Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (4.27-4.30)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the Ministry of Finance: concerning the issuance of the notice of interim measures for the administration of special funds for the development of renewable energy

In order to promote renewable energy development and utilization, optimize the structure of energy, energy security, according to the People’s Republic of China Law on budget, the People’s Republic of China renewable energy law and other related laws and regulations as well as the party’s 18 session specific on deepen fiscal and taxation system requirements, stipulated by the Ministry of the interim measures for the management of the Special Fund for renewable energy development. Be issued, please comply.

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2, the National Energy Board, the national State administration of work safety notice on photovoltaic power generation enterprise safety production standardization norms issued

For implement implementation State on further strengthened enterprise safety work of notification (country sent (2010) 23rd,), and State on insisted science development security development promoting safety situation continued stable improved of views (country sent (2011) 40th,), file spirit, strengthened power safety supervision management, specification PV power enterprise safety standardization construction, National Energy Council and national security regulatory General joint developed has PV power enterprise safety standardization created specification, Be issued, please follow the implementation.

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Market review

1, reliable sources: countries are flagging policy is likely to let go

Recently, many companies told reporters the on-grid price subsidies are not in place or there is a delay, with respect to this issue, the leadership says subsidies deferred the situation does not change within a short period, will continue for at least the near future. One is due to the overall shortage of funds, and second, because the decentralization of national-level subsidies must be delayed. In addition, State subsidies and possibly 2 years was coming to an end, how it is not certain, so companies need to take fully into account that when assessing risks.

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2, the United States of China PV “double reverse” influence weaken China’s PV capacity increased

United States a second “double” after landing, many PV companies found that currently exports to the United States for PV product still used the first “double” rate, and with the domestic photovoltaic industry matures, United States “double reverse” the impact on the domestic photovoltaic industry wanes, PV capacity of enterprises, also is growing.

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Global PV demand rose 3, IHS:2015 30%

IHS forecasts 2015 global PV demand up 30% in 2014, up to 57,000 megawatts (GW) is a photovoltaic industry seven years ago more than 10 times of the size of times. IHS AshSharma PV Senior Research Director said: “in 2015, China will be the third year in a row as the world’s largest PV installed capacity market and drive global PV demand growth in core markets. “Other PV demand rapidly growing markets include Japan and the United States and the United Kingdom and India.

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4, the National Energy Board: new photovoltaic subsidy when implementing

SNEC2015 the PV global financial Summit, Assistant Director of the NDRC’s Energy Research Institute, Center for international cooperation in the international Yuan Muran said, in 2015, the policy of the National Energy Board for the photovoltaic industry to be dominated by fine tuning and perfecting. First of all, construction, power plant deployment quota among the different provinces and, secondly, solar subsidies will be addressed, after 2015 new projects could be implemented in the year; and, third, internal integration of the photovoltaic industry will be “along the way” advantage of the construction of merged into the overall cooperation in various energy with other countries.

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5, giant cross-border to seize the Internet “marriage” PV

On April 29, SNEC (2015) the Nineth international exhibition on photovoltaic industry and photovoltaic engineering exhibition center of Huawei, says “FusionSolar smart marketing-maintenance center” on the big screen is displaying thousands of kilometres of mountain energy’s photovoltaic power plant in Inner Mongolia monitoring data, big data analysis, thermal imaging for unmanned patrol, smart security and other operations can be achieved through this management system. In fact, large data operations systems such as these are just the PV and the Internet “marriage” a microcosm. And previous years, this year giant transboundary play PV in various forms, especially in Internet companies is the star performer. From 2010 into PV, Huawei continues and clou electronics, Eicon Technology, upper Yellow River, and many other businesses in hand to provide intelligent solar solutions and GCL integration reached a strategic cooperation in the show layout of pyramid energy Internet.

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6, institutional investors opening PV rough logic

“PV is expensive, most photovoltaic power plants are facing financing problems. “One body to reporters in Shanghai, financial institutions investing in photovoltaic power plant currently has its own” mate choice “standards, although there are a few simple and crude but very common, for example, did you get any special loans by CDB, the electricity subsidy amount does not exceed 6 cents.

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7, renewable energy Special Fund will introduce the market mechanism of preferential allocation

Recently, the Treasury unveiled the latest version of the interim measures for the management of the Special Fund for renewable energy development (hereinafter referred to as the methods) notice in the way on renewable energy Special Fund to support adjustments in scope and allocation of funds, the introduction of market mechanisms, the promotion of “preferred” distribution, improve investment efficiency, to use subsidies on “cutting edge,”.

