Star technology intended to raise 1.4 billion to expand business

Polaris solar PV net news: Star technology intended to not more than 10 non-public offering of no more than 200 million shares for a particular object, not exceeding a total of 1.427 billion yuan to raise funds for investment in “annual output of 12 million km ultra fine diamond line” project.

Shows the project total investment of 1.45 billion yuan, the project construction period is 2 years, to be ultra fine diamond production line is mainly used in Solar Silicon, Sapphire, of new materials such as gallium arsenide single crystal cutting. According to estimates, the project reaches the postpartum can achieve sales revenue of 1.036 billion yuan, with an average annual post-tax profits of 337 million Yuan, profit 30.94%, static payback period of 6.46 years (including construction period 2 years), the project is good.

Star technology, said the company has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, products related to power grid construction and renovation, infrastructure construction and solar wafer cutting in different fields. This proposed use of stellar research and Development Center and production advantages of Super fine steel wire, for the market to provide efficient, eco-friendly super fine gold lines of new products, so as to further meet the domestic photovoltaic industry, Sapphire industry, new materials in the field of cutting needs. And because of the non-public capital investment projects of Super fine gold wire products gross profit margin is higher if the project smooth production and product sales, will significantly improve the company’s current products gross margins, improve the company’s profitability.

Original title: Star technology intended to raise 1.4 billion to expand business

Development path of solar-thermal power advantage but hard

Arctic star solar PV network news: as this year July, China is construction, and planning in the and in development of large commercial light hot power project of number has nearly 40 a around, Assembly machine has over 3GW, but limited Yu is not clear of policy environment, most project of actual advance is slow, especially Central led of related project, in no clear electric price support of premise Xia, project made progress of possibilities almost for zero, light hot power project obviously subject Yu electric price policy and wandering not Qian.

Investment Advisor Guo Fanli, Director, Research Director pointed out that, following the wind and photovoltaic power generation after the popular, solar-thermal power generation gradually into people’s vision, solar-thermal power generation with multiple advantages, but in our overall progress is slow. In the “Twelve-Five” renewable energy planning, solar thermal power total installed capacity target is 1 million-kilowatt, but due to the technical and cost hurdles, construction was stopped, leading to the present is actually put into operation only controlled in delingha, Qinghai 10MW of commercial power station projects from the “Twelve-Five plan” a distant goal, solar-thermal power generation to want to enter a phase of rapid growth is accelerating to break barriers that currently exist.

Compared to photovoltaics, solar thermal power generation has a unique set of advantages. First, light hot power is a high quality of clean power, used mature of storage hot technology Hou can achieved full days 24 hours stable continued power, relative Yu wind electric and PV not stable not adjustable of defects, light hot power on grid more friendly; second, in light hot power industry chain in the basic not appeared PV battery Board production process in the of high energy, and high pollution, problem, is real of environmental green clean energy; last, light hot power of industry economic led force strong, its industry chain radiation range involved glass, and steel, and chemical, and Machinery and other key industries of the national economy, especially for serious overcapacity already exists in China’s glass-and-steel industry has a strong leading role, employment of solar thermal industry development and economic contribution is far higher than the PV.

Solar thermal power generation is still in the boot of the prepare phase, but because of global energy structure adjustment, technological advances and other factors, solar-thermal power generation would be a viable investment. With the increase of proportion of renewable energy to meet peak electricity demand and maintain the reliability of the transmission system will become increasingly important, large-scale renewable energy storage requirements are increasing, while the storage system of solar thermal power stations to meet the energy needs. PV installation and reduced cost of development at full speed, but it does not disadvantage has not been effectively addressed, in contrast, solar thermal power generation already have low cost energy storage solutions, as an emerging technology will also have a lot of performance improvements and cost optimization of economic capacity and, hence, have good investment prospects.

According to the national energy-saving emission reduction commitments, “Thirteen-Five” solar-thermal power total installed capacity reached 50.01 billion kW size, under this goal, many realistic thresholds constitute obstacles to development of solar-thermal power generation. Light hot power maximum of obstacles is lack policy oriented support, which most important of is electric price policy, now local Government has approved has many project, but due to no introduced Internet electric price policy, project of investment returns has uncertainty, this led to most has approved of project delay cannot starts construction, so Internet electric price policy of missing has became restricted light hot power engineering construction of key a ring. In addition, solar-thermal power generation technology compared with foreign countries there is still a large gap, lack of power plant operation and maintenance experience will bring more challenges for power plant maintenance.

If you want to accelerate the pace of solar-thermal power pursue photovoltaic power generation, from both solar-thermal power generation to its own conditions and external environment to improve. From its own conditions, solar-thermal power generation equipment manufacturing industry should focus on independent innovation, based on our local environment and conditions research and development technology and industry-building, it is necessary to adapt to China’s specific conditions, to avoid introduction of PV industry technology and production lines, simple link duplication, competition and trade friction road, a truly independent solar-thermal power generation industry. From external environment optimization view, about sector should as soon as possible developed effective of policy to started and expanded market, most critical of is introduced clear of electric price policy, can directly used and wind electric, and PV power similar like light hot power benchmark electric price policy, this can to light hot power investment enterprise, and manufacturing clear of signal, also in financial credit, aspects proposed support and offers policy also light hot industry development has must of promoted role.

Original title: road to development of solar-thermal power advantage but hard

Taiwan Ministry of economy: selling products in Europe to obtain specific goods such as solar output permission

Polaris solar PV net news: Chinese-made solar, screws and bicycle products under EU anti-dumping, countervailing duties, some via Taiwan sales Europe, fraudulent use of certificates of origin and anti-circumvention investigation against being the EU, facing higher taxes. To avoid such situations recurring Economic Affairs Board of this notice if the above 3 products via pin-European free trade harbor area, should be made in advance of specific goods export license, and the use of false card makers will also be under the Trade Act of the disposition, most will abolish export and import companies registered.

