Mixed development of solar-thermal power generation and wind power value

Polaris solar PV net news: different forms of renewable energy will be a mixture of complementary development, fully exploit the advantages of different renewable energy technologies, complementary technical defects, so that the overall renewable energy systems are more stable and powerful, it has become a viable with the greater value of new energy development.

Adjustable light and heat in its stable of advantage, to whom it is good choice for mixed development of renewable energy technologies, at present, the development of photovoltaic and solar thermal hybrid cases are increasing as SolarReserve in South Africa RedStone Tower project and developed a complementary development of photovoltaic projects larger cases. Solar thermal and photovoltaic development can be achieved in two complementary stable power grid, for PV solves the problem of unstable light kWh of heat in terms of overall project costs will be lower than simply building a solar thermal projects.

Photovoltaic and wind turbine with two kinds of instability but the scale has a fair amount of renewable energy, solar thermal and PV complement each other, then, will combine the solar-thermal power generation and wind power development what are the values?

At present, the new energy industry’s utilization of photovoltaic and solar thermal hybrid power generation has been practicing, but thought that combines solar thermal and wind power was rarely mentioned, in fact, if careful study storage costs of wind power, and we will find the solar thermal and wind energy feasibility and value of mixed development.

SolarReserve, Chief Executive Kevin Smith said, “compared with PV and solar thermal complementation, wind power and solar thermal complementarity would be much smaller, because wind power the intermittent problems, but wind power has the advantage of its many lower cost than PV LCOE. ”

As with PV, wind electric and solar thermal hybrid plan mainly because I hope the question of cheap molten salt heat storage system using light to hold more power, to ease the problems wind up wind. Also need to use wind power heating area, through the heat of molten salt storage system is also a feasible way. After the two complementary, overall project cost per kilowatt thermal power stations less than pure light, but also won a promotion at generating quality projects.

Wind Intermittency of more severe than photovoltaic grid have used various methods to solve this intermittent problem. In a geographically suitable circumstances to achieve output of wind power smoothing solution pumped systems is the use of low-cost, pumped storage is a very mature technology, by supporting it with wind power in Spain, such as wind power has been applied in. But many areas suitable for wind farms, are not suitable for construction of pumped storage environmental conditions.

If using batteries to store energy, its hard to economy. Tehachapi at Southern California Edison Electric power energy storage project on the use of a battery to store wind power, its storage capacity is 32MWh, the investment of $ 49.9 million, the unit kWh invest over $ 1500. SolarReserve Crescent dunes in stored energy molten salt Power Tower is 35 times more than twice as many of the above projects, which calculate the kWh energy storage costs are only about one-tenth of the Tehachapi project.

Above data is based on current cost estimates, in the near future, cheaper cost of solar thermal power stations, SolarReserve predicted that compared has completed the construction of Crescent dune plant, it is South Africa developed by Redstone molten salt Power Tower can also reduce the cost of 20%, mainly through the heliostat design improvement is to be achieved.

From this point of view, if wind power with solar thermal storage system can have smooth power output than using battery technology has economic value, this program is worth trying out.

Now more and more are beginning to realize that solar thermal power generation and other new energy technologies is a mutualistic relationship, rather than competition. Such as wind power, some experts believe wind turbine and solar thermal can be mixed using, realize the synchronization of heat and electricity output. As two different kinds of new energy technology, wind power can make use of solar-thermal power generation systems of molten-salt thermal storage system to store part of the surplus energy, and during rush hours the release, light and heat you can use wind power as part of an auxiliary power source.

For developers of the project, they need to find programmes to maximize returns, that is how to match the installed capacity of wind power and solar thermal can make a mixture of energy use to maximize. But this research is still in its very early stages, there are not enough convincing data that can provide references to actual project development.

Although solar-thermal power and wind turbine there are some synergies between, there are no two mixed development success stories. Major solar-thermal power, but players also have a wind power project business, especially in Spain. Acciona is in wind power and photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass, and hydropower has dabbled in large companies, FCC energy company also has 14 wind farm assets, installed 421MW and has 2 x 50MW of solar-thermal power plant assets. TSK and Ibere ó lica and others Spain wind and solar-thermal power company in business are involved. But now these companies are not wind and solar thermal hybrid developed case.

Certainly, wind electric and light hot mixed development also exists must of contradictions points and obstacles, first from natural resources conditions view, development wind farm we hopes wind resources more rich more good, but for light hot station,, Gale is is big of adverse factors, on natural resources requirements of contradictions is this two species technology for mixed development of contradictions points, if to such do, must found wind and solar resources can on overall project achieved benefits most optimization of location.

In addition, from a combination of a technical point of view, using molten salt heat storage system of solar thermal power stations to store wind power, you need to first convert wind power into thermal energy storage, needs to be converted into electrical energy released when, this will cause some loss, needs a serious review of its economy, to find the most cost-effective combination program. Different projects have different configuration options.

Furthermore, on wind power operators, molten-salt thermal storage technology in the field of wind power’s awareness was not high, wind storage currently tend to consider battery technology for heat energy storage technology, they are less understanding and concern. But to develop new energy wind and solar thermal hybrid project, needs light heat and wind turbine has a certain understanding of the developer. Feng Xin tianrun new energy limited is a wind project developer, which last year announced plans to develop a 200MW solar thermal power and wind energy projects-electric developed the concept.

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