Liang zhipeng: PV power generation to participate in electric power market

Polaris solar PV net news: the National Energy Board Secretary Liang zhipeng, Deputy Director, new and renewable sources of energy in today’s inaugural meeting of the Union of China PV power investment and financing and 2015 PV power investment and financing Forum, said that 2015 mainly do the work of four key PV development. He stressed that the photovoltaic power generation to participate in the electric power market, and expand the market space, distributed PV to establish subject right from electricity sales.

Liang zhipeng, said the key to 2015 has four main areas of work. First, how do reliable quality. To establish a monitoring and certification system, the current Energy Council and CNCA, the Ministry set up a testing and certification system, to further strengthen inspection and supervision in the future. Quality supervision and inspection to be carried out. Liang zhipeng, revealed that the present screening programme has been formed, waiting for leadership approval. To improve monitoring and information dissemination system to let the society know PV development.

Second, how to do unlimited electricity. In terms of scale regulation and rational distribution, blackouts stop on the new scale, in accordance with the rules of the renewable energy law, the establishment of full security system, strengthening the supporting grid planning and construction, supporting collaborative planning, centralized power plants, and distribution networks.

Thirdly, how to promote technological progress. First of all to strictly enforce the PV manufacturing practice conditions, scroll to adjust technical standards, rigorous testing and certification. Secondly, the implementation of “frontrunner” plan, with clearly defined standards of advanced technology products, organize national demonstration bases. Through advanced technology, standardized technical threshold and eliminate backward products.

Finally, how to promote development through reform. Photovoltaic power generation to participate in the electric power market and expand market space. For distributed PV, distributed power to explore the establishment of municipal markets, establishment of distributed PV enterprises selling rights. Construction of distributed PV new energy micro-grid distributed generation and natural gas combine.

In addition, Liang zhipeng, traditional financial institutions and puts a few pieces of advice: set up a special Finance Department, specialized outlets for small and micro projects, the implementation of simple financial services processes to streamline the vetting process, standardized loan conditions and increase efficiency. And increase the long-term loan, micro-credit, interest rates and moderate fall of green credits, flexible mortgage, project financing, the right to pledge the earnings patterns of innovation in financial products.

Liang zhipeng, also said that to take advantage of the Internet raised pattern of financial innovation and investment fund, a new era opened up nationwide investment in photovoltaic power, specialized investment institutions and linking public investment, risk-sharing and proceeds of new models of innovation. Bank established photovoltaic investment and financing cooperation platform, especially with banks to establish financing platforms, led a public guarantee funds or marketing organization loan fund, satisfy demand for photovoltaic power generation project financing, eliminate the risk of financial reimbursement.

Relevant data show that at present renewable energy in power Assembly machine and installed in a higher proportion. 2013 new installed capacity of renewable energy than fossil fuels.

“Financial institutions are concerned about new installed capacity each year who are dominant. Now hydropower, wind power, solar power and biomass energy installed together, has gone far beyond power “, Liang zhipeng said.

Original title: Department of energy officials said the photovoltaic power generation to participate in electric power market

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