This bulletin, Ministry of economy, based on “free trade zone set regulations” Preview port of free trade to the EU of solar products, bicycles and screws and 3 types of goods, should be issued by the prior Board of foreign trade, “free trade zone exports to specific export license abroad.”

The Board of foreign trade said, the EU seized China solar products through free trade port zone transfer and falsified its Taiwan business, to circumvent the anti-dumping duties of imports and tax balance, so I May 29 EU bulletin on my solar products anti-circumvention investigations. In addition, the European anti-fraud Office (OLAF) is also found in some tariffs on Chinese-made screws and bicycle products are fraudulent, some products take advantage of my free trade port of transit to the European Union, declared that the 3 exports to EU goods through free trade harbor area, must first get permission from the Board of foreign trade.

Original title: Taiwan Ministry of economy: selling products in Europe to obtain specific goods such as solar output permission

Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection (7.27-7.31)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review:

1. the Energy Council: first half of 2015 photovoltaic building profile

Recently, the National Energy Board releases first half of 2015 information profile for PV building, data show that as of the end of June 2015, national PV capacity was 35.78 million-kilowatt, in which the PV power station 30.07 million-kilowatt, distributed PV 5.71 million-kilowatt. In January-June the national new PV installed capacity 7.73 million-kilowatt, in which new PV installed capacity 6.69 million-kilowatt, new distributed solar PV installed capacity 1.04 million-kilowatt.

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2. on further regulating the construction of photovoltaic projects in the province, Sichuan province, matters related to the management of notifications

To further strengthen the management of photovoltaic power generation industry, recently, the Sichuan provincial development and Reform Commission, provincial energy Bureau issued the construction of photovoltaic power generation projects on further regulating the province issued the notice on matters related to the management, from the system to regulate the PV power plant construction in Sichuan province.

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3. the Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission notice on distributed photovoltaic-related issues

Recently, the Qinghai development and Reform Commission, distributed photovoltaic-related matters, the main contents: various forms of distributed PV applications; establish a standard project management mechanisms improve photovoltaic power management provide simple and effective network operation services; strengthen quality management of distributed photovoltaic engineering; implementation of the acceptance system.

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Market review

1. West up light “shocking” Gansu is the most prominent

Rapid development of PV industry in China in the first half of this year at the same time, some problems are gradually exposed. In this, the “abandoned” problem is allowing people to “shocking”. In January-June this year, the State grid (excluding West Inner Mongolia) cumulative “abandoned” quantity of 1.733 billion kWh, all concentrated in the three provinces of Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang in Northwest China.

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2. arguing PV “58th article”

Around the “moratorium on applications for polysilicon processing trade imports” (“the 58th article”) or abolition of domestic solar upstream and downstream enterprises, there is a clear difference. Represented by GCL upstream firms, want the strict implementation “, 58th” restrict polysilicon processing trade imports, make up for the existing policy loopholes and protect domestic polysilicon industry the longi shares represented by the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise, you want to let go of polysilicon processing trade imports restrictions, especially for high-end imported polysilicon, which is more conducive to the development of the domestic high efficiency solar cells.

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3. the approval by the State Council located in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province renewable energy demonstration area

Recently, the State Council approved the establishment of renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou of Hebei province, the establishment of the demonstration zone will not only promote the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergy, will also help Games bid. The plan proposed, in promoting the reform of energy and electricity at the same time, the establishment of new large-scale integration of renewable energy power system planning system, electricity market system, the development of regional integration mechanism and benefit compensation mechanism.

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4. the PV industry subsidies by at least 10 billion yuan in arrears outstanding

PV enterprises in arrears of the Government subsidy issue has been mentioned. According to the Beijing daily reported China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua on July 22 in the first half of 2015 “PV industry development and prospects for the second half” seminar that, due to lack of renewable energy surcharge, payment of subsidies program complexity, data compiled 15 photovoltaic power station operators, PV subsidies totalling more than 10 billion yuan in arrears.

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5. the PV inverter quality “lifeline”

Hot PV power station fire accident occurred, although the first time, including inverters, components, electrical system vendors try to distancing the relationship. But cleared include scale, industry research institutions such as TUV Rheinland is not difficult to find the report, released after the accident, but controllable factors in the installation process, more accidents occur in step-up and high voltage parts, and this one, inverter and combiner box become a high risk of accidents.

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Comment article

1. the global energy Internet: fantasy or reality?

Global energy Internet, which aims to solve energy supply crisis, environmental pollution and climate change three challenges of ambitious ideas, date since last May, far from imagine that in the heat of public opinion. “Cold shoulder” underlying causes, not only in its background are too ambitious, but also on the economic and technical feasibility of is difficult to grasp. Outside the inner circles of energy, “bad”, “not see” journalists often hears voices.

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2. Red Wei: Please stop the CBRC PV from the door!

Old red seen in recent days a message Strip dumbfounding, the invisible threshold exposure PV launched private bank “two high left” Wen were shut out in the industry said, “conveys the CBRC established by the private banks ‘ 12 rule ‘ … … According to people familiar with the matter said, in the 12 rules, also requires that private bank sponsor should not be mining, real estate and the ‘ high remains ‘ restricted industries, such as steel, flat glass, photovoltaic industry enterprises. ”

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3. PV subsidies: how big is the gap between China and?

Government subsidies for PV companies not only China, United States, too. But with the Chinese Government subsidies compared to relying solely on renewable energy electricity price surcharge is imposed by, United States the photovoltaic subsidy funding more and more flexible. The other hand, Chinese solar subsidies make up in terms of installed capacity, United States PV subsidies up in research and manufacture, through supporting key enterprises, with its core of advanced technology, and seize the photovoltaic technology.

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4. subsidy cuts United Kingdom renewable energy model?

