxiliary power source.

For developers of the project, they need to find programmes to maximize returns, that is how to match the installed capacity of wind power and solar thermal can make a mixture of energy use to maximize. But this research is still in its very early stages, there are not enough convincing data that can provide references to actual project development.

Although solar-thermal power and wind turbine there are some synergies between, there are no two mixed development success stories. Major solar-thermal power, but players also have a wind power project business, especially in Spain. Acciona is in wind power and photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass, and hydropower has dabbled in large companies, FCC energy company also has 14 wind farm assets, installed 421MW and has 2 x 50MW of solar-thermal power plant assets. TSK and Ibere ó lica and others Spain wind and solar-thermal power company in business are involved. But now these companies are not wind and solar thermal hybrid developed case.

Certainly, wind electric and light hot mixed development also exists must of contradictions points and obstacles, first from natural resources conditions view, development wind farm we hopes wind resources more rich more good, but for light hot station,, Gale is is big of adverse factors, on natural resources requirements of contradictions is this two species technology for mixed development of contradictions points, if to such do, must found wind and solar resources can on overall project achieved benefits most optimization of location.

In addition, from a combination of a technical point of view, using molten salt heat storage system of solar thermal power stations to store wind power, you need to first convert wind power into thermal energy storage, needs to be converted into electrical energy released when, this will cause some loss, needs a serious review of its economy, to find the most cost-effective combination program. Different projects have different configuration options.

Furthermore, on wind power operators, molten-salt thermal storage technology in the field of wind power’s awareness was not high, wind storage currently tend to consider battery technology for heat energy storage technology, they are less understanding and concern. But to develop new energy wind and solar thermal hybrid project, needs light heat and wind turbine has a certain understanding of the developer. Feng Xin tianrun new energy limited is a wind project developer, which last year announced plans to develop a 200MW solar thermal power and wind energy projects-electric developed the concept.

Australia recommends the termination of anti-dumping investigations into China PV products

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the voice of the news and newspapers summary reports, Australia anti-dumping Committee yesterday announced that the proposal to terminate the photovoltaic panel imposed anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese investigation. Ministry of Commerce responded, hope Australian authorities to final decision is conducive to promoting the development of PV industry in the two countries.

After 11 months of investigation, Australia’s official website, the anti-dumping Committee released preliminary results suggested an end to anti-dumping investigations China imported solar panels. Citing a “related products from January 2012 to December 2013 to export at dumped prices, but Australia had little impact in related industries”. At present, Australia PV product export market accounted for more than 5% in our country, if taxed, would affect exports of nearly $ 400 million.

Although the market has little effect, but Australia once the decision to tax, will become the European Union, United States, and Canada fourth after lifting “double reverse” stick, causing the contagion effect of China PV industry tendency to surround. Create information PV Peng Meng, an analyst said, the result of PV industry in the two countries is a win-win situation:

Peng Meng: Australia is now focusing on the development of new energy, PV is a focus of development will certainly be strengthened communication and cooperation with China. We can stabilize the business’s share of exports, also would ease China’s supply of such pressure. Late May to the Australia exports will continue to grow.

China’s Commerce Ministry responded, had taken note of Australia investigation recommendations made in the announcement, hope Australian authorities finally decided to also help to further promote bilateral cooperation in PV industry, new energy development to create a stable environment in Australia.

Original title: Australia recommends the termination of anti-dumping investigations into China PV products

“Shinin” on behalf of airplanes in the future?

Polaris solar PV net news: after the Ching Ming Festival, the world’s largest solar-powered airplane “shinin 2nd” (Solar Impulse), from Chongqing to Nanjing. In recent days, people in this frame from the U.A.E. capital of Abu Dhabi’s interest in flying big planes are not reduced, it represents the high-tech, what is the application in the next debate. This reporter recently interviewed experts in Shanghai, an in-depth analysis of the frame of large aircraft operating by the light.

