Insufficient indicators cast tens of billions of dollars in solar landscape of Ningxia door stuck

Polaris solar PV net news: the plan “in the PV industry, do so for five years, the world’s first” China Minsheng investment joint stock company (hereinafter “vote”) is the title a disease.

Since its establishment in Shanghai in May 2014, after less than 1 year, zhongmin voted once again for its photovoltaic layout add takes an under-April 18, zhongmin investment Ningxia (Salt Lake) integrated demonstration area of the country’s new energy Foundation, the project is completed, it will become the world’s largest single solar power project. All indications, zhongmin cast of “five-year plan” has quietly started.

However, the reporter visits the investigation found, zhongmin vote in order to achieve its PV ambition seems to be premature. Insufficient local target quotas, grid-connected people voted in the supporting construction is an unavoidable problem.

Huge sums of money betting on Ningxia

Salt Lake City in the small town in the eastern part of Ningxia, now becomes the largest PV companies grab the treasure.

“Before the vote, dozens of photovoltaic companies already to visit Salt Lake to negotiate. “The yanchi County industry and Commerce Bureau told reporters Qian Yongzhi, Deputy Director, before the vote settled in, has Wanglejin in yanchi County township has an area of 27770 acres of photovoltaic power generation Demonstration Garden, there have been more than more than 40 PV companies have investment intentions.

Zhongmin why investment hydrangea dumped the salt ponds, Qian Yongzhi believes that “the construction of photovoltaic power plant must have two conditions, first land, the second is light, which also happened to be Salt Lake’s advantage. “Qian Yongzhi said in support of zhongmin tender, salt ponds and the project is not included in the Wanglejin solar demonstration zone, separately freed up 90,000 acres of land.

Another Deputy Director of the Bureau Wang Xupeng said administrative planning in yanchi County, an area of more than 8000 square kilometers, but only a population of 170,000, has a lot of spare land available for PV power station construction. “We are here, along with sunshine is well-equipped, very suitable for photovoltaic power plant. ”

In fact, salt ponds are just people voted in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region layout in PV on the second leg. As early as in August 2014, zhongmin cast and Ningxia PV industry investment projects involving 50 billion yuan were signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In December of the same year, zhongmin in Ningxia’s first photovoltaic project under construction.

“Ningxia essay, to lay the foundations for national distribution. “People vote for President Li Huaizhen said publicly that zhongmin vote map of renewable energy will be in the Northwest, Southwest and East China, South China, northeast of the big five show, Ningxia Hui autonomous region is a top priority.

“We of zhongmin’s investment prowess has never been questioned. “Qian Yongzhi zhongmin have confidence in investing and financial strength,” ‘ shareholders are behind some powerful entrepreneurs, bankers, the last thing they need is money. ”

Insiders who do not want to be named, said investing in photovoltaic power plant, the most important is the money to support this investment and don’t have to worry about. “Indicators can find enough, matching can also be built up slowly. “This person said, zhongmin investment funds out there,” If you got the money, others are not. “

Investment advisor in the new energy industry researcher at the Shaw letter considered that, under the State’s clean energy trends, the development of photovoltaic industry is to change the structure of China’s energy needs, “so the PV industry development prospects, zhongmin cast has a certain profit margin in this business. “Xiao also said that PV industry is extremely competitive, zhongmin voted to became champion in the short term is not easy.

Target quota problem

In reality, although zhongmin invested in solar projects have been launched in yanchi County, in the construction process, however, still faces many uncertainties.

Qian Yongzhi told reporters, people voted in the current projects still at the feasibility study stage. He disclosed that the zhongmin cast outside of the project in addition to photovoltaic power plant, also supporting projects such as modern agriculture, the current park planning and design already delivered initial drawings are reviewed by the zhongmin cast changes, also recommend revision of the brine pool.

“Zhongmin actually vote in the long-term planning of the project is to build 3GW of solar power station, the current plan 2GW year planning construction scale of 1GW planned construction began in June. “Qian Yongzhi said, after media reported 15 billion investment refers only to 1GW of investment this year, 10 billion of which is for construction of photovoltaic power plant, related to the other 5 billion for construction. “Because of investment promotion provisions in Ningxia, the introduction of the project investment 30% of funds to be used for the related supporting industries. “Qian Yongzhi said.

As for local investment in supporting industry development of feedback in the next station after completed, zhongmin vote preliminary plan drawn from a per unit, 3, or 6 points, 9 points for the creation of a poverty alleviation fund, and supports a number of development projects in the late. However, this is just a preliminary plan, the Foundation still unknown exactly how.

In addition, zhongmin cast such a large investment projects are still facing many uncertainties. “One of the main problems is the target quota”, said Wang Xupeng, now the main problem is the photovoltaic construction indicators, not targets, and grid-connected power station cannot, no sense in investing big.

Qian Yongzhi also deep feeling. He told reporters this year only 600MW of photovoltaic power plant in Ningxia region indicators, and put another phase of 1GW zhongmin, existing indexes cannot satisfy demand. “People voted in will probably directly through their relationship to the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board to indicator, or at national level to target at the same time, consume in Ningxia a certain percentage targets. But how to implement specific indicators, there is no accurate information. ” Qian Yongzhi said that indicators take it down, it won’t be able to start the construction of the project. Even walking horse build power plants, electricity nor Internet access issued.

In addition to the indicators it is difficult to implement, troubled people voted in another trouble is that supporting the incorporation of PV power plant problem. According to people familiar with the matter said, current salt ponds are not yet completed associated transmission delivery facilities, relying on exports to Zhejiang in Ningxia in the County of UHV ± 800 lines of both power supplies – Max and gufeng substations are still in the construction phase and once completed will it be possible to address the incorporation issue.

However, in the face of difficulties, and zhongmin cast in yanchi County, is trying another way. “Investment and intends to take as the spur mechanism, namely construction, forcing countries or provinces to solve relevant problems”, Qian Yongzhi said.

This reporter called them several times and take responsibility for the new investment company in Ningxia Fan Cheng, General Manager of the business to verify, but received no response.

Original title: insufficient indicators cast tens of billions of dollars in solar landscape of Ningxia door stuck

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