United Kingdom has been a model of the renewable energy in the past 3 years, renewable energy, including wind and solar power generating capacity over 1, 22% per cent of Britain’s electricity. Recently, however, United Kingdom join Spain and Germany’s “negative” camp, first announced at the end of June, beginning on April 1, 2016, elimination of onshore wind power subsidies in advance, on July 22 after revealed that further reductions in subsidies of renewable energy projects, including the phasing out of subsidies to small solar projects, changing the way renewable energy projects to apply for grants, change to bio-energy project grants, etc.

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5. us Media: China will be the beneficiaries of Clinton’s energy policy?

: Presidential campaign, Obama promised to “save the Earth”, while Clinton is announcing will help people reduce electric bills. But us media have questioned, Clinton probably will ultimately benefit China. According to the United States News 27th dailycaller, United States Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton • Clinton promised in his first presidential term in the US 500 million solar panels installed, a second-term for each family to provide a sufficient number of alternative sources of energy, the commitment to wide acclaim.

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Enterprise version

1. crowd out Trina solar photovoltaic shipments in the first quarter the world’s top

Europe and America have to “double back” sticks to curb rapid Corps of China PV, PV module manufacturers production integration and competition intensified around the global market competition is the first club played quietly. In the photovoltaic industry has been low-key and famous, or even ridiculed as a conservative by peer solar solar energy limited (hereafter referred to as Canadian solar, NY:CSIQ), became a dark horse. Solar 1230MW shipments in the first quarter, slipped the Trina solar Ltd (NY:TSL) out of the champion of the world and instead jumped first.

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2. vote solar landscape increasingly clear: five-year plan to invest 200 billion yuan

Opened less than a year later, China Minsheng investment joint stock company (hereinafter “vote”) billions of photovoltaic layout outlines are becoming clear. In mid-July, the journalist be investigated both in Ningxia yanchi, tongxin, accompanied by the people in Ningxia company project manager, told reporters, zhongmin in yanchi shots to build the world’s largest single grid-connected PV power plant project will be launched at the end of this year, tongxin County, 200-megawatt project will be at the end of September this year grid.

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3. the “farce” progress: zhongke hengyuan sued Suntech first-instance judgement

Recently, zhongke hengyuan downwind international “dogs blood Opera” finally have new progress. On July 30, 2015 zhongke hengyuan announced today, the company sued Wuxi Suntech Power Co Ltd (hereinafter “Suntech”) contract dispute the judgement of first instance. On July 23, 2015 and receive notice of case, case number: (2014) No No. 00022 Su Shang.

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4. shareholder Gintech energy tongwei group or the world’s first photovoltaic cell Overlord

Faced once-forlorn and frustration of the photovoltaic industry, well-known entrepreneur Liu hanyuan, Sichuan suddenly glow with a new spirit. Recently, the world famous “King of aquatic feeds” lightning to swallow Taiwan’s largest solar plant Shang Yu Crystal energy, desperately wanted to show its influence in agriculture.

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5. the LDK LDK overseas debt restructuring has come after the success of the new Chairman

Following the successful resolve of overseas debt, kinky LDK LDK managed to survived. Company production stabilised, senior also carried out a new layout. LDK LDK’s most critical moment on the Board, “fire Captain”-Xinyu Liu Zhibin, Chairman of State-owned companies as its new Chairman. Peng Xiaofeng took over three years ago Tong XING, great snow, retire in the interim Chairman and Director, continued to serve as President and CEO.

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Character articles

1. Peng Xiaofeng: why is he called China’s “El ˙ musk”?

After a year of silence, before new energy Tycoon Peng Xiaofeng frequent appearances in mainstream media vision in the near future, former venture is blocked, can now join SPI green treasure reappearance. Someone commented that this Pang after the low life again, and the same fate as Shi Yuzhu of the roller coaster has a lot of similarities; others believe, Peng business remains firmly in the photovoltaic industry and green energy treasure into the SolarCity mode of China, his energy Internet ambitions, is seen as a living Chinese version of “El • Thomas g.”

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2. Taiwan fathers of solar: Motech Chairman Zuo Yuanhuai passed away due to illness

Taiwan solar company Motech former Honorary Chairman Dr Zuo Yuanhuai, passed away due to illness, at the age of 68. Dr left the optoelectronics Division of Motech, with its deep industry experience, consolidate Motech’s leadership in solar energy industry, Motech staff inquiries are both sad and lost a spiritual leader.

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Renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou will affect?

Polaris solar PV net news: yesterday’s renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province, approved programme, the message component in the energy circle has as much as the Prairie Festival in the entertainment business. Let us look at renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou later on how tall!

And people closely related to the first point, Zhangjiakou after people used to be like this:

Renewable energy consumption accounted for total final energy consumption in 2020 up to 30% by 2030 50%. Can renewable energy application achieved economic social field full cover, to 2020, 55% of power consumption from can renewable energy, all city public traffic, and 40% of town residents life with can, and 50% of commercial and the public building with can from can renewable energy, 40% of industrial enterprise achieved zero carbon emissions, built international leading of “low carbon Olympic area”; to 2030, 80% of power consumption from can renewable energy, all town public traffic, and urban and rural residents life with can, and Commercial and public buildings energy come from renewable sources, all industrial enterprises to achieve zero carbon emissions, fully formed mainly of renewable energy system.

Have to say, both 30% and 50% targets are ambitious, industrial enterprises achieve the goal of zero carbon emissions by 2030 is quite advanced. If implemented, it but really to achieve the plan’s “renewable energy development in the world” goal.

What is the impact on the environment?