Green aircraft

Effective in reducing CO2 emissions

The world economy, particularly in the Asia-Pacific economic growth rapid growth in air traffic, the aviation industry’s impact on the environment is increasingly become a focus of the aviation community, and become one of the most important driving force of technology development. Reduced or no fossil fuel to make flight is a dream for humans for a long time, scientists and adventurers trying to turn a dream into reality for years. Medium-term research on solar-powered aircraft began early in the 20th century, until the 70 ‘s of last century, as the cost of solar control, solar-powered aircraft’s design and construction was completed, but only for microcomputers.

“Sun power 2nd,” is not first frame will solar conversion for power provides flight power of aircraft, this zhī qián, regardless of he of “brother” “Sun power 1th,” or more earlier by United States national aviation cum space Department (NASA) and United States unmanned machine manufacturers Aero Vironment company cooperation development of “Sun God,”, aircraft are once will in sky clouds between constantly challenge solar flight of height and length.

“In fact internationally there have been many such attempts to research institutions or companies, have also experienced a lot of problems. “Shinin 2nd” is definitely a green aircraft than any other, it “shinin 1th” improvements have been made on the basis of, and should be described in the integrated aspects of aircraft performance. “The school of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiaotong University Associate Professor Song Wenbin said.

It is understood that carbon dioxide emissions from aviation currently has 2% per cent of total global anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions, and at a 3% rate increase every year. Some flights has been used exclusively by the petrochemical aviation fuels and derived from waste cooking oil into bio-jet fuel made of blended fuels, from Shanghai to Hong Kong which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 25 tonnes. Weight reduction design

Boeing 747-1%

The design of an aircraft requires combination of factors, “Sun power 2nd” aerodynamics, materials and structures, electronics, ergonomics and other advanced technologies are integrated. “Solar power is relatively small, it is a challenge for the aircraft. “Song Wenbin explained, it must first overcome” weight “problem. “Sun power 2nd,” of body using carbon fiber material, hosted capacity high weight light, which some carbon fiber plate each square meters of weight only has 25 grams; to reduction heavy, cockpit not equipped with booster and air conditioning system, but through cabin body using light insulation insulation, and the for pilots equipped with special flight clothing to against flight in the encountered of “ice fire double days”; also, store power of solar panel also selection thin paragraph. In this way, the aircraft weight control at 2300 kg, which is equivalent to the weight of a car, only 1% the weight of Boeing 747 aircraft. “In addition, the aircraft also reduced the weight of carrying fuel to use solar energy. “Song Wenbin said.

Large aircraft and light, and will be very much affected by airflow and aerodynamic efficiency and stability is also a big problem. Wingspan affect the induced drag of air resistance, with a wingspan smaller the longer the induced drag. “For the design of civilian aircraft, wingspan were bound by factors such as runway width, often is a” hard constraint “. Biggest A380 wide-body aircraft models of the 80-meter wingspan is limited, but for a small solar-powered aircraft aircraft, 72 m is already very long. In addition to considering the weight of actual use must refer to reality, if too broad there is no airport to land, so you need to balance consideration rather than indefinite extension wing. “Song Wenbin thinks” shinin 2nd “great wingspan 72 m is the best feature of this solar-powered aircraft aerodynamic design, one of the even more size to get more solar wing can not be designed to be wide enough, but supplemented by layout of solar panels on the fuselage.

In addition, speed is also “shinin 2nd” the key to safe flight. Its takeoff speed of 35-kilometer km/h cruising speed: 90-kilometer km/h, maximum speed of only 140-kilometer/hour. Song Wenbin explained that for this type of solar-powered aircraft, speed will cause excessive air load increased weight caused by computing 90-kilometer/h is probably the best speed. Because of this, the “Sun power, 2nd” recently arrived in Ahmedabad more than 1500 km from Muscat took 14 hours and 14 hours of ordinary commercial aircraft can fly from Shanghai to half a world away in New York City.

