Hareon cash dividend commitments proposed for every 10 shares converted into 20 shares

Polaris solar PV net news: over the years, the high transfer is sought after topic of capital markets, and launched the high transfer of listed companies so as market buzz, and 2014 annual dividend of listed companies in the near future transfer scheme entered a period of intense, high-transfer-related stocks also shone. Among them, the concern is already high dividend and transfer of stock of a turnround hareon.

Hareon May 28 announcement said, will be implemented for every 10 shares converted into 20 shares. Before his formal cash dividend commitments.

Previously, on January 23, 2015, hareon said in a statement, shareholder, Chairman and Managing Director of the company YANGHUAIJIN (Yang Huaijin) and two other shareholders, Jiangyin jiurun pipe industry company limited, Jiangsu zijin group to propose to the company’s Board of Directors, hareon 2014-plans for distribution of profits and capital reserve increase equity in base hareon December 31, 2014, share capital of 1,574,978,384 shares, Capital reserve fund for every 10 shares to all shareholders turning 20 shares.

Announcement, hareon also said the company’s Board of directors after receiving the above profit distribution proposal, to live and communicate the means of communication with the company’s Board of Directors all directors, directors YANGHUAIJIN (Yang Huaijin), Li Yanren, and Ren Xiangdong, and Wu Yishan, and Zhang Yongxin, Zhang, Hong Dongping, Jin Caoxin, Xu Xiaoping all known and agreed to the proposal of profit distribution. All Directors sign a written confirmation, and promised at the time of convening the Board of Directors of the company consider the above proposal of profit distribution to vote.

Subsequently, the high-transfer programmes have Melaleuca. Hareon become topics of high dividend and transfer of stocks of the main character, but as the company released first-quarter results profit, plus the 13th night, hareon said in a statement the proposed with integrated photovoltaic Group signature 930 MW of PV power station project investment cooperation framework agreement, tentative about the total transaction price of 8.8 billion yuan. Transfer complete company capital returns and profit growth will have a positive impact. The announcement shows that the agreement includes hareon located in wuan, keping and Pishan 17 regional projects. PV group of counterparty limited for new energy investment group limited company, focused on investment, development and operation of solar PV power station platform. All the conditions for cooperation are required before December 10, 2015 can be met. At this point, hareon established the overall upward trend, value investing show, their high transfer scheme has been launched to the market expectations.

Qian Tao Wan Lu though, blowing sand started to gold. High dividend and transfer of bonus distribution starts, hareon future worth looking forward to.

Original title: high value transfer of red packets distributed to start locked hareon

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