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8, European solar panel charges city escape tariffs

Taiwan media said the European solar panel maker jointly appealed to the European Union once again, charges manufacturers suspected by was not limited by city, Taiwan and Malaysia, the 3rd, and move into Europe, avoiding import tariffs and quantitative restrictions.

Comment article

1, Hung-Wei: ask “why Apple bet on solar energy: why now? ”

Because ask, so when you follow the old Red Apple bets on solar energy: why now? (“Now”), a writer, expectations are high, but after reading was down to a high value. So, for this Act, “now” has raised two very good questions: WhySolar? Whynow? did not give a very good answer.

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2, alternative photovoltaic power station exit mode

No direct transfer of shares of the project company, but transfer of the shares of the project company’s parent company. This way of walking is still a “flagging” sale, apparently not allowed by the policy environment and sustainable business models. Relevant departments strictly prohibited “flagging” the consequences of the trade measures are emerging.

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3, Apple moved into China’s PV: playing the “gimmick” or serious?

A 40MW power station project, amounting in hundreds of megawatt-scale construction of the Chinese PV market is cause for concern, not only because Apple is not for General company, perhaps the most imaginative on the market, or “Internet”. Playing “gimmick” is serious?

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4, Yuan Haiyang: photovoltaic industry will experience a “United States manufacturing”?

Yuan Haiyang says, “made in China” increasingly weakened on the international image of China PV industry group to the United States produced “United States manufacturing” has an edge. “The United States manufacture would replace manufacturing in China, especially in the field of photovoltaic. “American Chinese Yuan Haiyang said in an interview with Xinhua that” five years ago, I saw a report from the Boston Consulting Group, say, 5 years in the United States manufacturing industries from China back to the United States. Now, the trends are becoming evident. ”

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5, the differentiated impact of lowered power prices for the photovoltaic industry

According to the Executive meeting of the State Council held recently, a cut in the country’s coal-fired electricity price average about 2 cents per kilowatt hour, and commercial and industrial power with the price of electricity, and national commercial and industrial electricity prices down about 1.8 cents per kilowatt hour on average, reduce the tariff burden on enterprises. The prices drop and impact on the PV industry speaks for itself.

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Enterprise version

Enough people vote for tens of billions of dollars in solar 1, Ningxia index map door stuck

Since its establishment in Shanghai in May 2014, after less than 1 year, zhongmin voted once again for its photovoltaic layout add takes an under-April 18, zhongmin investment Ningxia (Salt Lake) integrated demonstration area of the country’s new energy Foundation, the project is completed, it will become the world’s largest single solar power project. All indications, zhongmin cast of “five-year plan” has quietly started.

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Heaven prestige fall 2, 8.5 billion, so much pressure just around the corner?

Once enough of tianwei group, now down in disgrace. 2014 annual report shows that by the end of 2014, tianwei short-term debts of 4 billion yuan. According to statistics, which expires before the end of April 2016 all kinds of debt is as high as 4.5 billion yuan. In other words, tianwei short-term debts of up to 8.5 billion dollars.

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3, Apple’s “partnership” the secret behind the share PV landscape in Central

Tianjin zhonghuan Semiconductor Corporation semiconductor industry build up, originally in the PV industry’s performance was not great, but this time since becoming United States Apple’s “partnership” attention. Meanwhile, the PV expand has become clear. If not for the “Apple concept,” Central shares may still be in its photovoltaic materials and plant operations to work quietly and less to be concerned.

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4, bet on PV crystalline section downstream of the great leap forward to face multiple risks

Stock speculation became a shareholder, jinkosolar holding limited (hereafter called “apt”) made of polycrystalline silicon plant owners. Including GCL-poly, Trina, Crystal branch of traditional photovoltaic companies, looking downstream-the PV, but apt Rockefeller striking. It is estimated that sitech area at the plant has invested around 3.7 billion yuan. 2014 annual report also shows that jinko solar power plant project income was 237 million dollars, which compared with the previous year of 76.7 million dollars, an increase of nearly 210%.

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5, hareon zijin electronic holdings of shareholders pull out intended to make way for vote

Hareon 2014 report released recently, about a loss of 950 million yuan in net profit. Two consecutive years of losses, was listed into the “*ST” category, the company official said that in 2011, the company was listed, has been in a winter period, loss is hard to avoid. But with its national strategy to adjust the layout and support future growth there is still space for development. Hairun reduction of large shareholders, the outside world has a different voice, big shareholders purple e-more of a financial investment, exit will not be profitable, the company is also encouraging more strategic investors, zijin electronic holdings, could you voted for the introduction of war with ease.

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