Policy of broad prospects for solar thermal industry is eager to help

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal power generation prospects? Policy “climate” could help industry maximize? What Enterprise Innovation problems? In recent days, industry experts and first-line solar companies gathered in 2015 China Summit on clean power “solar thermal industry and technology development forum”, for the development of solar-thermal power generation industry and construction advice and suggestions.

Solar thermal power plant more environmentally friendly

“The ‘ Twelve-Five ‘ during the national 863 and 973 project and other major projects under the guidance of SCI papers issued a solar thermal power generation in China ranked first in the world-wide, the number of patents increased, and is now ranked fourth in the world. Chain continuous improvement, construction materials needed for a conventional solar thermal power project, equipment has been fully achieve national self-sufficiency, some China-made products have begun to export to international markets. “The national solar thermal industry technology innovation Federation Vice-Chairman Tian Li said at the Forum.

According to Tian Li introduction, solar thermal power is a combination of traditional thermal power technology and solar energy heat utilization technology, using low-cost thermal storage technologies to achieve continuous and stable power generation, which can bear the base load, and peaking units, is considered most likely to replace the traditional thermal power technology. At present, solar thermal power projects have been built domestically has reached 15 MW, first flight 10 MW Tower project and cgnpc 50 MW trough projects are under construction, demonstration power plant project under construction can be up to 3 gigawatts, the industry has developed immense.

However, reporters learned that the electricity market as a whole has entered a phase of slow growth since last year. According to statistics, the 2014 total electricity consumption rose less than 4% than “Twelve-Five” low average growth rate of at least three years before 5%, national 6,000-kilowatt, and above average utilization hours of 4,286 hour of power generation equipment, down 235 hours, was the lowest level since the reform and opening up. Among them, national thermal power, 920 million kW of installed capacity, equipment average utilization hours of 4,706 hours, down 314 hours of wind power installed capacity of 95.81 million-kilowatt, equipment average utilization hours 1905 hours, down to 120 hours.

“In the economic circumstances of the new normal, and electric power system reform will continue to enhance the share of new and renewable sources of energy, solar thermal power and wind power and PV compared to lower carbon emissions, with more excellent eco-friendly properties. “Tian Li believes that solar thermal power will become the new choice of new energy power generation.

In an interview, many experts said, with focuses on development of wind power, photovoltaic power generation intermittency and randomness inherent in natural resources, and will inevitably encounter when using bottleneck, desert wind, abandon light phenomenon appeared. Electric power planning and Design Institute, Sun Rui, Vice described, usually equipped with solar thermal power generation storage system, in cases where no sunlight can still be normal power, but can also help regulate the effects of fluctuations such as wind power, solar power, reducing the impact on the power grid. In the West focus on building solar thermal power plants, better able to solve the problem of transportation in central China electric power to the East,. Thermal and photovoltaic, wind power is not competing, but complementary.

Industry is eager to policy as soon as possible “anaphora”

According to the National Energy Board released in 2012 solar power development “Twelve-Five” planning of solar thermal power generation installed capacity in 2015 and 2020 targets are 1 million-kilowatt and 3 million-kilowatt respectively.

“So far, installed capacity goal for 2015 1 million-kilowatt impossible to achieve. Although solar-thermal power generation projects in our country a lot, but construction projects is very limited, achieving less grid-connected power generation projects. Overall, solar-thermal power generation in China is still in its demonstration and extension of the primary stage, there are still many challenges to be faced. “The NDRC Energy Research Institute researcher Shi 璟li said, first of all, solar-thermal power generation technology in the long-term reliability of commercial power station still needs to be verified. Due to China’s “three North” area, Qinghai-Tibet plateau, high altitude, wind, dust and other weather features, Spain or the United States is difficult to apply directly to domestic and foreign technology needed to be adjusted accordingly or to carry out independent research and development, meet the requirements of long term reliability. Secondly, economy and competitiveness of solar-thermal power generation is still needs to be improved. It is because of some weaknesses in technical and industry, makes the current high cost of solar thermal power generation, still continuing advances in technology to reduce costs.

Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission renewable energy development Center researcher Sun Peijun believes that development of solar-thermal power generation industry’s core problem is two-fold, one is the high cost of application; the second is national policy, especially feed-in tariff is unclear, and puts industry into “policies in the market, market policies” of the cycle.

September 2014, supcon solar technology co Central Delhi, Qinghai solar-thermal power projects approved feed-in tariff (tax) to 1.2 Yuan per kilowatt hour. This is the first solar thermal power generation projects in China official price. National development and Reform Commission said in a document, “in the future I will according to the development of the solar thermal power industry and other relating to the construction and operation of demonstration projects, research benchmark for developing solar thermal power plant electricity price policy”. But until now, there are no other explicit policies of industrialization and market-oriented development of solar-thermal power, solar-thermal power generation industry eagerly looked forward to the relevant policy clear.

In the Haiyang Energy Group Corporation light hot career Department General Manager Zhang Haobin expression has on domestic light hot policy of what time expects: accelerated introduced Internet electric price, guarantees internal proceeds rate; Government on owners using localization key equipment gives must subsidies or policy preferential treatment; encourages traditional technology progress, on supporting industry chain for support, promoting cost reduced; encourages key equipment manufacturing, and integrated enterprise using mature or technology development commercialization project, active validation its commercialization technology reliability.

Bottlenecks also needs innovation

“Solar thermal power generation currently has identified the following main problems encountered what time: first, the policy environment needed to improve; the second is has been set feed-in tariff, weak support; the third is inadequate economic and financial reliability demonstration project, the lack of commercial application. Meanwhile, domestic products encounter technical barriers abroad, weak industrial support system, electricity cost competitiveness needs to be improved. “Zhang Haobin said.

“Solar thermal power generation is growing in China and even in the world’s future energy demands of the phased approach, however development of solar thermal power generation still has a long way to go. “Hundred Jerry new energy limited Xue Lingyun Chairman think, currently restricted China solar light hot power technology of development has factors has, a is domestic of solar light hot power no after mass of demonstration, no related validation experience; II is solar light hot power cost relative for partial high, future faced with fierce of competition, only will solar light hot power of cost down coal electric of integrated cost zhixia, to health go down.

“Innovation throughout the enterprise’s business processes, and cannot wait until the industry downturn, business development have a difficult time to be innovative. Because knowledge is the need to accumulate, the teamwork culture takes time, and cultivation of innovative consciousness is needed, an innovative project is in need of sources, are not remembered and overnight. “Sunrise solar Jiao Qing, Vice President of the East too, said Sun rises in the East, through constant introduction of new products in the market, achieved better development performance, margins, which are benefiting from innovation. Moreover, innovation is awareness from entrepreneurial training. Sun rises in the East in 2009 introduced an outdoor solar testing device with the highest precision by 2010, 18 laboratories have been built, covering the whole industrial chain. In 2011, the company has invested 15 million Yuan, built the world’s largest solar simulation laboratory. He concluded that all innovation must Center on the market for research and development. For example, solar thermal utilization includes not only solar water heaters also include solar heating, solar air conditioner, solar industrial applications, commercialization remains to advance in this direction.

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