SPI and Huawei signed a more than 2GW smart PV solutions a comprehensive cooperation agreement

Polaris solar PV net news: SPI green energy company (“SPI green treasure”) and Huawei Technologies Co Ltd (referred to as “the company”) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, 2015-2017, SPI Bao and Huawei will work on the construction of green energy smart PV provides Internet key to financing and smart device solutions, including smart inverter, wireless broadband systems, PV FusionSolar intelligent management system. Within the next 3 years, Huawei will as smart PV solutions supplier to help build a 2GW SPI green energy treasure over the industry’s leading intelligent solar power station.

SPI Bao is an international Internet company new energy, green energy, formerly known as United States solar power company limited, was established in 2005 in United States, California, in 2007 in the United States market, is a dedicated PV development, investment, construction and operation of the solar energy company, has a wealth of photovoltaic plant design and implementation experience. At present, the SPI green treasure, mainly in America, Europe, Japan, Australia, China’s five major market development, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations, and other services.

In light of SPI Bao in PV systems, green energy and energy advantages of Internet, and Huawei in the PV inverter equipment and intelligent power station excellence, mutually agreed terms in PV information sharing platform, smart PV photovoltaic solutions, key components and overseas market related areas such as establishment of a comprehensive partnership.

FusionSolar Huawei management systems integration programs for PV power plant “camp”, “dimension” intelligent management solutions, including smart-dimension cloud Center, smart, smart PV photovoltaic plant monitoring system of production management system. Bao and Huawei will use FusionSolar SPI green energy management systems jointly develop PV global marketing-maintenance center, while the two sides in accordance with their respective advantages, expand the PV global operations center deep cooperation.

In addition, “along the way” along the market, SPI Bao and Huawei to jointly develop the project resources, green energy, in Pakistan, the United States, Australia and other countries for comprehensive market cooperation.

SPI green Po official said that SPI green treasure is a domestic leading enterprises in the field of photovoltaic Internet financial operations, Huawei is the leader of smart PV solutions. The cooperation with Huawei, are powerful alliances, mutual benefit and win-win results. SPI via Huawei fine operation of smart PV solutions to protect, and enlarge the investment earnings, and with high accuracy and high reliability of data acquisition and analysis system for data mining to optimize the power station. The next step, the two sides will also make use of their respective advantages, in PV development and implementation, advanced materials, Internet of things, photovoltaic power plant expanded cooperation in the fields such as information technology, to build the simple smart efficient photovoltaic power plant in the world, promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry and technological advances.

SPI green can treasure head while introduced to, in Internet, and big data, and cloud computing, technology constantly development of background xià, company on new energy market, and user, and products and research, and enterprise value chain and whole commercial ecological for has again review, seeks to times, will new energy and Internet organic to thaw for one, is committed to build out a new of energy production and consumption of ecological system. Meanwhile, Huawei, the world’s leading providers of information and communications solutions, has a strong research and development and the joint integrated technical capabilities, information technology, Internet, digital technologies and the integration of photovoltaic technology, has introduced a smart PV solutions, which SPI green treasure is consistent on its position and direction.

It is understood that Huawei provided parts of the PV inverter, power plant management, operation and maintenance of the whole system solutions to help clients achieve “smart, efficient, safe and reliable” plant product, customer support “high returns, operational, management, evolution of” global PV development strategy implementation. SPI green Po proposed “leasing the Sun, save the future” concept, is committed to allowing everyone to become producers and harvest of solar energy, people by investing in solar power, access to safe, stable, profitable and reliable revenue at the same time, able to fight smog, contribute to protecting eco-home.

Huawei and SPI green treasure, both share a common value-driven industry-leading enterprise in hand, based on the principle to create maximum value for customers, which is leading the trend and development orientation of China’s photovoltaic industry, for the sustainable development of PV industry in China to create a model project.

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