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Polaris solar PV net news: October 17, 2014, National Energy Board, the State Council leading group of poverty alleviation and Development Office jointly issued the Declaration on implementation of PV work programme on poverty alleviation project (hereinafter programmes), the programme proposed, in Ningxia, Anhui, Shanxi, Hebei, Gansu and Qinghai provinces and more than 30 counties first photovoltaic pilot. On orders issued this year by the year 2015 PV implementation programmes to inform clearly, Anhui 400,000-kilowatt dedicated to photovoltaic pilot counties for poverty alleviation will be supporting PV projects. Hebei 300,000-kilowatt, 250,000-kilowatt in Gansu, Shanxi and Ningxia were 200,000-kilowatt, Qinghai 150,000-kilowatt, amounts to 1.5 GW.

At present, under the national policy to promote positive support and market, has been a thriving situation of China PV industry development. Photovoltaic power generation not only sent in many areas of clean energy, has also become a new way of poverty alleviation. This year is the second year of implementation of the programme, which counts PV work done by the poor in the relevant provinces.


In 2015, the photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation in Ningxia is expected to total investment of 510 million Yuan, involving haiyuan County and 9 counties (districts) 18 impoverished village and eco-Yi min Cun, 12948 households. Dianzi construction of pilot project to enterprise, national and regional policies to support and encourage farmers, especially the poor buy back power station property and shares, the regional award in enterprise mode of operation according to the implementation.

State the relevant person in charge: “included in the pilot’s poor electricity at no cost, sales revenue, increase profit directly in the construction of distributed solar power projects, joint stock dividends benefit in the project. ”

In accordance with the implementation plan, photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation in Ningxia will begin before the end of June a comprehensive construction and completed before the end of October, grid, households can reap the benefits that year. On a pilot basis, photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation plan will be started.


Anhui Province, a pioneer PV poverty 2015 2015 Anhui provincial Department of finance be released first batch of special financial aid funds to 1.105 billion yuan to the county-level financial support throughout the annual task of 750,000 people out of poverty. PV poverty 2015 Anhui Province is one of the main tasks for poverty alleviation, Anhui provincial Department of Finance says, supports the implementation of PV for poverty alleviation. Actively cooperate with provincial poverty alleviation Office, Energy Department to actively seek national photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation. Optimization and adjustment of structure of use of funds for poverty alleviation, arranging funds to support the 5 counties of autonomous photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation.

2015, Anhui province plans in yuexi County 188 a villages, and neighborhood, 65 a built document state card of poverty village, and 12 a province first better village focus demonstration village and 22 a provincial better village construction village can applications construction village collective PV station, each village (neighborhood) intends construction 60-kilowatt small distributed PV station, each village (neighborhood) inputs about 480,000 yuan, in 20-25 years within annually achieved power income 60,000 yuan around, removed interest actual can years increased net income 20,000-30,000 yuan.


Poor areas of Shanxi province, the vast majority of light can be resourced-barren slopes wide, now also has formed a certain scale of facility agriculture and construction of photovoltaic power plant has a unique advantage.

2015, Shanxi province will linfen, and Datong cities of fenxi, and daning, and Jixian, and Tianzhen, and hunyuan 5 a counties as PV pro-poor pilot County, in each county determines 10 a built document state card poverty village, total 50 a village first started 100-kilowatt distributed PV station pilot work, each pilot village province in according to 500,000 yuan of standard, total arrangements 25 million Yuan whole village advance pro-poor funds, for PV station project construction subsidies; Support both enterprise-barren slopes and agricultural facilities in 1-2 more than 10 megawatts of terrestrial concentrated PV plants.

At present, the 50 pilot villages of 100-kilowatt photovoltaic power plant construction has started, of which 10 villages have been built, grid-connected 3 village has produced gains, the pilot counties to support terrestrial concentrated PV project demonstration enterprises construction planning, financing, land have all been implemented.