In addition to the comprehensive win, Song Wenbin, the “Sun power 2nd” also frontier exploration in cockpit design. Throughout the flight, most challenging segment is going to be a few days later set out across the Pacific Ocean from Nanjing arrived in United States in Hawaii this section. This long period of time of flight is expected to take about 5 days, during which pilots will be 3.8 cubic meters continued to work in the cramped cabin and short breaks. “When the environmental and space is limited, how to get comfortable for pilots to keep flying for a long time is a subject worth exploring. “Song Wenbin said.

Future applications

Carrying more than unlikely

So, whether solar can become the aircraft’s main energy source? It is this “Sun power 2nd” focused much of the focus. It together on the wings, fuselage and tail sticking 17248 135 μm thick silicon thin-film solar cell conversion efficiency of 23%. These batteries can produce maximum power 70-kilowatt, power output up to four single power 13.5 kW electric motor drives four 4 m diameter two-bladed propeller to power the aircraft. When the sunlight is sufficient surplus power to the onboard lithium polymer rechargeable battery.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of mechanical and power engineering, solar power generation and refrigeration Engineering Research Center Director Professor Wang Ruzhu, said solar power low, and sustain one’s flight is still possible, if you want to carry more people on the use of civil aircraft is not likely. “However, in the use of small spacecraft such as satellites, the use of solar energy is very popular. ”

Pure dreams of solar-powered aircraft already have, but its implementation requires both individual technical progress also requires a comprehensive integration capability enhancement. Song Wenbin, the “Sun power 2nd” pure solar flight around the world is a good validation of the aircraft for long endurance flight is feasible. “The ultimate aims to be applied in practice in the future. But for now, in practical application is still some distance in the future. “He said,” such as a solar-powered aircraft can show how many people and goods, nor how much real value in commercial airports accept landing is debatable. However, in small loads such as unmanned aircraft implementation as well as of great significance. Meanwhile, can further promote the green concept of aviation to promote the research and development of new technologies. ”

“Shinin 2nd” world tour to fly day and night is another adventure in the history of human flight, also made people see the possibilities of solar power as a clean energy source. Solar-powered plane or very far from ordinary people, but development of solar energy technology in China not far behind. Professor Wang Ruzhu said, especially solar energy for use in civil construction field, provide residents with living energy, China has great prospects.

Original title: “shinin” on behalf of airplanes in the future?

Energy Internet of China’s contribution to world global clean energy solutions

Polaris solar PV net news: Internet programme as a global energy days after global energy low carbon programme for world cooperation to advance the climate change process, from a technical perspective provides a possible solution.

Energy Internet is the author of the third industrial revolution Jeremy ˙ Rivkin presented a new concept. In his design, the combination of Internet technology and Internet renewable energy, will power into energy-sharing networks from centralized fossil fuel use the shift to distributed renewable energy. Rivkin also on the possibility of sharing energy and intercontinental: “half of the Earth at night, extra energy can be shifted to the other side of the day the Internet intelligently. “When many people believe that Rifkin’s theory is impossible, CEC, State grid Corporation chairman Liu Zhenya, Director of the plan will be put into practice, who in a book published in February 2015, the energy of the Internet around the world, for a complete blueprint for global Internet concept of energy planning. He looked forward, ultra high pressure technology of the global Internet will rely on advanced energy and smart grid technology, forming connections equatorial region of the Arctic wind, solar power and State large renewable energy source bases and main load Center of transnational and Trans-World strong smart grid of interconnected ubiquitous, global interconnection pattern and plan to 2050.

