Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection (6.15-6.19)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, on 1, submitted to the provincial subsidies General distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration project notice

General Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Government to implement the model of promoting the implementation of distributed PV (Shaanxi Government issued (2014), 37th), Department of finance, development and Reform Commission, Hall, housing the Office jointly issued by the provincial model to promote distributed photovoltaic subsidy Regulation (Shaanxi finance office building (2015) the 133th).

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Market review

1, within two months to raise 15 billion PV companies do not lack money to speed up power plant acquisition

PV in place, implementation of new policies more forcefully this year, coupled with banks and other financial institutions recognized for industry in raising, leading energy companies have flexibility in the use of various types of financing to expand their cash in hand, and scramble to buy power plants projects. 5 June of this year, many solar companies are through the issuance of convertible bonds, private placement financing, raised a total of nearly 15 billion yuan annually.

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2, the Handbook will expire polycrystalline silicon manufacturers look forward to policies

Handbook of near-failure, some downstream firms polysilicon processing trade imports have increasingly felt the threat of being blocked, and the resulting wafer, cell, component, its profit margins drop, enterprises into loss and other serious consequences. Experts called for relevant departments of the State shall take effective measures, in parallel with the proper protection of domestic polysilicon industry, and more to take care of the middle and lower reaches of the survival and development of enterprises, urging a win-win situation, should continue the processing trade, Enterprise and industry policy of insurance.

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3, United States domestic PV Giants to seize the Chinese market enterprise to do?

United States Golden Sun, China Solar giant First Solar has once again achieved certification into China’s PV market intentions clear. Meanwhile, the Chinese PV industry suffered by European and American States “double reverse” sanctions. Industry insiders said, exports, domestic market foreign market squeezing challenges, PV enterprises face a double whammy, in need of Government support.

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More than 4, PV manufacturers first quarterly report released: performance mixed

Until early June, several photovoltaic listed companies ‘ first-quarter earnings reports begin to emerge. Although earnings last year is generally positive, but under the influence of various factors, first quarter of the year, the earnings of listed companies were mixed.

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5, Europe and the “double reverse” extremely sharp PV enterprises how to take that?

Recently, China PV exporters destined to peace, whilst several countries within a few days the Chinese PV industry is anti-dumping, anti-subsidy investigations. Successive initiatives, useless for PV enterprises export Europe and America is a bruise, directly led to the decline in Chinese exports of photovoltaic, PV business will also be affected.

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6, Shandong province distributed 100 million Yuan Special Fund for PV applications?

According to the Shandong provincial people’s Government on the implementation of the national development (2013) 24th, opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry (Lu Zheng (2014), 16th) and in 2014 the province Special Fund for regional strategies to promote investment, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Department of finance study and formulation of the Shandong province, distributed PV Application Guide to Declaration of special funds.

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Comment article

1, Hung Wei: how PV agricultural standards will be introduced?

Current PV industry needs standards, calls for standards for a long time, but progress of the standards-setting process seems to be difficult to get satisfaction in the industry. China’s industrial infrastructure is weak, it is hard to meet the needs of market development, PV is particularly true in agriculture. If there is no standard of those signs done photovoltaic PV agriculture enterprises will give solar a significant negative impact on the agricultural industry.

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2, “deep reading” bright prospects for PV projects in agricultural greenhouse

Compared with the construction of centralized large scale photovoltaic power plant, PV agricultural greenhouse project has conservation of land resources, maintain the advantage of the nature of land use, which can reverse the decline in population growth and land conflicts triggered by promoting sustainable socio-economic development. In view of this, advancing photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse is undoubtedly the clean energy and dual-use an optimal model of modern agriculture.

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3, “reading” the three ministries jointly released the PV released what significant signal of the new deal?

On June 10, issued jointly by the three ministries for the promotion of Advanced photovoltaic technology product applications and upgrade views from market guide, product standards, financial support, product testing, and so have put forward concrete proposals and implementation of standards, our PV accelerated technological progress and industrial upgrading.

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4, “double r” without reading too much into the technical upgrading is key

Today, targeting China’s photovoltaic products in foreign countries “double reverse” has become the norm. Reduce trade frictions, key is to accelerate industry consolidation and restructuring and technological progress, the real transition from scale to win to win with technology, only with even more competitive in order to be accepted by the international market.

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5, distributed PV into the community and into the village what’s the difference?

Policy support, under the enterprise promotion, user experience, distributed PV into the millions of households and into the community, schools, factories, rural areas, and other places. In urban district (except Villa community, community of individuals could take complete control of the entire House) and rural villages, distributed PV in the what is the difference between the two.

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Enterprise version

1, Ying LI: going concern risks to hide?

Recently, in United States-listed Yingli company is facing class-action suits, tied to litigation on chariots. In the following electric solar, LDK after, Canadian solar PV solar, Suntech, face class-action lawsuits and a Chinese solar industry companies listed in the United States. Zhuo Jimin, author of the transatlantic fight with you to discussion and analysis of the basic situation of the lawsuit.

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2, bottom-King “Zheng JianMing shot thousands of silicon or wake up

Card access share Chairman Shi Wanfu deep throat the root “Thorn” was “pulled” out, thorn is the actual controller Zheng JianMing of tailwind international. Thorn is stuck in the Shi Wanfu throat Luoyang Wannian silicon industry co., Ltd.

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3, low-price purchase of associated Enterprise *ST integration suspected tunneling

On June 4, *ST throws one of up to 2 billion restructuring plan. However, *ST integrated plan was announced, was opposed by small investors. Their reasons for objection, pointing to the *ST integration at 1 low price to raise equity in order to dilute small investors ‘ rights, while “father purchased”, “conspiracy”, has also been questioned of suspicion of conveying interest.

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4, land holding presence of sudden change leader’s controlling shareholder, partner

On June 18, a little after 10 o’clock in the evening, PV land holdings sudden replacement of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of listed companies in Hong Kong. New Chairman Ji Ma had no experience in the photovoltaic industry, but he is one of the most important identity—Pohua JT Private Equity Fund general partner of the private equity fund, its plus points.

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5, taiji industry was 11 technology to raise 2.1 billion building the large shareholder PV power station

Wuxi out State-led restructuring, taiji industry will be PV asset. Taiji industry June 15 announcement, company intends to Wuxi, Wuxi industrial group of controlling shareholders and the gold cast, Zhao Zhenyuan and Chengdu to issue shares to buy their holdings of 11 technology 81.74% stake.

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6, Heraeus sued for patent infringement-Shuo Wo: burden of proof with defects

Shuo Wo recently by Heraeus branch of the American company for patent infringement litigation. On May 15, the company said, view Heraeus civil complaint, found that his claims and proof that there are serious flaws, has commissioned external lawyers research whether the Heraeus company involved abuse of patent rights, and violations of fair trade possibility of prosecution or civil action.

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