The plan says: “by 2020, renewable energy installed capacity reached 20 million-kilowatt, annual output of 40 billion-kilowatt above, provide clean energy for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development. Through the comprehensive utilization of renewable, year substitutes for fossil energy of 14 million tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX) emissions were about 36 million tons and 350,000 tons and 60,000 tons, continuous improvement of air quality, ecological civilization construction was strengthened. By 2030, renewable energy installed capacity reached 50 million-kilowatt, annual power generation capacity of 95 billion-kilowatt above. Through the comprehensive utilization of renewable, year replace fossil fuels, about 33 million tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions by about 85 million tons, and 140,000 tons of 840,000 tons. ” In short, the “powerful support for ecological civilization construction in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.”

Olympic concept and renewable based

‘S bid for the 2022 Winter Games said the day after the results were announced, whether following once again to host the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing at that time knew the answer. Whether successful or not successful, in the planning, but there is really a “low-carbon Olympic zone,” as one of the five areas of Zhangjiakou strive to create. Anyway, today the plan organized by the national development and Reform Commission media briefing, officials of the national development and Reform Commission said the bid is no big problem.

In the plan of the five functional areas of “low-carbon Olympic zone,” says:

Organized according to “low-carbon Olympics” concept and requirements, strive for the 2022 Winter Olympics ago, chongli can use renewable energy, and promotion in the demonstration zone.

Building low-carbon Olympic venues. Chongli renewable power as Lord of the Olympic power for power, power of the surrounding counties as auxiliary power, realization of the Olympic Center and other power 100% using renewable energy. Building 4-6 above 100,000 square meters large-scale solar heating stations, realization of all Olympic venues construction using renewable heating.

Towards a low-carbon city and transport. By combining centralized and distributed energy supply mode, chongli in offices, hospitals, schools, parks, squares and other public places, heat-all using renewable electricity use. In accordance with the concept of green and intelligent, creating renewable energy transportation system and transportation using renewable energy facilities in the area.

Low-carbon residential areas. Olympic village, Chong Li County, major scenic spots and surrounding rural heating using renewable energy. Village and town in accordance with the concentrated, dispersed as a supplement, heating using solar, geothermal and other sources of heat, using distributed solar heating in other regions.

The plan will create investment opportunities?

Of the planning of the development goals in addition to the aforementioned 30% and 50%, also “renewable sources of energy as a representative of emerging industrial clusters become a new pillar of economic growth. Over the planning period, demonstration area with new energy, data, new materials, new energy vehicles, as the representatives of the industry value added grew by 15% 2020 new industry value added as a proportion of GDP of around 15% in 2030 to reach about 30% “.

The implementation of specific projects is “organizing the implementation of large-scale development, large-capacity energy storage applications, intelligent transmission channel building and diversified application demonstration” that four projects.

1, large-scale development projects

High qianwanqianwa wind power base. In accordance with the scale of the development and efficient use of the combination of local absorptive and reasonable delivery combination, power grid construction and the principle of combining power supply development, gradual improvement in absorptive proportion of locally based on relative to expand absorptive range and reduce abandon wind power, continue to advance the large-scale development of wind power.

Construct solar (thermal) development and application of Al-Qaida. Full play dam Shang area area vast, and solar resources rich set advantage, using mountain, and shortage slope advance a large ground power station construction; followed “green Olympic, and low carbon Olympic” of hosted concept, support large PV enterprise in Huailai to Chong Li Highway along sides construction million kW level PV corridor, started Beijing-Zhangjiakou Highway (Zhangjiakou paragraph) PV power station and the distributed storage can pilot construction; exploration through expanded new energy application promote regional industrial green transformation development pilot work; in various industry area, And public building, and commercial buildings, and residents community, and rural, regional, vigorously development distributed PV power, and scenery complementary, in city full implemented green building standard, active development passive super low energy green building; to promotion solar PV agricultural, achieved “light agricultural”, and “light Mu” complementary; active implementation national PV poverty engineering, in Chicheng first first try, lessons learned Hou in model district within promotion; fast promoted shangyi set photoelectric, and ecological, and tourism, and holiday for one of large solar model park construction. Focus on the development of high-power solar thermal electricity generation in bashang area, with a focus on promoting the construction of a number of solar-thermal power generation demonstration project.

2, large capacity energy storage application

Large capacity energy storage pilot. Vigorously promote the use of energy storage technologies, and actively explore the commercial storage, reduce storage costs, relying on industry leader, chongli, zhangbei in large capacity energy storage pilot to achieve renewable energy complete coverage model. Increasing compressed air energy storage, large storage capacity battery, super capacitor energy storage, flywheel energy storage technology research and development, pilot scale energy storage.

Integrated energy storage model. In wind electric, and photoelectric, concentrated zone, carried out “wind electric + storage can”, and “photoelectric + storage can”, and “distributed + micro-network + storage can”, and “big grid + storage can”, sent storage with integration of storage can application model, support power, and electricity, and storage can enterprise, investment construction and operation storage can device, for model district can renewable energy mass development application provides support.

Supporting the construction of pumped-storage power station. Considering regional power new energy and peak power development needs as well as the local site conditions, argumentation based on pumped in shangyi, reasonable layout, and participation in regional power grid peak.

3, intelligent transmission channel engineering

Pilot in intelligent transmission technology. Renewable power is out of the way of innovation. Combined with the newly developed wind power, photovoltaic sent and eliminate the need, rely on CAs, the electric power Research Institute and other research institutes and universities and by 2020 intelligent transmission planning construction of a number of demonstration projects, leading the direction of grid-connected renewable energy development.

Building the smart grid, raising the demonstration area of absorptive capacity. Expansion of EHV power transmission project, construction of UHV power transmission project, improving renewable electric power across the province, trans-regional transportation corridor planning, demonstration area of improving renewable electric power transmission capacity, optimizing energy structure in three areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, enhance absorptive proportion of regional renewable energy. Optimized power management, strengthening regional collaboration network, tap System peak load and potential power channel, to improve power to dissolve and transport renewable electricity capacity. Meet the needs of distributed renewable energy development in rural areas, and further increase the rural network investment, accelerate the pace of upgrading of rural power network, upgrading the rural power grid equipment, power supply capacity and quality.