China’s contribution to global efforts to combat climate change for the world’s clean energy solutions

According to the United Nations Panel on climate change (IPCC) released in 2014 of the fifth assessment report, if by 2100 global parts per million of carbon dioxide is about 450ppm or lower, is likely to stay below 2 degrees Celsius of temperature change in this century. This scenario 2050 global greenhouse gas emissions lower than the 2010 41%~72%,2100 annual emission level is close to zero or even lower. Energy systems there must be sweeping changes, a substantial increase in low-carbon energy supply. IPCC predicted that low-carbon energy as a percentage of primary energy in 2030 and 2050 to reach 24.5% and 60% respectively, more than 2,100 years or even up to 90%.

IPCC estimate of future emission reduction scenarios, but not emissions reduction technology path. Emission reduction by each country’s own ideas, Germany developed the 2050 energy-oriented programme, 2050 clearly Germany’s renewable energy goal is that 60% per cent of total energy consumption, total electricity consumption reached 80%. Countries of the world climate conference in Paris, by 2015 the negotiating process needs, preparing to release in the first half of States “national independent contribution” (INDCs).

Global energy of the Internet is a great plan, its great because it is not only China’s clean energy solutions, and offer the world a global integrated energy solutions to combat climate change. Study on the distribution and status of international energy resources a lot, have a regional solution, such as the Sahara solar energy deliveries to Europe across continents, but few of global sustainable energy solutions put forward. Ministry of industry and information technology, Department of industrial policy Director Feng Fei believes that the energy of the Internet is the first in the world. According to the book description, relies on global energy Internet, global around of wind, and solar, and marine can, can renewable energy can convenient to conveying to global around of various user, to 2050, clean energy accounted for once energy consumption total of 80% around, became led energy, at global energy carbon emissions only for 1990 of 50% around, can achieved global temperature liters control in 2 degrees Celsius within of target. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University Professor Lu Qiang believes it is “proposed by standing on the height of global and viable top-design”.

The UN climate summit in September 24, 2014, Vice Premier of the State Council, China’s Zhang gaoli as Special Envoy of the Chinese President stressed in his statement that “China, as a responsible country, will be bigger and better results on climate change, undertake international obligations.” For China, actively participating in global climate negotiations is an important platform for active participation in international governance. China’s obligation not only domestic emission reductions, but also with countries around the world co-sponsored by the global technology solutions to address climate change, and China’s powerful innovation of government administrative capacity, strong technical capabilities, a strong manufacturing sector expanded, building a global clean energy system.

Internet programme as a global energy days after global energy low carbon programme for world cooperation to advance the climate change process, from a technical perspective provides a possible solution. International governance is also a political and economic climate and the interaction of technology, the technical concept of China is of great significance, which guide all future emissions reduction provides a new concept for the current climate negotiations repeatedly stalled the transfer of low-carbon technologies to provide a new line of technical cooperation.

Global energy Internet’s significance lies not only long-distance transmission of clean power, it also stressed that “national pan-in smart-grid wind power, solar power and other friendly access to intermittent power supply, and power generation and energy-using equipment that is used, and with the Internet, Internet of things, intelligent mobile terminals integration.” This makes clean power generation, consumer credit and other information for side are widely collected, which will provide technical support on greenhouse gas accounting, to form the global standard of carbon reduction MRV (measurable, reportable and verifiable) provides a potential possibility. On the, distributed power and distributed storage can relies on energy Internet achieved has data integrated, it guarantees has distributed emission reduction project data of can collection sex and authenticity, greatly reduced has project nuclear card cost, makes distributed emission reduction project combination for CDM emission reduction project or China of CCER emission reduction project provides has technology possibilities, for prosperity carbon market and advance global carbon market of established provides has new of technology feasibility.

One goal of global energy Internet, two basic points

For the global Internet, its core goal is to deliver clean energy to lead. UHV techniques is an important technical innovation achievements of national grid in recent years, Liu Zhenya will be their contribution to the energy of the Internet concept envisaged by Rifkin’s energy planning blueprint on the Internet on a global scale. UHV transmission technology and energy together, these two technologies of Internet technology constitute the two basic points of global energy Internet, both indispensable to each other.

