Photovoltaic in Shanxi province poverty alleviation: 50 pilot village PV power plant construction started

Polaris solar PV net news: PV poverty alleviation is one of the poverty alleviation Office under the State Council to determine accurate ten key projects for poverty alleviation. In accordance with the arrangements of the poverty alleviation Office under the State Council and the National Energy Board, Shanxi province, as the Organization to carry out the work of the first batch of pilot provinces, beginning in October 2014, choose light resources and network conditions, motivation high, and have been working for the Foundation of linfen and Datong cities of fenxi, daning and Jixian, Tianzhen, hunyuan 5 counties as photovoltaic pilot counties for poverty alleviation. In each county to determine 10 file set card poor villages, a total of 50 villages launched 100KW distributed PV pilot work, each pilot villages in the province in accordance with the standards of 500,000 yuan, a total of 25 million Yuan promoting poverty alleviation fund, subsidies for PV power plant project construction, while supporting enterprises take advantage of barren hills and agricultural facilities in 1-2 of terrestrial concentrated PV power station 10MW.

At present, the 50 pilot villages of 100KW photovoltaic power plant construction has started, of which 10 villages have been built, grid-connected 3 village has produced gains, the pilot counties to support terrestrial concentrated PV project demonstration enterprises construction planning, financing, land have all been implemented, will be started in the near future.

National PV industry leading enterprise in the field of Yingli group, Hina group, Beijing Zhong Fu Yuan construction engineering company, BYD Co Ltd, the Huaneng group, as well as the Lu an coal group, Datong coal mining group, Shan group-owned enterprises of Shanxi province, has been involved in, and are actively seeking to participate in the construction of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, the pilot work to advance smoothly, a strong momentum. PV project in Shanxi province in the pilot work, take four steps to ensure the project’s orderly proceed apace.

Leaders attach importance to and promote strong

October 2014, Shanxi provincial poverty alleviation Office under the State Council and the National Energy Board determines to implement PV after the first pilot province for poverty alleviation, Shanxi province poverty relief and Development Office immediately with preparations of the provincial development and Reform Commission to proceed with photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation, and on December 4 to the Governor of Li Xiaopeng, Deputy Governor Guo Yingguang were reported. Li Xiaopeng Governor, and Guo Yingguang Deputy Governor on this height attention, proposed to caught national implementation PV pro-poor pilot work of major opportunities, will PV pro-poor as Shanxi implementation “5+3” features industry development (cattle sheep mainly scale farming, and facilities vegetable flower, and nut forest, and small grains, and Chinese herbal medicines, five big features industry and tourism pro-poor, and PV pro-poor, and electric commercial pro-poor, three Dah Sing of features industry) of important content, as support guide enterprise participation industry pro-poor development new of field, For poor villages and poor masses create income opportunities. Deputy Governor Guo Yingguang devoted provincial poverty alleviation Office, head of the provincial development and Reform Commission and other departments to participate in coordination meetings require provincial poverty alleviation Office, provincial development and Reform Commission, specialized offices and agents are responsible for this work, and choose have a basis in the construction of village PV power plant, Enterprise building terrestrial concentrated PV plants in linfen city of Datong city, a certain base of Advanced photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation. City, and County two level on carried out this items work height attention, as linfen city specifically established has by municipal Deputy Secretary Wang Wenying any leader, municipal government Deputy Mayor Wang, and NDRC Director Shi Xuejin, and pro-poor Office Director Yang Gangjie any deputy leader, related members units participate in of PV pro-poor project advance led group, regularly held joint, informed project situation, research solution problem, promoted engineering construction, while also developed introduced has on accelerated advance linfen city precision pro-poor PV power project construction work views, and Precision photovoltaic power generation for poverty alleviation, linfen, linfen city, project management approach, the PV of the poverty alleviation project plan, implementing rules of the photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation projects in linfen city, a series of institutional documents, for normal PV project management, engineering, construction, and gains the lead in exploring the use. Datong active assist mountain coal group, and with coal group, provincial enterprise towards grid indicators, construction PV station, implementation PV industry pro-poor project, currently mountain coal group and Shenzhen BYD group, and Beijing seven group cooperation in lingqiu County construction of 100MW PV station has completed investment 460 million Yuan, end of can grid power, with coal Group also in early construction tashan PV station of while, active towards participation to PV pro-poor station project construction in the. On April 21, the provincial executive meeting after hearing solar poverty alleviation pilot project report, decided to fight for further State support, Enterprise and local initiative into full play, to expand the pilot to accelerate progress. On April 23, the Shanxi provincial Office of poverty alleviation and enforce provincial leaders instructed, and organization of provincial, municipal and county-level poverty alleviation Office, national development and Reform Commission, net of Shanxi electric power company and the country involved in PV both inside and outside the enterprise, poor province held seminars, in-depth study and research to advance work in this specific plan.