4, diversified application demonstration project

In the heat, municipal lighting, residential, industrial, agriculture, rural development, transportation, construction and other fields, and vigorously promote the reform, promoting efficient use of renewable, build diversified to dissolve on the spot demonstration model works.

Renewable energy heating. Advance chongli, zhangbei and other wind turbine heating pilot, and gradually expand the heating area. With Putin’s joint bid to host the Winter Olympics opportunity, combined with Beijing continuing to expand wind turbine heating range. Supports in chongli pioneered the construction of 1 million square meters with seasonal focus heat storage passive architectural techniques with a combination of heat demonstration projects, and increase renewable energy use efficiency. Relying on large solar thermal power stations, the implementation of cogeneration. Universal solar thermal in urban and rural, large scale solar hot water systems. Full low-temperature geothermal resources in clean pollution, persistent and wide application and other advantages, rich in geothermal resources such as Akagi, yangyuan, Huailai County, actively planning a number of, construction of a number of geothermal heating, reserve a number of projects, with a focus on promoting the construction of typical demonstration project.

Comprehensive utilization of biomass energy. Support Wan Quan, and Hua, and zhuolu, and Wei, County construction health material forming fuel production base; support backbone advantage enterprise in industrial park construction health material forming fuel heating model project; support zhuolu, and Wan Quan, and gardens, and Akagi, and guyuan, County (district) speed up construction health material thermoelectric project; support rural implementation health material forming fuel alternative coal-fired engineering; support large professional energy enterprise construction scale biological gas model project.

Renewable energy industries to dissolve. Accelerate the guyuan of wind power demonstration project of hydrogen production and downstream industries, opened Beijing, Zhangjiakou-bandwidth of 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) to the optical and build data center demonstration project of Beijing University, form a comprehensive utilization of renewable energy industry chain. Renewable energy application in demonstration area combined with the upgrading of the industrial structure, improving the industry entry threshold, accelerating the Elimination of backward production capacity, develop clean industries with low energy consumption and low emissions.

Renewable energy engineering. Accelerate the construction of demonstration area of renewable transportation network, the first in the public transport, taxis, tourist areas such as promoting the use of electric cars, perfect charging station (piles) and other facilities, by 2020, renewable energy transportation network coverage.

Construction of distributed energy supply model project. “Internet and network regulation of spontaneous use, remainder” operation mode and construct solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and gas “heat” and power and other distributed generation. On the premise of ensuring safety, planning and construction of a number of smart grid, networking and storage technology to support micro-grid demonstration project energy and new energy supply area, enhance absorptive capacity and energy efficiency of the system. By 2020, in Olympic venues, hotels, landmarks and other places took the lead and built a number of distributed energy supply model works.

Zhangjiakou electric power reform’s “Shenzhen”?

Zhangjiakou power reform seems to become “Shenzhen”. According to the plan, demonstration area will establish large-scale renewable into the new power system planning management system, electric power market system, regional integration mechanism and benefit compensation mechanism.

The plan referred to in the more important contents are:

Exploring energy planning and management system. Establishing new system of energy and electricity planning, realization of demonstration area renewable energy planning and coordination and harmonization of planning, advancing renewable energy project approval system reform to further simplify the approval processes, optimize the approval process and improve approval efficiency; the model district targets for renewables development plan row support product quality standard of biogas into the natural gas pipeline and gas fields.

In-depth implementation of the reform of the electricity market. Carried out including power, and electricity and lost distribution zainei of power price reform, established sound new energy no discrimination, and no obstacles Internet system, promote new energy Internet price through market competition formed; encourages social capital investment distribution business, to meet conditions of market subject release added distribution grid investment business, encourages enterprise to mixed ownership way investment Council domain intelligent grid construction; perfect model district across province (district, and city) power trading mechanism, to Beijing Jin JI area conveying power; advance sent electricity plans reform pilot, By determining the demonstration area of renewable electricity accounted for annual quotas of power consumption, clearly the responsibility of local governments, utilities and power plants, promoting renewable energy to dissolve on the spot.

Establish and improve the compensation mechanism. Innovation subsidy for renewable energy power generation enterprises mechanism simplify the subsidy programs, improve the efficiency of subsidies; investments in approved construction costs on the basis of perfecting compensation mechanism for grid-connected renewable energy costs; build grid ancillary services share sharing mechanism, perfect peak of grid-connected power generation enterprises, frequency modulation and standby and other auxiliary services, assessment and compensation mechanism.

In terms of policy support, the plan refers to financial policy, human resources policy, innovation policy, land policy, fiscal and pricing policies.

Particularly worth mentioning is the financial policy:

Was launched by the local Fund for renewable energy development, and attracting private capital investment and participation in the management of operations. Use of financial resources, set up the renewable energy security fund, to finance renewable energy companies to provide security services. Developing equity and asset securitization, support eligible renewable energy and related businesses to the multi-level capital market, including the regional stock market listing and bond financing.

Promoting collaborative development of Jing-Jin-JI three-carbon trading markets, explore the carbon finance on renewable energy development and application support. Vigorously develop green credit, increase its support for renewable energy power generation enterprises. Support of emission rights, the right to charge Ms (inward) charge secured loan business.

Exploring the use of water, heating, electricity, sewage disposal, gas production loans backed by expected returns, such as business. Research investment and loan, and credit guarantees, credit insurance and other innovative financial services. Supports the development of insurance agencies and renewable energy investment, construction, technology and consumer-related insurance business, encouraging the investment of insurance funds demonstration area of renewable energy.

Original title: Zhangjiakou into renewable energy demonstration zones will affect?