Without the energy Internet technologies, just using UHV technology for intercontinental network, could only be called ultra high voltage power grid in the world if ultra high voltage power grid transporting electricity generated electricity is a large coal-fired power plants, rather than the main conveyor wind solar and other clean energy, it has no relationship with RIVKIN said the energy Internet. Real Internet through the use of Internet technology to make renewable sources of energy become the dominant energy source. UHV regional energy around the world connected to the Internet, truly global renewable energy share, would have really formed a global energy Internet.

So you have to answer three questions: the first is a miniature of the Internet already accepted a larger percentage of renewable sources of energy; the second is ultra high voltage transmission technology to confirm the feasibility of mass transmission distance; the third is whether Internet technologies can help pressure wind solar mass transportation volatility.

Micro power supply the Internet is dominated by clean energy power systems

Rivkin envisaged energy information and communication technology of the Internet is decentralized and distributed renewable energy integration, dominate renewable energy systems. However, the electricity system to accept more volatility in a strong wind and PV is a very big challenge. In this connection, the exploration of Western European countries most progress. Denmark’s power structure, wind power has accounted for more than 30%. But Denmark, after all, just a land area of 43,000 square kilometers, population of just more than 5 million of the country. Germany as global GDP fourth power, leads the EU emissions reduction targets and actions, its exploration of new energy system even more worldwide attention. In 2011, Germany shut down all reactors before the Government announced the 2022, at the climate conference in Lima in December 2014, Germany announced a 56 closing some coal-fired power plants in the future to achieve by 2020 emission reduction target of 40%. Abandoned reduced coal in Germany rely on renewable energy sources to ensure energy supply? Germany’s efforts is indeed effective: renewable energy Germany electricity rate in 2010 is 16.4%, 2014 has reached about 25%, is expected to rise to 35% by 2020. Germany is creating a new system has the potential to lead the world’s energy system.

Germany hopes through technical innovation to meet the needs of distributed energy supply in the future. Germany Federal Ministry of Economics and technology and the Ministry of the environment was launched in 2008 on the basis of smart grid plans to promote technological innovation called E-Energy, and put forward the goal of building a new energy network. E-Energy characterized by a structure of distributed energy supply to meet the future demand of electric power system, taking full advantage of information and communication technologies to develop new solutions in the entire energy supply system to achieve integrated digital control and monitoring the Internet and computer, and finally achieved status is “to electricity production consumption”, maximizing the use of wind power and photovoltaic.

It will carry out infrastructure and communications and coordination between the electrical, for example, when particularly strong wind, and excess electricity will, it is cheaper, consumers will be able to open the appliance in due course, such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers. Electric power system of two-way interaction is particularly rich, owners can provide car orders, charge the battery at the lowest cost, or just “green electricity” to charge the battery. E-Energy system can even absorb surplus electricity from batteries and fed back into the grid, when electricity demand peaks provide additional. When entering the load at its peak, the cycle of ICT gateway to coordinate small cogeneration plants, or storage systems supplies. E-Energy may form a new electronic energy markets, customers themselves can be used as small power suppliers (for example via solar panels) to play a more active role. This brand new service appears in the market, such as “delayed connecting time allowed” and “returning power back to the grid at peak electricity demand,” “used only in strong sunlight or strong wind” and so on. In the market, energy producers and consumers to promote a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly supply of electricity to be rewarded.

Germany’s E-Energy plans now being six areas, each area has different energy Internet theme. RegMod projects like the Harz region, Harz in Germany Middle mountainous region, rich in renewable energy resources such as wind and hydro. RegMod Internet project is a comprehensive energy project, its core model integrated energy storage facility, electric cars, renewable energy and smart appliances, virtual power plant. Dāng can renewable energy power has surplus of when, pumping storage station and EV can store extra of power, smart household appliances, like smart washing machine, and smart wash Bowl machine, and smart water heater,, also will timely opened consumption extra power; in power needs climbed of when, these storage can facilities can and smart with electrical together constitute virtual station, through release by storage of power and reduced smart electrical of electricity volume to meet tension of power consumption needs. RegMod project contains a lot of energy Internet elements, including renewable energy, smart appliances, electric vehicle, distributed energy storage facility, is the prototype of the energy Internet.

