Revenue soared to $ 45 billion Taiwan solar energy equipment this year pushes up to 500MW

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan Ministry of economic increase this year aim to promote solar power generating equipment, 270MW to 500MW, estimated output value of 45 billion new Taiwan dollars (about 8.91 billion). Meanwhile, Taiwan Department of energy announcement originally scheduled for completion in 2030 “sunshine million roof program” 6200MW set the goal, will be 5 years earlier, reached in 2025.

Taiwan said Energy Secretary Lin Quanneng considering solar photovoltaic power generation and Taiwan in summer is peak performance consistent, coupled with cost reduction per unit wholesale prices of about 4.6 to 6 new Taiwan dollars, therefore developed the annual amount of solar power generation equipment promotion campaign, set to 500MW. Original 270MW this year sets the amount of subsidies amounting to NT $ 4.6 billion yuan, up to 500MW will add 700 million new Taiwan dollars after allowance, a total of 5.3 billion new Taiwan dollars, are managed by the Fund for renewable energy development the NCC.

Among them, 180MW bidding volume for photovoltaics in early this year, 1th period was completed on February 26 bids, bid unit capacity is 96.7MW; the rest of the 2nd 93.3MW scheduled for April 30 opening. New 230MW hope to bid this year, but if they opened its 3rd bid has not been finalized.

Almighty Lin said, with 90 million Yuan us $/MW computation originally 270MW solar set is about NT $ 24.3 billion yuan output value would be created if pushed up to 500MW, would create around NT $ 45 billion yuan output value.

Original title: output value soared to $ 45 billion Taiwan this year pushes up to 500MW

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