Japan solar bubble burst?

Arctic star solar PV network news: Japan Yu 2012 launched “renewable energy special measures Bill” Hou, on attract many enterprise have Rob into solar market, and built mass solar power factory, only with Japan solar power acquisition price even 3 years adjustable drop, mass solar power factory built boom recession, led to 2014 degrees (April 2014 – March 2015) Japan 4 big solar factory sales into recession, and this also declared Japan solar bubble has burst?

Japan Journal of the media industry news report on 18th, 2014-sharp (Sharp) and Kyocera (Kyocera), Panasonic and Mitsubishi Motors (Mitsubishi Electric) Japan 4 large solar plant solar panel sales/shipments reduced total value 7% to 4.31 million kW (4.3GW), also seem to confirm a recession, “renewable energy special measures Act” set off by the demand for solar energy, Seems to have been 1-2 years peaked earlier than originally expected (that is, solar bubble burst).

Report says 2014-sharp sale years 15% to 1.77 million kW of solar panels, and 2015 (April 2015 – March 2016) forecast to decline further to 1.1 million kW; Kyocera estimated to be flat in 2014-2015-sales level of 1.2 million kW, is expected to fit sharp jump for Japan leading factory of solar cells; plus, Panasonic2014 annual sales of 840,000 kW, 2015-sold estimated 850,000 kW, Mitsubishi Motors sold 500,000 in 2014-kW (unpublished 2015 sales target).

19th Nikkei News reported that sharp solar products as the core for the massive solar power plants, but Japan downgraded the solar power purchase price, massive solar power plant construction boom, and 2014-sharp solar cell business dragged down business losses amounted to 62.6 billion yen, and Kyocera solar cells as the core sector of business-benefits also dropped 90%, In contrast specializes in residential solar Panasonic2014 solar cells revenues year to 150 billion yen, operating profit increased 20%-30% over 10%, the sole winner.

The Nikkei pointed out that residential solar panels account for Panasonic overall solar cell revenue up to 85%, and Panasonic in Japan although the market share of solar cells on the market as a whole came in 3rd place, subject to single residential solar markets, its market share up to 30% in the first place.

Panasonic18 day press release announced that the plans for Solar Panel Assembly positions Shiga factory and the production of core components of solar cells “cell” of Shimane plant as a whole dropped 9.5 billion yen, targets for 2015-end (end of March 2016) will increase the global solar cell production to 1GW per cent level.

Panasonic through color, Shimane plant, Shiga plant II bin plant and Malaysia manufacturing solar cell and Solar Cell, total annual capacity of 900MW and above production project is expected to begin production in March 2016, (production engineering) capacity of 150MW, so will Panasonic world solar cell production increased to 1.05GW (1050MW).

According to the Thomson Reuters pointed out that Panasonic Assembly positions Shiga factory to produce solar panels, two-color sea factories and Malaysia factory; Cell production facilities there are two colored bin plant, Shimane plant and Malaysia factory. Thomson Reuters said that 2014-Panasonic 700MW, 2015-solar cell sales estimates for residential use will grow to 800MW.

According to the Castrol XQ global winner system quote, as of 19th 9:26 A.M., Taipei time, Panasonic is up 0.73% 0.21%, sharp, Kyocera up maintaining flat.

Original title: Japan solar bubble burst? Sharp leading threatened, and Panasonic win

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