Long distance power transmission capability of UHV technology being tested

Energy now on Internet technology have been able to achieve small power systems to accommodate a higher proportion of renewable energy in the region, however, long distance power transmission is still necessary. Load centers like Beijing, even solar photovoltaic panels on roofs are all, it is far from achieving energy independence, must be transferred from the field a lot of electricity, and Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Mongolia’s wind and solar energy resources are unable to digest the local and need to go into load Center power delivery and other places in North China. UHV technology in distributed energy still needs long distance power transmission.

On January 27, 2014, Hami Zhengzhou ± 800,000 South-kilovolt HVDC project officially put into operation, which is now the world’s largest DC transmission project, and is also the longest transmission distance of the national power grid construction of UHV projects. Line beginning in southern Hami, Xinjiang energy base, the location of Zhengzhou, the line is 2,210-kilometer. The project is the implementation of “electronic delivery of Xinjiang” strategy’s first UHV power transmission project. According to public data is reported in Xinjiang in 2014 to deliver electricity 17.5 billion-kilowatt kWh, which Zheng direct current UHV is the major transmission channel (in addition to 750,000 volts transmission channel on the Northwest power grid). It is understood that when Xinjiang plans to deliver electricity in 2015 35.9 billion-kilowatt, more than double by 2014. Hā zhèng tè high-pressure delivery charge when coming up to a maximum of 50 billion-kilowatt. Hā zhèng tè pressure technology has shown that 2000~3000 km of distance of transmission is feasible in technology and cost. Hā zhèng tè high voltage in the admission of wind turbine electro-optical excellence, 2014 Xinjiang power photoelectric reached 2.243 billion kWh of electric power delivery stroke, representing all of Xinjiang sent about 17%. Former Minister of electric power Shi dazhen believes, “built of sgcc accumulated ‘ three straight four ‘ UHV transmission engineering, comprehensive verification of possibility of ultra high voltage transmission, advanced, security, economy and environmental friendliness.”

Serious haze background coincided with governance in North China, UHV construction accelerated sharply. June 2014, the National Energy Board on accelerating action plan for air pollution prevention and control, issued by 12 major transmission channel construction included in article 9 of the notice of UHV projects, including national grid 8 UHV engineering, as well as the southern power grid Corporation 1 EHV projects. That same month, XI, General Secretary of the central financial and economic leading group of the sixth meeting of the energy revolution, explicitly “developing UHV large-scale long-distance transmission technologies.”

By 2015, UHV and become “along the way” strategy of strategically important technology. In 2015 will proceed with the construction of China State grid, UHV transmission channel to five Central Asian countries, Russia, and Mongolia to China’s special high-voltage LU support “along the way” strategy. Russia yerkovtsy ± 800,000 volts-Hebei bazhou HVDC project and so many lines starting in 2015 in the pre-development, of which Kazakhstan Ekibastuz-Nanyang ± 1.1 million kilovolt HVDC project, a distance of approximately 3000 duō qiān mǐ, will become the world’s longest high-voltage transmission distance road. These projects show that ultra high voltage long distance transmission of the technical feasibility and economic viability, as well as the prospects for large-scale development.

Ultra high voltage for supplying clean energy of the future

Current UHV projects’ve show Interstate power transmission capacity. But Rivkin intercontinental grid is envisaged transport renewable energy, while current UHV is to transport coal, wind power as a supplement. 2014-scenery in Xinjiang power delivery, and only 17%, is mainly transported energy base in Hami coal for power. Long-distance transmission of electricity from coal whilst protection of energy supply to the North, help to alleviate the smog problem in North China, but the amount of pollutants and reduced, but differences in North China or Xinjiang emissions. Currently planned international UHV projects, yerkovtsy ± 800,000 volts-Hebei bazhou HVDC project sending end power supply main is Russia Amur Erkov Qi power plants burning lignite, Kazakhstan Ekibastuz-Nanyang ± 1.1 million volts high voltage DC supply power is coal-fired power project.

