Australia recommends the termination of anti-dumping investigations into China PV products

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the voice of the news and newspapers summary reports, Australia anti-dumping Committee yesterday announced that the proposal to terminate the photovoltaic panel imposed anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese investigation. Ministry of Commerce responded, hope Australian authorities to final decision is conducive to promoting the development of PV industry in the two countries.

After 11 months of investigation, Australia’s official website, the anti-dumping Committee released preliminary results suggested an end to anti-dumping investigations China imported solar panels. Citing a “related products from January 2012 to December 2013 to export at dumped prices, but Australia had little impact in related industries”. At present, Australia PV product export market accounted for more than 5% in our country, if taxed, would affect exports of nearly $ 400 million.

Although the market has little effect, but Australia once the decision to tax, will become the European Union, United States, and Canada fourth after lifting “double reverse” stick, causing the contagion effect of China PV industry tendency to surround. Create information PV Peng Meng, an analyst said, the result of PV industry in the two countries is a win-win situation:

Peng Meng: Australia is now focusing on the development of new energy, PV is a focus of development will certainly be strengthened communication and cooperation with China. We can stabilize the business’s share of exports, also would ease China’s supply of such pressure. Late May to the Australia exports will continue to grow.

China’s Commerce Ministry responded, had taken note of Australia investigation recommendations made in the announcement, hope Australian authorities finally decided to also help to further promote bilateral cooperation in PV industry, new energy development to create a stable environment in Australia.

Original title: Australia recommends the termination of anti-dumping investigations into China PV products

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