Combined PV $ 50 million convertible bonds subscription has nothing to do with Ma

Polaris solar PV net news: the night of May 7, on “the Ma Fund jointly combined into photovoltaic power plant investments,” the news spread like wildfire. On May 8, several media Web sites are still in the “Jack Ma, Alibaba’s joint PV convertible bonds subscription” and other titles, as a news issue.

Originally, Hong Kong-listed company combined PV May 7 evening paper said, intended to be invaluable asset management Holdings Ltd (hereinafter “the Diocesan capital”) of indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the company allocated $ 50 million convertible bond (CB), the conversion price of HK $ 1.3266, raising funds for joint PV on buy solar power plant in China. Part of the site’s title makes people feel, and diocesan capital is Jack Ma, aliens, or Alibaba’s Fund.

Evergrande real estate group Chairman Xu jiayin has canceled plans big investments in solar, but Shi Yuzhu, Apple and other Lady continues to inject capital into the industry, it is not difficult to find, seems to be in the photovoltaic industry, industry bigwigs of all ages have already invested in a few minutes. And he might really will pay attention to this area, toubi money coming in to practice hand. Market for “combined photovoltaic and Ma” story was sold, as of press time, during the close of the morning of May 8, United Solar’s shares rose 6.4%, at HK $ 1.33.

So, MA visited the PV business? ‘ Diocesan capital with Jack Ma, Alibaba, what does it matter? Reporter did some investigation and found, that’s not what happened. That the Ma fund investment combined photovoltaic and other inaccurate news, as of press time, combined with PV did not clarify.

Diocesan capital has nothing to do with Ma

Combined PV has been partner of the intensive search for convertible bonds. The company said in an interview with reporters, 2015, up to now, the combined PV has been paired with matching equals about 3 billion Hong Kong dollars, involving company assets, including the East of fosun international, ping an insurance, China Merchants Fund, China fusion Diocesan capital.

According to combined PV of yesterday’s announcements, the Diocesan capital or buying $ 50 million of convertible bonds placement project is still in the phase of intent, not signed a final agreement.

“The Diocesan capital” against the background of what is it? Why do I put it together with Ma?

Bulletin reference: it is the former President of the ICBC, Hong Kong Branch Sun Xinrong together part of the founding shareholders of Alibaba group co-founded primarily engaged in investment banking and asset management. Content not covered in more detail, but will make people think, MA of the founding shareholders of Diocesan capital figure. Thus, “Jack Ma, Alibaba’s Fund jointly combined PV of” rumor also appeared.

And according to reporter understanding, investment joint PV of company name for “Hangzhou Diocesan investment management limited” (Xia said “Diocesan investment”), statutory representative artificial Sun Xinrong, established date for July 15, 2013, its operating business including investment management, and investment advisory (except securities and Futures), and Enterprise Advisory, and economic information advisory, currently in Hangzhou, and Hong Kong, and Shanghai, and Beijing, and Xiamen, to has do institutions.

Diocesan investment shareholders include Jin Qinliang, Gao Shengmin, jinjianxin and Sun Xinrong, a four-person, no Ma name. Vice President of the Diocesan investment company Sun Wei confirmed to reporters, his company was to cooperate with integrated PV, but the Diocesan investment is “Ma Fund” says market misread. Diocesan investments, which shareholders was the initial founder of Alibaba, which has not revealed details.

Outsiders misrepresented claims, combined PV to send a clarification announcement now? Combined PV does not respond positively, the company said the “detail” a diocesan capital background.

Actual investors, who the hell is?

The actual history of the Diocesan investment, how are we doing?

Based on publicly available information, its major shareholder for Sun Xinrong he Bank (hereinafter the “Bank”) of the Senate. Its September 1989 to join ICBC Zhejiang branch, has worked as a Chief and Deputy General Manager of international business, 2000 was sent to ICBC’s Singapore Branch Vice President in 2004, was transferred to ICBC, Hong Kong Branch and served as Vice President, General Manager of Hong Kong credit card Center in 2005, took over the post of President of the Hong Kong Branch. In 2009, he has also served as the President of Xinhua joint metallurgical holding group Xiamen Beijing, from 2011 to 2013 in December also served as a founding partner and President of road industry investment fund management company, is now a diocesan asset management group, Beijing Road, Xiamen Fund general partner, Chairman and CEO, and so on. He himself is the major shareholder of the Diocesan investment, capital of 6 million Yuan and the remaining shareholder contributions of between 1 million ~200 million.

According to the Diocesan investment website shows, its potash group, has invested include Asia-road after Beijing University, Guangdong radio and television networks, and so on. At the end of 2014, it has also been established focusing on new sources of “clean technology fund”. The Fund has completed investments in solar photovoltaic companies, whose core business is sales of photovoltaic ceramic tile, photovoltaic projects EPC integration and the roof, ground power projects and operations. And investment enterprises, currently cooperates with several local governments, companies, committed to the development of China’s “firstsolar+SolarCity”.

Sun Wei said, the joint enterprise is not PV, is a solar company to be listed. The follow-up, Diocesan capital will also work with the enterprises to carry out in-depth cooperation, the introduction of PV of fixed income products, such as.

Insofar as the Diocesan investment said on its website, its next Fund will target to refuse incineration power generation equipment industry, has recently been communicating with a considerable potential for development of environmental companies, complete tune and identified specific investment programmes. The project is currently being raised, winning a lot of investor interest.

Link Jack Ma, Alibaba and the PV industry, this is not the first time. January 2014 late on has rumors said, Alibaba is launched balances treasure of II period project “regularly treasure”: Alibaba is and a large PV station investment, and operators chat, expects will PV station assets financial securities of, and through is launched of “regularly treasure” will combines the operators of powerful Central Union and grid resources, opened subscription PV station assets of green channel, but then was balances treasure denied.

MA with integrated PV rumors of cooperation mentioned above, combined photovoltaic response to reporters will respond as soon as possible.

Original title: combined PV $ 50 million convertible bonds subscription has nothing to do with Ma

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