Shandong Committee through a letter submitted to the fourth issue of the province’s enterprises conform to the PV manufacturing industry specification Bulletin notice

Polaris solar PV net news: each city Committee through a letter:

Ministry PV manufacturing industry specification conditions has for has again amendment and in Ministry electronic Division website announced, according to Ministry PV manufacturing industry specification bulletin management provisional approach of provides, please province meet PV manufacturing industry specification of PV enterprise by requirements submitted material, submitted material requirements and latest requirements consistent, material data to real, content detailed, stamped Enterprise seal hòu, must yú April 20 qián will electronic and paper version submitted to province by letter Board electronic information at. Invites the Committee through a letter, attached great importance to organize enterprises to submit material in a timely manner.

Already included in the PV manufacturing industry standards bulletins list of enterprises follow the notification requirements is the Ministry presided over and done self-inspection report, stamped with the company seal after April 20, will be submitted to the Committee through a letter, electronic and paper information.

Contact: Wu Ruisong Tel: 0531-86126227

-Attachment 1, electronics letters “2015” 166th on the PV manufacturing industry standards notice of filing notice of

2, specification for the PV manufacturing industry notice application (2015)

Original title: on submitting the fourth instalment of the province a PV manufacturing industry-compliant Bulletin of notices

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