Trolley-era residential solar rail base will disappear?

Polaris solar PV net news: global solar installations rapidly rising, however, there is a but not necessarily be driven by growth in shipments of key spare parts, solar industry consultant firm SunCentric CEO Glenn Harris believes that solar module used to be fixed on the roof-rail base, might face elimination, residential solar energy will be fully into the trolley era.

Why eliminate rail base? This actually is not to don’t of problem, but reality of economic surface considerations, past long long of aluminum business rail type base seems to is solar module fixed in roof shàng indispensable of parts, but rail type base itself of length and weight, and installation process needs CD cut, and drilling, and tied bolt, job, produced many extra cost, installation process in the more may occurred installation errors, led to loss and duration extended.

To a 20 module, and 5,100 w of system for, even not calculation rail type base of original material and manufacturing cost, alone put rail type base from factory transport to site, sent shàng roof installation of process, on produced 409 dollars of cost, and in solar module hardware cost continued declined zhī xià, relative for, this no can save of transport, and installation cost on increasingly is rubs.

Manufacturer of rail base is also committed to reducing costs, but reduce the already stretched to the limit, and physically difficult to cut rail base amount of material used, is confined to the cost of raw materials, unable to keep up with the pace of solar module prices. In contrast, trolley system uses the amount of material can be 50% less than the rail system, as well as the overall system light weight, reduces the cost of transport and construction.

Can reduce the cost of solar power

Add two squares, making 2015, United States Home rail hardware plus the inevitable cost of solar system installation costs, 24.4 cents per watt, and trolley systems for 17.3 cents expected by 2020, the rail system can be reduced to 21 cents per watt, but trackless systems can fall to 11.6 cents.

Apparently accounted for most of the trolley system, so, the solar energy operators are actively developed or purchased directly and obtain the trackless technology, such as the United States leading solar lease SolarCity buys solar module to install a new venture ZepSolar, just to its electric trolley mounting technology.

Trackless system of development on solar industry also has useful, expected 2016 years trackless system can for United States solar industry save 130 million dollars, to 2020 is can save 320 million dollars, save range more up 45%, on solar industry reduced cost, and improve Maori, can said has quite big of help; but, Le has solar operating commercial, on bitter has rail type base manufacturer, Glenn Harris said, although rail type base does not immediately disappeared, But market within 5 years will transition into the trolley era, rail system will only be in the minority. Rail base manufacturers would have to plan ahead, positive transformation for trackless technology suppliers, otherwise inevitable fate has been phased out.

Original title: trolley era residential solar rail base will disappear?

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