Premium selection grid is solar thermal power generation and the environment full of development potential

Polaris solar PV net news: solar-thermal power generation because of its stable performance, not only do peak shaving power grid based on load, but you can do; compared with wind energy, photovoltaic, lower carbon emissions, known as grid and the environment the best choice. However, at present there is no large-scale construction of solar-thermal power, no relevant pricing policy, solar-thermal power generation is still in the primary stage of popularization and demonstration.

What restricts the quality development of renewable power–solar-thermal power generation? Its development prospects? How to promote the rapid development of solar-thermal power industry? In the recently held a forum on the development of solar thermal industry and technology, and experts on wants to rapid development of solar-thermal power generation to find a valid path.

Three issues restrict development of solar-thermal power generation

Why planning solar-thermal power projects, and built small? When it comes to problems of solar-thermal power, experts say, there are many questions or challenges to be faced.

“Although the main parts with the commercialization of solar-thermal power generation capacity, but the commercialization of key technologies of solar-thermal power generation in power plants also need to verify the long-term operation, reliability; special climatic and environmental conditions in our country, a lot of foreign technology is difficult to direct domestic application; compared with other renewable energy industries, solar-thermal power generation policies and environmental improvements are urgently required. “The NDRC Energy Research Institute researcher Shi 璟li.

Hai Yang energy, solar thermal Division General Manager Zhang Haobin says: “problems of solar thermal power generation, a policy environment is an urgent need to improve; second, the tariff-free policy support is weak; the third is inadequate economic and financial reliability demonstration project, the lack of commercial application, while international technical barriers. ”

Very specific climatic and environmental conditions in China, many foreign technology cannot be directly applied, such as Spain and the United States technology, our country needs based on the three northern regions, high altitude on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, winds, blowing sand and other very special geographical conditions, considering the technology development and application. If the introduction of digestion and absorption, foreign technology needed to be adjusted or self-developed technologies in order to meet the requirements of long-term reliability.

At present, the system of solar thermal industry are more perfect, but there are some key equipment to be imported, coupled with some weaknesses in technology and industry, economy and competitiveness of solar-thermal power generation need to be developed. Meanwhile, other areas of renewable energy, solar-thermal power generation policy environment in urgent need of improvement. So far, in addition to control light and heat from the Group of projects outside of Government pricing, there is no other clear policy of industrialization and market-oriented development of solar-thermal power.

“It can be said that now the solar thermal industry policies, and policies in industrial development. This is a ring, the ring needs to find a breakthrough to unlock it. “Shi 璟li said.

Industry development of policy support and promote solar thermal industry out of trouble

Although development of solar-thermal power generation currently faces some difficulties, but see from the development environment, either international or domestic have seen an excellent development opportunity.

It is reported that after 2008, international Polish thermal power generation to achieve a rapid growth, becoming in the renewable field is a very important new industries and markets. Beginning in 2013, solar-thermal power generation in China has made great progress in the global market, although no decline of photovoltaic power generation costs significantly, but has also significantly declined.

After years of development, China Light product quality has been recognized by the international market. But why the solar thermal industry failed to move up? Zhejiang Daming glass, CSP General Manager Wang Chao Yang said: “everyone keeps talking about pricing, personal feeling, don’t expect the State to give you a very high price, do not hope that an industry will have a windfall. From a more macro perspective, we really ought to do something for the sector, driving down costs throughout the industry, rather than overnight. ”

Is there any way to make solar thermal industry out of trouble?

First energy-saving solar thermal technologies General Manager Yao Zhihao by submitting a proposal to the CPPCC, photothermal industry development and put forward feasible proposals: one is a combination of “along the way” the development of the solar thermal industry. Because light hot power with “area along” is very good of fit, regardless of is road “Silk Road” also is sea “Silk Road” economic with, are is for light hot power of place; II is requirements first batch demonstration project must has localization of support, has must of localization of proportions; three is recommends planning shí combines grid enterprise, planning several big of light hot power base, don’t here made a, there made a, no scale advantage.

Zhang Haobin light hot policy gives has is big expects: “a is needs very fast introduced electric price, guarantees internal proceeds rate; II is Government on owners using localization key equipment, to gives must subsidies or policy preferential treatment; three is encourages traditional technology progress, promoting cost reduced; four is encourages key equipment manufacturing, and integrated enterprise, using mature or technology development commercialization project, active validation its commercialization technology reliability. ”

Wang Chao Yang hope through everyone’s appeal at home do some projects, so as to drive the development of the whole industry.

Solar thermal power plant is common choice of grid and the environment

Solar hot power is traditional thermal power technology and solar hot using technology of combines, using low cost storage hot technology achieved continuous stable power, both can made grid based load, and can as adjustable peak power, was think is most has may instead of traditional thermal power of technology; and wind, and PV compared to, solar hot power of carbon emissions volume more low, has more excellent of environment friendly characteristics. “Solar thermal power is the common choice of grids, environment, we have reason to believe that solar thermal power will become the new choice of new energy power generation and will also usher in a better spring weather. “The national solar thermal industry technical Alliance Tian Li Vice President of optical-thermal power generation with confidence.

Shi 璟li believes that the significance of solar-thermal power generation is, first of all, it is useful to promote the overall development of renewable energy and electricity restructuring. Secondly, solar-thermal power generation using primary material is to dissolve the traditional industry’s excess capacity, does not like the PV development are particularly controversial in the early. Meanwhile, solar-thermal power generation in terms of industrial manufacturing, or from the application, very much in line with “along the way” strategy.

According to Tian Li introduced the “Twelve-Five” national 863 and 973 during major technology projects under the guidance of research area of solar thermal power generation technology in China have made rapid development, SCI papers solar thermal power generation dispatch and boasts the world’s first patent number increased year by year, is now ranked fourth in the world. In technology research and funds promoted xià, in recent years solar light hot industry get has is big development, industry chain constantly perfect, construction a general solar hot power by needs of material, and equipment can completely achieved domestic self-sufficiency, some domestic products has export international market, to validation products performance, domestic gradually built different of experiment loop 30 a above, these experiment loop effective validation has domestic products of performance, promoted has industry of mature development. Meanwhile, demonstration power plant construction, planning projects to achieve 3 GW. In 2013, the Badaling successful experimental power Tower power, grid-connected control group in Delhi station successfully, 15 megawatts of power projects have been built domestically. First 10 MW Tower project and cgnpc 50 MW trough projects are under construction. According to incomplete statistics, planning the project to be developed in about 3 gigawatts.

“Solar thermal power development is immense. “Tian Li said.

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