Taiwan polysilicon industry “cats in winter” Pao-no production

Polaris solar PV net news: solar grade polysilicon industry is still in the midst of winter, Taiwan’s first mass production of Fortune energy is currently in application re-engineering stage, this capacity has been proudly sporting energy continue to bear, with a minimum of expense to make it through the winter.

According to Pao-te energy annual report released yesterday, there is still no revenue, while the annual operating cost of 303 million dollars, lower than in 2013 to 347 million dollars, showing corporate management is still trying to reduce overheads, after-tax net loss of 385 million Yuan and net loss per share of 0.34 Yuan.

In an era of solar grade polysilicon shortages, bid more than $ 300 per kg, but only $ 16~17, except for machinery and equipment have some veteran manufacturers, depreciation and amortization, and beyond can still scrape by, and the remaining new capacity out of the manufacturers, all at a loss.

Prison here decides shout Fortune energy cards, and apply for a restructuring, which also makes the original “their own” hopes to burst. Pao-energy for Taiwan second input field of polycrystalline silicon manufacturers, although capacity is already available, but you can only hold back production or it lacks the immediate depreciation, spent winters at the lowest cost.

Original title: Taiwan polysilicon industry “cats in winter” Pao-no production

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