Funding to protect inputs

Light resource conditions, according to Shanxi province, and the National Energy Board of the photovoltaic pilot programming outline for poverty alleviation (for trial implementation), 100KW village PV power plant needs to invest 800,000 yuan. For actively promoting photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, the Shanxi provincial poverty alleviation Office is arranging special payments. Provincial village set at 500,000 yuan for each photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation of entire villages to advance project funds to support the building of village 100KW photovoltaic power plant, which funds totalling 25 million Yuan at the end of 2014 is released to the pilot counties. Arrangements at the provincial level, linfen city grant funds on the basis of, specifically with 3 million Yuan for each pilot logistics support fund of 100,000 yuan. Second, participation in corporate-sponsored. On village level 100KW PV station construction gap funds, spirit voluntary principles, take Enterprise pad funding or directly donated, way solution, as linfen City Organization each participation ground concentrated station construction of bid enterprise, construction 1 a pilot village 100KW PV station and complement funds gap; tianzhen 10 a pilot village PV station construction gap funds, all by PV pro-poor ground concentrated station construction Enterprise China can new energy Shanxi Branch donated. 10 pilot village PV power plant construction, hunyuan gap funding, all by PV ground station construction enterprises for poverty alleviation hunyuan wind and new energy fund. Three villagers investment for shares. High enthusiasm in PV to the alleviation of the village also expressed its willingness to take villagers collected money, shareholder dividends, such as building photovoltaic power plants for poverty alleviation. The above approaches, provided effective guarantee for the smooth progress of the pilot project.

Targeted, precise poverty alleviation

To ensure that the photovoltaic pro-poor pilot projects play a driving role model in poor villages and poor people increase their income. Shanxi provincial poverty alleviation Office property collectively owned by the clear village 100KW power station, power stations all owned by the village collective dominance. 10MW above ground from enterprises of a PV power plant capital construction, property investment companies, investment companies took out photovoltaic power plant a certain proportion of the proceeds to support poverty alleviation and development. Building ground station occupied land, all land belongs to the State; circulation of collective-owned land, land owned by the village collective. According to estimates, poor villages to build 1 100KW photovoltaic power plant and grid-connected power generation at 12.15 million yuan of income per year after, can provide collective 25 years of continuous and stable income. Enterprises 1-10MW terrestrial concentrated PV plants, can come up with at least a year after the grid returns above 1 million Yuan to support local poverty reduction efforts. Tianzhen County, Shanxi branch and Huaneng new energy agreement each year come up with PV ground power projects for poverty alleviation 30–50 percent of net profit, for the region of poverty alleviation and development. For ensure PV pro-poor income precision inputs pro-poor career, with to poverty population body, linfen City developed programme, clear has PV pro-poor income management approach and using into, main from following eight a aspects on poverty village and poverty population gives support: a is 0-3 age children integrated development project, and II is warm student engineering, and three is out workers personnel accident disability insurance, and four is elderly life grants, and five is agricultural technology demonstration project, and six is improved project village based facilities and the other public project, and Seven is to support cooperatives and enterprises mainly BA is helping the poor to microcredit, poverty alleviation, support industries or the establishment of village-level mutual funds. Each village used funds for the project, and submit an application by the village collective, post approval arrangements for poverty alleviation, effectively playing the capital efficiency.

Extension of the pilot, and vigorously promote the

Implementation of PV poverty, ATD can implement precise requirements so that poor people benefit directly, and can promote the growth of investment in poor areas, and promoting regional economic development, is a current Lee, and profit in the long run, both facilitate poverty alleviation, and development of good projects. Currently Shanxi province has in implementation PV pro-poor aspects has made obviously effectiveness, this items work can smooth advance of causes: a is linfen City carried out PV pro-poor pilot work action fast, measures real, now has has 5 a village level station grid power, and formed has set more perfect of advance mechanism and management approach; II is some provincial SOE as Lu Ann group, and with coal group, and mountain coal group, in around construction of large PV ground station, has has part began grid power, Construction of large terrestrial concentrated PV plants with mature experience; the third is some well-known enterprises in Shanxi province to develop wind power stations at the same time, also expressed their willingness to participate actively in the PV power station construction; four poor areas of Shanxi province is the most illumination adequate resources-barren slopes protected agriculture in vast, now has formed a certain scale, construction of photovoltaic power plant has a unique advantage. Currently, linfen city has proposed implementation PV pro-poor general planning, decided in Jixian, and daning, and fenxi 3 a pilot County 30 a built document state card poverty village construction PV pro-poor station of while, integration various pro-poor funds, in 12 a county planning arrangements 60 a village construction PV pro-poor station, currently each county engineering construction has gradually started, strive to October late Qian all built grid, national PV pro-poor engineering pilot project construction pantomime in linfen city held. By 2020, and strive to build 1000 100KW photovoltaic plant of installed capacity, achieved filing state card a poor village full coverage throughout the city. Province plans in organization implementation good Datong, and linfen cities 5 a pilot County work of based Shang, to national energy Council towards 500MW PV pro-poor grid indicators, will PV pro-poor pilot work expanded to 36 a country dingpinkunxian, this year first in each county select 1-2 a built document state card poverty village carried out PV pro-poor pilot work, while support guide has conditions of enterprise active participation PV pro-poor project construction, increased pro-poor development funds inputs, widened poverty masses increase channel.

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