PV power station construction problems highlighted experts called on the Guide as soon as possible to solve

Polaris solar PV net news: the April 2 Summit on solar photovoltaic power plant construction investment and financing in China, according to the difficulties facing the construction of photovoltaic power plant, the experts called on photovoltaic power plant construction as soon as possible and provide strong policy support for the development of solar energy industry.

Current photovoltaic plant investment risk management and control this problem, upper Yellow River hydropower development limited liability company Deputy General Manager Wei Xiangui, power, money from the land, the quality of risk prevention are described.

The first is the risk of land. Centralized grid-connected PV power plant covers an area of vast, mostly away from the project, open, grassland, unused wasteland as well as sandy land region, but covers an area of relatively large, so land-use problems also photovoltaic plant investment cost is one of the key points. However, due to different government departments for different nature than the same land planning, photovoltaic power generation project construction with a license file to deal with the obstacles encountered in, and slow progress in land clearance.

Second is restricting electricity risks. Electricity generation is the base power plant after production guarantee a source of income. At present, is located in the Northwest area of the PV power plant grid structure and local power double effect of absorptive capacity, photovoltaic power plant after production does not function power left in serious condition. In power where serious, due to network limited absorptive capacity and even took turns generating phenomena.

Third, additional renewable electricity price subsidy funding risks caused by lag. In 2012, the national subsidies to dì yī 、 Sì additional renewable electricity price list for confirmation in August 2014, announced its fifth batch of renewable electricity price list of additional subsidies which requested to declare the project to the list of officially recognized, for up to one year. Up to now, the production of photovoltaic plant since the end of 2013, list of subsidies has not organized returns. Hydropower has been put into photovoltaic projects in the upstream of the Yellow River, in good light conditions and no power up light of actual situation calculation, electricity subsidies, resulting in reduced power plant investment ROI 20%.

IV is developing capacity release time lag affecting the quality of construction risks. Due to the annual PV capacity-building identified relatively late, for launching project must be completed within the year, excluding design and tendering procurement procedures needed to work rigid hours, short effective time for project construction, especially in northern areas, equipment installation and commissioning in winter months, construction quality assurance, and there was more hidden after completion.

Faced with good opportunities for photovoltaic power generation, said Zhang Yongan, Deputy Secretary-General of China electricity Council, as a clean energy source, solar energy reached per second is equivalent to burning capacity of 500 tons of coal, it means you only need one hour to provide the Earth with the energy of a year. From energy supply to equipment manufacture, to the lives of our solar appliance, solar energy industry has become China’s economic development and a new growth poles. Further expansion of industrial scale, improve energy efficiency, requires government departments in tax policy, innovation, industry concentration and other support and guidance.

Facing the difficulties of PV, NDRC’s Energy Research Institute, Center for international cooperation in the international King stressed that incorporation to dissolve and subsidies are the hardest part, however, these issues are addressed. Climate conditions of grid-connected PV industry can meet the demand? How to really solve the power to dissolve the problem? King said that this reform mainly relies on electric power, believe that with the introduction of new reforms, these problems will soon be resolved. Subsidy issues, King said the State financial money ready, where does the problem lie? Why money is not in place, where it was delayed? These industries and business concerns, relevant departments are further study, hoping to get better.

Original title: photovoltaic power plant construction problems highlighted experts called on the Guide as soon as possible to solve

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