Poverty, linfen city, Shanxi province, as the larger regions, creatively organic combination of poverty alleviation and development and photovoltaic applications, making full use of lighting resources in poor areas, lead in the photovoltaic project for poverty alleviation, exploring new ways to help rural poor poverty. At present the city has launched 10 pilot projects, all the design criteria for 100-kilowatt, which built power plants 7 to achieve grid has 5, nearly more than 130,000 kWh total power generation.

Wang Liwei, Director of the Shanxi provincial poverty alleviation Office believes that implementation of PV poverty not only accurate poverty alleviation requirements can be implemented so that poor people benefit directly, but also can promote the growth of investment in poor areas, and promoting regional economic development, is a current Lee, and profit in the long run, both facilitate poverty alleviation, and development of good projects.


According to the National Energy Board, the poverty alleviation Office of the State Council jointly issued the agreement on implementation of PV work programme on poverty alleviation projects, Hebei quyang, hiraizumi, Akagi, Hirayama, lincheng, julu County finalists first photovoltaic pilot, implementation of the “PV poverty” project. Hebei province published the programme for the implementation of distributed PV key demonstration village and the best photovoltaic demonstration project of agricultural implement views of the village, now select the total scale of 2 villages 1 MW pilot.

The beginning of the year, PV, “home” will override State card a poor village of quyang 166 files, and in accordance with the annual rate of 10,000 homes built by 2017, and strive to achieve full coverage. After the project is fully implemented, with 30,000 households can annually produce 195 million kWh to achieve increase of 78 million Yuan, the County’s more than half of the poverty population will thus dump poorest hat.


Gansu province by 2015 in tongwei County, County water, Dongxiang, lintan County, Li, minle PV poverty alleviation pilot project work. According to general principles guidance of Government support, farmers volunteered to advance. Provincial, municipal and county levels, according to the provincial plan, municipal government coordination, districts as the implementation of the mainstay Division of responsibility. Expected within 20-25 years after the project is completed, project poor income every year, long-term benefits.

Pilot scale for each counties no less than 200, installed capacity of 3-kilowatt per household. Taken overall, in village, and one-off cover eligible households in the village. Poor choice to be open and fair.

In terms of income distribution in accordance with the following: waiving the self-funded for the loan and be subsidized by the provincial financial aid funds. Construction of Government support and the way farmers raise, in principle all income from electricity sales to households of all; construction of market-oriented funding, allocated according to market principles, in principle, the specific allocation proposed by the counties.


Qinghai in 2015 will be pushing PV anti-poverty projects, planned capital of 100 million Yuan, and through a combination of government investment, corporate finance, in 7 counties in the 30 poor villages develop photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation, for every poor investment of about 25000, guarantee the poor terms of electricity and increase the income of poor households by means of power sold.


Shaanxi Province in 2015 will be selected from each city a work based, high enthusiasm for participating in the County (district) photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation. Each district selects 1-2 a deeper level of poverty, mass enthusiasm and concentration of a certain scale of relocation settlements or poor village pilot. Construction began in the second half, built and put into use by the end of it.

PV anti-poverty projects in accordance with the “Government guidance, farmer participation and market operation, proceeds to” work, adhere to the principle of social mobilization and work together to advance, taking a variety of inputs. Each pilot counties put in a certain amount of financial aid funds at the provincial level, according to 30% per cent of total investment subsidies, the remaining firms inputs, farmers has a stake, including raising funds, specific funding and participation in the manner to be determined by the counties themselves.

Income distribution, distributed according to the following principles: (a) for storage of photovoltaic equipment rental rents of surrounding slopes, wastelands and roofs. This fixed income, generally charged on a per square metre per year. (B) the disposable income of local unskilled workers during the construction of photovoltaic power station. (C) photovoltaic power plant is completed, to ensure normal operation of the equipment priority to poor participation in the management and maintenance of wage income. (D) settlements in photovoltaic output eliminate line loss of normal operation and maintenance costs, and a variety of tax, as funding for poverty alleviation and the proportion of poor shareholder received a dividend yield. Invested funds in the province as a poor stock, earnings have poor ownership.

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