China Southern power grid donated 6 million Yuan to build “mother of happiness (PV) power station”

Polaris solar PV net news: on July 23, the China Women’s Development Foundation, the national women’s Federation jointly organized by the Ministry of development “2015 China Women’s charities ˙ Forum on women’s entrepreneurship for poverty alleviation under the new normal” held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Initiative to fulfill social responsibilities of China Southern power grid company, donated 6 million Yuan, in the development and construction of Guizhou province, “mother of happiness (PV) power plant” project. After the completion of the project, to become the country’s first Government, businesses, charitable organizations to jointly develop PV project.

Examples of terrestrial photovoltaic power station (information above)

Photovoltaic power plant can do something for the feminization of poverty?

This is many people’s first reaction after the news.

In fact, “PV poverty” is a national advocate and support the new strategy. China Southern power grid company has been developing the social responsibility norm and give full play to advantage of China Southern power grid and, therefore, China Southern power grid after repeated consultations with the China Women’s Development Foundation, decided to jointly develop “mother of happiness (PV) power plant” project.

As development projects initiated by the Foundation for women, of course, has always been concerned about the impact of the project on women in poor areas, consider the possibility of promoting women in poor areas of employment opportunities, quality improvement, and more active participation in social development, and so on.

At present, has been preliminarily determine the location for the project, bijie city, Guizhou province, weining County town Board at the end of the village, about planned installed capacity of 400-kilowatt photovoltaic system, with an average annual power generation is about 469,200 kWh can achieve average annual electricity sales revenue 469,200, business cycle in more than 25 years, the benefits of the project will be used to support the development of poor women in the production and improve their living conditions.

PV power station after its commissioning, daily operations will create many jobs, not only local women to make a living, to increase women’s income, whereby relevant vocational skills, scientific knowledge taught local women, is of positive significance for the promotion of women’s development in the poor areas.

Why choose weining?

Examples of terrestrial photovoltaic power station (information above)

Speaking of weining, familiar people all know: 2009 approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, weining, becoming China’s first “comprehensive management of poverty-alleviation in karst areas pilot project” counties, take up the exploration of karst poor areas of poverty alleviation and development task of the new road.

Weining County out of poverty in recent years has made significant achievements, but because of a weak, poor, poverty alleviation task is still daunting, the initial location of the village at the end of the poor is even more common, and Yi are most common. Can help them out of a “PV poverty” of the new road, is significant.

And weining of natural conditions is for “PV poverty” provides has may–here is located in Wu Meng of top, for latitude, and high elevation, and plateau platform of geographic features, makes here of light resources and wind resources for Guizhou of Crown, weining County average sunshine number for 4.14 hours, average sunshine number for 1812 hours, was meteorology territories named for “Sun City”, while, mountain slope more, for carried out PV power pilot.

In addition to power generation, photovoltaic power plant can do?

Virtual village project is located at the end of

The public impression of photovoltaic power generation, is probably the acres and acres of solar panels, but do you ever wonder, in fact, under the plate or another mystery?

The “mother of happiness (PV) power plants” will also be taken into account in the design of power plant in electricity generation at the same time, achieving “expert”.

To maximize the poverty reduction benefits of this project, in the case of land as conditions allow, the local population can be adapted to local conditions in growing crops below the PV modules, there are conditions for tourism development, can all show perfect combination of PV and ecological environment and agricultural production, and fully embody the “PV anti-poverty” demonstration effect.

PV instances in agriculture, power generation and growing balance. (Information above)

Weining, as many nationalities autonomous counties, such as profits from the plant each year in the allocation of a portion of the funds, as national cultural heritage of women necessary subsidies, is expected to greatly enrich local cultural activities and training of national women, pull the poverty development in national regions, can also promote the progress of local cultural and educational undertakings, so as to contribute to the overall development in the ethnic areas.

Original title: Southern power grid donated 6 million Yuan to build “mother of happiness (PV) power station”

Trimmed down Trina solar photovoltaic shipments in the first quarter the world’s top

Polaris solar PV net news: Europe to “double back” sticks to curb rapid Corps of China PV, PV module manufacturers production integration and competition intensified around the global market competition is the first club played quietly.

In a series of strong policy stimulus, China PV module manufacturing and power station construction chased each other to appear again. PV information provider PV-Tech the latest tracking data show, compared with the list last year, first quarter of 2015, global PV module lineup there have been subtle changes in the top five.

In the photovoltaic industry has been low-key and famous, or even ridiculed as a conservative by peer solar solar energy limited (hereafter referred to as Canadian solar, NY:CSIQ), became a dark horse. Solar 1230MW shipments in the first quarter, slipped the Trina solar Ltd (NY:TSL) out of the champion of the world and instead jumped first. Trina is 1026.2MW a narrow gap in shipments in second place for the time being.

Had for years first, still struggling on the path of profitability of Yingli (NY:YGE) continued to decline, down to third place, its shipments to 754.2MW. JA Solar and jinko fourth and fifth.

More than 10 years, as China’s first known PV enterprises in the international market, Suntech solar, Yingli, day and Canadian Solar has been the world’s top five positions.

PV-Tech survey showed that solar and two consecutive years of locomotive Trina gap is rapidly narrowing. Canadian Solar is expected in 2015, PV module annual shipments of about 4.0GW-4.3GW, Trina solar expects shipments for the 4.4GW-4.6GW.

In addition, expanding quite rapidly in these two years ja growth industry is also concerned with the apt, new forces to join in 2015 the global race for the first camp has more points and variables.

For many years firmly occupy the top ten solar, Trina solar, Yingli compared, former did not materialize and the small and medium enterprises in China have gradually surfaced. Their brand is low, but by way of contract work for a large company to achieve a beautiful curve big leap.

Like the last two years, accelerated significantly in aerospace electromechanical, rising in the East, Sheng optoelectronics, eging photovoltaic, Li Tenghui enterprises also showed a strong force after actual shipments difficult to equal, the emergence of these strength Regiment, new round will begin in 2015.

