Trend of rebounding in the second quarter the price of solar power market demand in China is expected to stop falling

Polaris solar PV net news: the International Energy Agency (IEA) latest information shows that newcomers to the world of solar energy system installation for two consecutive years in Asia Pacific Championship. According to EnergyTrend gold report, 2015 global installed capacity will reach 51.4GW, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for more than 60% for the ratio, continues to outpace other regions, which China estimates of installation 17.8GW, the proportion accounted for 35% of the global market, China’s market demand for solar industry price movements.

EnergyTrend Gao Jiaxi, an analyst said the market demand in China has stabilized in the second quarter, total solar energy prices is expected to show signs of falling. Timing after entering April, orders by manufacturers and raw materials is becoming well orders have significantly grown, pull strength also has reinforced signs, and the demand for efficient products proportion of up to 50% per cent; and polycrystalline cell efficiencies achieved above 17.8% has become mainstream in the second quarter.

Prospect second quarter price trend, polysilicon part due to upstream material supplier gradually to bottleneck of completed, will has new capacity opened, supply quite sufficient, so price rose easily, can check fell is needed observation needs has no further upgrade; wafer in material supply no runs of situation xià, downstream on high quality of extension tablets needs phase more qián a quarter high out many, and price is depends on polysilicon of check fell or not. Polycrystalline silicon and Silicon spot prices of the end of March, have fallen closer to 2011 European two-handed backhand and the 2012 United States double reverse impacts of historic lows, so manufacturers generally expect prices as demand improved and stabilized, current trends in polycrystalline silicon chips decline also has started to shrink.

Battery manufacturers are still in wait-and-see changes in supply and demand in the second quarter, cut are reluctant, narrow spot market price shocks in the near future. Under the national policy has been clear, market uncertainty will drastically reduce the downstream system, will also help to increase the demand and overall supply chain utilization rate can be further enhanced. Despite the better future demand and possible synchronization stopped falling battery prices, however, have a chance to rise, still needs to continue to observe the increased demand for speed and capacity depending on the situation.

Price varies depending on the condition of a component, has entered the system power plant operated by manufacturers and raw materials, due to access to master high and relatively stable prices; others pure component manufacturing sales companies, in component supply situation, ought to try and fight for the downstream system needs relatively there will be downward pressure on prices.

This week, the spot market price

Prices continued falling this week, in part of the polysilicon spot by 1.18%, the average price quotation to $16.7/kg. In part of the wafer, high performance polycrystalline silicon chips to maintain flat price for $0.895/, high efficiency polycrystalline silicon film continues-0.24% price of $0.848/, Silicon-0.76% price of $1.05/.

Cell parts capacity utilization is beginning to pick up but prices are weakening, high efficiency polycrystalline cells of small-0.65%, the price came to $0.308/w, Taiwan multi crystalline cells also continued falling 0.68%, prices for $0.298/w, multi crystalline cells offer dropped to $0.29/w, China, monocrystalline cell part or 0.53%, an average price of $0.378/w. In terms of modules, prices and little change compared to last week, narrow shock adjustment, the poly-250W module small-0.18%, an average price of $0.548/w single crystal 265W modules offer for $0.609/w.

Original title: China’s market demand is rebounding, solar energy prices in the second quarter is expected to stop falling

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