“Do not drink” can fly the world’s largest solar-powered plane attention

Polaris solar PV net news: “Sun power, 2nd” is a 5-month world tour. The world’s largest solar-powered aircraft since the beginning of March in the U.A.E. capital of Abu Dhabi since set sail, has attracted the attention of the world.

This “do not drink” aircraft powered exclusively by solar energy, zero fuel consumption. It has a 72-meter wingspan, and nearly 4 m more than the Boeing 747 plane, weighing 2.3 tons, which is about the weight of a sport-utility vehicle. This solar-powered aircraft “power source” is more than 17,000 pieces of fuselage solar, which is “Sun power 2nd” one of the biggest highlights. These Solar tiles directly on the enormous wings, each piece of the thickness of the panels is 135 µm, which is about the width of a human hair, which stores electricity for “Sun power 2nd” fly day and night without a drop of fuel.

According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association the 2013-2017 global PV Market Outlook report estimated that the energy produced by solar irradiation for 1 hour, enough to meet last year’s consumption of the Earth. In fact, a long history of human use of solar energy, but will only use it as a source of energy and power to be a 300-year history, and rapid development of solar technology began in the late 70 ‘s. Solar-powered plane is only an attempt to use solar energy. In 1974, the first solar-powered airplane “Sun comes up”, was a short flight, for the first time realized the dream of using solar energy to power the aircraft. After more than 40 years, solar-powered aircraft are constantly emerging, but never met using solar-powered manned day and night, long distance flights, “Sun power 2nd number” appears, refresh the records of the history of human flight.

Humans have on the utilization of solar energy heat-light-electricity conversion and photovoltaic conversion in two forms. Photothermal conversion is accomplished by gathering sunlight heats the boiler, generation and use of steam driving turbine power generation in this manner no different from conventional thermal in nature, and low energy conversion efficiency. Basic principles of photovoltaic conversion using the photovoltaic effect, would convert solar energy directly into electricity. It is the fundamental unit of solar, “Sun power 2nd” sources of power that solar photovoltaics.

For solar cells, and photoelectric conversion efficiency is the most important parameter. At present, solar PV cell conversion efficiency of approximately 30%, you typically need to shunt and battery storage methods in order to achieve the effect of enhanced mileage and power.

This solar-powered aircraft from the germination of the idea from drawing to reality after 12 years. Flight director Raymond-Clark believes that compared to pick up a passenger airplane, it has a more difficult task, that is spreading to the world “can belong to the clean technology and renewable energy of the future” information and ideas.

“Shinin 2nd” symbolism of the trip than the commercial value. Printed on the wall as mission control says science fiction writer Jules Verne ˙ Jules Verne’s famous words: “all the impossible things are to be achieved. “Looking to the future, this 35,000-kilometer trip probably just one small step for future expeditions,” wings of light “infinite potential, hinting at the bright future of clean energy.

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