CEC statistics show, 5.04 million-kilowatt new PV cumulative installed capacity nationwide in the first quarter of this year, including new PV cumulative installed capacity of 4.38 million-kilowatt, add new distributed PV cumulative installed capacity 660,000-kilowatt. Earlier this year, the National Energy Board set PV installed capacity target of 17.8 million-kilowatt, second half of the year will usher in a new round of installed wave component shipments to more intense competition.

Just last week, China PV industry association released the first half of the domestic photovoltaic industry 2015 development and related data. First half of this year China produced around 74,000 tonnes of polycrystalline silicon, 4.3 billion wafer, 18.2GW cell and 19.6GW modules. Which component exports reached 6.1 billion dollars in the first half, and component exports account for relatively large.

National top ten rankings, Suntech Power Rankings are controversial. Ranking according to Solarbuzz, Suntech does not appear on the list of the top ten, has appeared on Bloomberg’s top ranking. PV-Tech think that Suntech changes several times, suffer a certain impact, thus ranking dropped, but its application in the global PV market the brand still ranks first, the overall strength is still to be reckoned with.

However, as the 2015, one of the world’s first solar giant’s existing capacity of the camp was fully released, as well as some intelligent production line expansion, once borrowed a giant meal of small and medium enterprises will also be challenged, it’s hard to continuing large-scale existence. New round of reshuffle or to come.

Original title: crowding out Trina solar photovoltaic shipments in the first quarter on the global top

Welcoming new round of profit growth of PV industry in China

Polaris solar PV net news: along with the rapid expansion of markets and raw materials, PV equipment industry in our country will continue to expand the scale, inverter, Poly, back panel, batteries, components and other equipment companies will usher in a new round of growth period. “The first half of this year, PV installed capacity is about 7~8 gigawatts, up nearly 30%, ground power station is about 6.5 GW. Photovoltaic equipment business profitability improved markedly, most enterprises out of the red. “China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua, held on July 22, 2015 first half of PV industry development seminar on prospects for the second half, 29 by normalizing conditions enterprises first half of this year and 2014 analysis of total sales revenue, net profit in the first half, first half of the year, enterprise’s total sales revenue and net profit growth of 8.9% and 9.7%, respectively. First half of the year, average net profit margin of 29 components companies in 2014, growth in the first half of 6.5%, although profitability has improved, but remains weak.

Lower the cost per kilowatt is theme

According to the National Energy Board planned 2015 PV scale 17.8 GW to add “leader” programme, total installed capacity is expected to more than 20 gigawatts this year. First half of the year, the domestic grid-connected PV capacity is only between 7~8 GW, so should 12~13 GW installed capacity in the second half, the PV inverter, polysilicon, back, batteries, components and other equipment companies, is undoubtedly an opportunity to release capacity.

“In recent years, the PV industry and market, use their own advantages to accelerate development, has become one of the few advantages of capacity. 2014, the solar policy and market-led, photovoltaic production overall for the better. Polysilicon production last year increased from 7 to 18, some batteries and component enterprises turn losses into profits, part of outdated capacity began to exit, while willingness to part of the merger and reorganization of enterprises and more strong. Ten production before 2014 60% close to the industry. “Electronic electronic Qiao Yueshan, Director of the information Division at the Ministry said.

As far as technology, PV technology continued to improve, and relevant departments to further strengthen the PV industry, photovoltaic technology critical support and guidance, upgrading of industrial technology attracted widespread attention, multi energy consumption continued to decline, average conversion efficiency by 18.8% and 17.3%, respectively, up to the 19.3% and 19.3%, photovoltaic power generation system from the original investment cost of less than 10 cents per watt 9 Yuan per watt.

In terms of reducing power plant electricity costs, technology leader in Enterprise technological innovation can drop 40% PV electricity costs. Developed with such as “back-tracking” technology, high reliability, low cost solar Tracker. Input-output ratio, 1:3, net income increased 20%~30%; distributed MPPT or string inverter. Constant cost, efficiency and 3% intelligence operations, lower maintenance costs, and reduce power losses. Constant cost, improve the efficiency of power plant 3%~5%.

In the past 7 years, our component prices have fallen 86.4%, 86.7% falling system prices, photovoltaic electricity prices dropped by 76.2%. PV industry structure optimization in China, most of the merger and reorganization of enterprises is uneven, capacity concentration increased significantly enhanced enterprise competitiveness, solar products from pure component manufacturers transition to a system solution provider.

Industry depth “Shuffle”

“This year, along with the rapid expansion of markets and raw materials, PV industry in China will continue to expand the scale, global photovoltaic production slows, production is expected to exceed 40 gigawatts. China PV market demand increased in the second half, but relatively rational Enterprise expansion and demand growing faster than supply growth expected PV module prices are likely to be slight increase in four quarters, manufacturing profit margins likely improved slightly. “Wang Bohua said, some enterprises with technical scale brand will further enhance market share, the small business survival space was further squeezed, Enterprise mergers and acquisitions accelerating, industrial concentration has been increasing. As technology advances and new technology breakthroughs, production continues to fall.

This year June, National Energy Council, and industrial and information Department and national recognize JISC three ministries joint issued on promote advanced PV technology products application and industry upgrade of views, aimed at according to different development stage of PV technology and products, take difference of of market access standard, support advanced technology products expanded market, accelerated eliminated technology behind products, specification PV power technology and quality supervision management, further improve industry concentrated degrees.

From 2015 onwards, enjoy State-subsidized solar power projects use photovoltaic components and grid-connected inverter products should meet the standard conditions of the PV manufacturing industry-related requirements. Among them, the polycrystalline silicon solar module conversion efficiency of not less than 15.5%, monocrystalline solar module conversion efficiency of not less than 16%. Polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, thin film solar module from the date of commissioning, decay rates were not higher than in the year, and 2.5%, and 5%. Grid-connected inverter weighted efficiency of China should meet with transformer type shall not be less than 96%, without transformer type shall not be less than 98%. Specific to the “leader” project, photovoltaic industry, “frontrunner” advanced technology products should meet the following indicators, namely monocrystalline silicon solar module conversion efficiency of more than 17%, polycrystalline silicon solar module conversion efficiency of more than 16.5%, conversion efficiency of more than 10% thin film photovoltaic modules and other representative of advanced technology products.

