The under the dome, “SSE” person: Green thinking of Chen Jianguo

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) “and God said let there be light, and there will be a light of the world. To surpass Sun electric light better benefit to the people. “In the interview, surpass Sun electric Chen Jianguo, Chairman of the phrase” day “in the phrase in the past.

Surpass Sun Electric’s Chairman Chen Jianguo

Recalling the history of surpass Sun electric, seems to reflect a word–“off the beaten path. “It is this spirit of dare to do, surpass Sun electric from a traditional motor soft starting of enterprise’s successful transition to a new energy photovoltaic industry leader. Currently, surpass Sun Electric’s products and services covering the PV inverter and PV power plant EPC, an active power filter and power quality of intelligent dynamic compensation optimization, electric vehicle charging, storage and intelligent power systems, such as four fields.

Transboundary PV inverter industry first began business transformation

In the 2015SNEC exhibition, surpass Sun electric has launched in the industry was first developed 1500 volt DC-power photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, combined energy inverter, as well as the SPS series string type photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, showing its strong innovation capability. Especially high power 1500 volt DC PV grid-connected inverter, in the current circumstances, can bring power to traditional two-level more than twice times the mainstream inverter, can effectively reduce wiring losses and civil engineering, construction costs, while increasing the plant’s generating capacity.

When it comes to surpass Sun electric initially the reason for entering the PV inverter industry, said Chen Jianguo, Chairman of surpass Sun electric “a company is selling a start of high-voltage motor liquid state soft starting equipment. Because of the low technical content, low barriers to entry, leading to a large number of enterprises to enter the market, accompanied by the homogeneity across the enterprise is serious, even vicious competition, affect corporate earnings then surpass Sun electric choice for the broader prospects of active power filter electric energy quality optimization. Due to the active power filter and PV inverter on the principle of similarity, surpass Sun electric has an inherent advantage in this new energy in photovoltaic industry, so we’ve focused on this PV inverter PV system on the development of key equipment. “In 2009, surpass Sun electric has established a new Center for energy research and development, within the research and Development Center in as little as 3 years, 1-1000KW will develop full range full range of PV inverters grid off-grid, 500KW, MW PV inverter at scientific and technological achievement appraisal by experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units rated as” Advanced “.

Change concepts, mastering the market initiative

Back in 2011, at the time, most countries still shrouded under the shadow of the economic crisis. The domestic photovoltaic industry, is experiencing winter, United States PV under double reverse stick hit China PV industry development very difficult.

“Poor and variable flow, it lasts forever! “Surpass Sun electric realized that China’s PV enterprises want to ride out the storm, we must change our concepts, components cannot be limited to easily accept exports, and should have the courage to go out and do turnkey project. Then, surpass Sun electric and another map of the expansion of the PV industry – photovoltaic power plant EPC. It is understood that in 2012, surpass Sun electric foray into photovoltaic power plant General Contracting to undertake a first year hundreds of megawatts of EPC projects in Qinghai have 5 EPC projects constructed. Photovoltaic power plant EPC turnkey projects only increased by a factor of 4 times.

Take follow-up actions expeditiously and then surpass Sun electric through scientific and technological innovation, the inverter as the core, and collector boxes, DC distribution cabinets, transformer, high voltage switchgear, HV SVG, automatic monitoring and management system in full flower, which has woven a solid strong integration technology network.

Thrown by the under the dome Green thinking

To this day, I believe many people Chai Jing under the dome, the documentary is still fresh. With the transformation of the global energy landscape, traditional energy sources gradually reduced, walked the same pollution first and treatment later apparently has fizzled. Enterprises in development at the same time, pay more attention to the value of the social contributions. In the interview, Chen Jianguo haze was also concerned about this issue. He said that “China’s development of new photovoltaic energy industry has been quite some time, photovoltaic power plant’s total installed capacity has reached dozens of GW, photovoltaic energy in order to reduce air pollution and the development of fossil fuels, but the reality is that always bothered us smog has not eased. ”

“This situation and the western area of the desert wind up phenomenon not unrelated, abandon rate and even 20% in Gansu area above. “Chen Jianguo said,” despite the radiation resource in the Western region, land costs are far better than in the eastern region, but itself is not so much electricity in the Western region, to dissolve anything. This is West abandoning the embarrassment of light power, and one reason why haze is still raging in the eastern part. ”

With two sessions on smog and other environmental problems have been mentioned, companies are looking for a crack haze of prescription, and promote the use of new-energy cars is one of the important means to control smog. Chen Jianguo considered “renewable energy to really shore up the wider application of new energy vehicles, as well as the sustainable development of the industry. If there is no PV, new energy vehicles cannot be called real green and pollution-free. ”

It is understood that the new energy automobile power system technology surpass Sun electric is another series of new energy technologies. 2015 SNEC exhibition, surpass Sun electric has launched a new energy vehicle photovoltaic power system. The project is day electric develop jointly with Dongfeng motor, models for the “East wind” A08 electric commercial vehicles. This car uses high performance flexible solar module technologies (electrical efficiency of up to 20% or more) and intelligent control technology of photovoltaic components, can be a good solution to the current common short ranges, charging for electric vehicles are not easy issues such as weight, vehicle batteries, so as to relieve the electric grid will not charge worry-free.

The charging of electric vehicles as a constraint to an enormous bottleneck in electric vehicles in General, it has been introduced, developed by surpass Sun electric wall-mounted, free standing, mobile full range of electric vehicle Chargers, charging products as well as integration of charging and discharging, storage products, practicality, reliability and high degree of intelligence to solve marketing woes, China has contributed to the popularization of new energy electric cars.

Take “along the way” wind go out

If you say “Internet +” is a recent popular concept in the field of smart PV, surpass Sun electric can be said to be in the front. Surpass Sun electric at the show also came out with a boxing-style intelligent micro-grid optical storage device. According to reports, the device uses containers integrated solutions, energy storage, grid-connected, charge and discharge control functions such as day and night operation can be achieved. During normal operation of the grid, and excess energy grid; when a power failure occurs, release the battery energy to power local loads. Day and night, charging, discharging, on-grid off-grid intelligent switching, all without human intervention, particularly suited to the rural and pastoral areas, mountainous areas, border posts and other areas without electricity and renewable electricity without having built substation to avoid transmission and distribution losses, reducing or avoiding the additional cost of transmission and distribution, construction and installation costs low.

“Photovoltaic intellectual network, green could enjoy” it is day electric brand tagline, is also an important direction of surpass Sun electric. As the country “along the way” strategy proposed, many PV companies are bullish on “along the way” along the PV market development prospects of individual countries. Surpass Sun electric is no exception. Chen Jianguo said “along the way in the vicinity, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Viet Nam and backward economy, everyday life powered by diesel-fired power generation costs are relatively high. But the Sun in these areas are rich in resources, suitable for promotion of photovoltaic applications, photovoltaic products to surpass Sun electric is happy to be the place to go. ”

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