In the long-term planning of global energy Internet, using UHV in China from Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries entering should be solar and wind power, from Russia far East input and end with hydropower and wind power of the Arctic. To get ultra-high voltage long-distance transmission for wind solar, you need to rely on Internet technology supporting demand-side response of long distance and large capacity. At this time, the ultra high voltage power grid is not only energy carrier, but “with the Internet, Internet of things, intelligent mobile terminals integration, China’s energy future Internet platforms to achieve large-scale exploitation and utilization of clean energy.”

Energy Internet able to achieve demand-side response of long distance and large capacity

Energy Web’s core purpose is to use Internet technology, promote energy electric power systems at the core of various types of equipment in the network information exchange to achieve balance between energy production and consumption in real time. Wide area coordination and mass-distributed device Plug-and-play interactive distributed energy storage can be achieved in the future, to provide long distance and large capacity of demand side response capacity. Electric vehicle energy storage, home storage, buildings, natural gas power generation and electric switch technology will play an active role.

Huge amounts of distributed energy system of intelligent home devices. In the energy Internet, household refrigerators, air conditioners, home energy storage devices that elephant formed a large, distributed intelligent home energy control system. Just think, if Beijing millions of families of refrigerator and air conditioner in an active or passive manner into the electric power dispatching system, which posed the demand side response capacity is amazing.

Huge formation of electric distributed energy storage system. Transportation is another fossil fuel, except the power consumption. In 2010, the final energy use accounted for 27% of the transportation sector. Transportation industry’s largest emission reduction potentials will be electric as the core of electrified transportation system. Can be used as a backup power supply for electric vehicles and mobile storage, electricity charge less busy periods, in peak electricity feeding into the grid. When millions of distributed energy storage system composed of thousands of electric vehicles and electric power systems are highly integrated, will not only enable them to minimize the impact on the power grid, and can form a huge virtual power plant, with strong demand response capacity.

Gas coupled to form a powerful network and power grid load capacity. The proportion of natural gas in the electric power system is rapidly rising. United States in 2013, following the announcement of carbon emission standards for new plants, new power plants are gas-fired power plants. Gas-fired power plant with good peak function, in particular small and medium-power gas turbine unit. Recent power switch technology was interesting, it can be produced by water electrolysis hydrogen and oxygen, then mix hydrogen with carbon dioxide to produce methane. Electric switch gas conversion efficiency of 60%~70%, Germany currently is carrying out a business model. Power switch technology will convert the excess output of renewable methane, can be injected directly into the transport and storage of natural gas networks, which makes future power systems and energy flows between gas networks from one-way to two-way. Widely exists in generation side and user side of a small gas-fired power generation and electricity-gas facilities, will form a powerful distributed energy storage system.

Large-scale, distributed energy storage equipment to be run efficiently in the global energy Internet, dynamic pricing is the most indispensable support system and the global power market. Peak-Valley electricity price difference that is large enough to attract investors and ordinary families actively into the electricity market. Relying on advanced Internet technology, consumers according to real-time pricing automatically adjusts power consumption and energy storage device is running. Prime Minister Li keqiang in 2015, the Government proposes to develop “Internet +” action plan. “Internet + energy revolution”, can be understood as energy Internet. New electric power system reform plan by 2015, should incorporate substantive “form the market decides price mechanism” and “build electricity market system” to implement Prime Minister Li keqiang “+ Internet” action plan for promoting the construction of China’s energy Internet, promote world energy revolution.

Original title: China gave the world a global clean energy solutions