“This conversion requirements for PV modules is relatively high. “Daqo new energy CEO Yao Gongda said, if the monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar module conversion 17% and 16.5%, which requires Mono and multi conversion to 20% and 18.5%, respectively, is no easy task for most businesses.

Original title: welcoming new round of profit growth of PV equipment manufacture industry in China

Arguing PV “58th article”

Polaris solar PV net news: photovoltaic market behind the hot, simmering. Around the “58th article” upstream and downstream firms have argued.

Photovoltaic industry development to date, hot degrees than ever before. In 2015, the power station planned for 17.8GW, accounting for the past 6 years more than half of the total installed PV power station; Similarly, polysilicon in the upstream market, expects a global supply of 350,000 tons this year, of which 160,000 tons of domestic, growth of 16% and 23% respectively. Especially in China, the growth has been enlarged space.

However, behind the hot solar markets, is simmering. Around the “moratorium on applications for polysilicon processing trade imports” (“the 58th article”) or abolition of domestic solar upstream and downstream enterprises, there is a clear difference.

Represented by GCL upstream firms, want the strict implementation “, 58th” restrict polysilicon processing trade imports, make up for the existing policy loopholes and protect domestic polysilicon industry the longi shares represented by the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise, you want to let go of polysilicon processing trade imports restrictions, especially for high-end imported polysilicon, which is more conducive to the development of the domestic high efficiency solar cells.

Of course so divided, and international trade are not unrelated. To address the “double reverse” in January 2014 and May, China respectively from the United States, and Korea, as well as the European Union imported solar grade silicon “double reverse” measures. However, foreign polysilicon manufacturers by means of processing trade imports and avoid sanctions.

Silicon industry branch of China non-ferrous metals Association Deputy Secretary General Ma Haitian introduced domestic polysilicon imports last year reached an unprecedented 100,000 tons, an increase of 26.7% first half of this year, net imports of about 56,000 tonnes, restrictions led to imports of “increased rather than decreased.” To this end, as a means of plugging in the processing trade to avoid “double reverse” offsets, on August 14, 2014, China’s Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of customs jointly issued the moratorium on solar-grade polysilicon processing trade imports files of the application (the “58th of the text”), which since September 1 last year to suspend accepting applications.

In fact, in the “58th article” implementation, taking into account the interests of the middle and lower reaches of domestic enterprises, polysilicon processing trade enterprises were given one-year reflection period. In face of the file do you want to continue execution, upstream and downstream firms have argued.

So, the policies on the domestic upstream and downstream enterprises, what has been the impact? Upstream and downstream companies and what to consider? In this regard, put in an appearance for the energy journal GCL Vice Lv Jinbiao longi Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of shares.

Left, right

Of the energy: PV products in the European context of ongoing anti-dumping investigations, polycrystalline silicon products from Europe, China and South Korea are also carried out retaliatory measures, how do you feel about Europe and “double back”?

Lu title: as we all know, Europe uses “double reverse” means to us anti-dumping investigation of photovoltaic products, it’s not fair for us, because on some raw materials and equipment are more to buy from them, we produce products, but are limited to export them. For the United States, domestic Taiwan production is avoided, and now have no way, contain too much.

Meanwhile, they are dumping to China poly silicon. Now in the case of global polysilicon including abroad rely on the Chinese market, as Europe, the United States, and Korea etc poly silicon production is basically no downstream industries, so their polysilicon to be sold to China. International trade is a two-way street, and they do not speak the truth.

Zhong Baoshen: US trade protectionism, has been opposed to the attitude. For the various aspects of the industry practitioners, it is a kind of hurt, photovoltaic industry itself is a common concern, care should be in the industry. To support its development and technological progress. Clean energy faster and inclusive world.

Trade protection policy is in this industry, “blood”, is inhibited and not supported. United States trade policy, tax on China’s photovoltaic products, in fact, is from within the industry, “blood”, such as 5 dollars of ordinary people can buy, now tax had 6, 7, is equivalent to compress the product’s consumption market, hinder the development of industry. The other hand, we also understand that if there are unfair trade, harm for industries in other countries, then launched the investigation, reducing the harm of international trade on the country’s own industry, is allowed by the rules of international trade.

Of the energy: Europe and the domestic photovoltaic products were “double reverse” investigation, which we have taken countermeasures. However, for upstream and downstream businesses, “58th article” is a double-edged sword, you approach them?

Lu title: we very much support the “58th article” because it is a remedy for polysilicon anti-dumping measures. Earlier, in response to European and American “double reverse” we took measures to counter, only to find that our anti-dumping policy and processing trade policies are inconsistent, loopholes in policy, foreign exploitation of this vulnerability, so “58th article” as a remedy to the anti-dumping measures. For us, of course, to support, to safeguard the interests of industry.

Of course, we cannot say that the processing trade policy is not good, it was also played a very big role. Even now is also useful, as in many of our industry is still very weak, and processing trade policy support is required. However, as PV industry has had a baby, it is not necessary to enjoy the policy. Photovoltaic industry has gone through the early stages of development, our products are very competitive, so every year the prohibited list for processing trade, and if the State considers that the product competition ability, there is no need to enjoy this policy because processing trade amounted to national tax policy.

Zhong Baoshen: why do we oppose, in our view, it will affect the entire photovoltaic industry sustainable development in China. Short term, the PV industry in China is now a great deal of investment and employment is concentrated in the downstream, upstream polysilicon industry investment is large, but China PV industry and raw materials higher. Overall, our polysilicon is a net importer. We adopt a “double reverse” measures, after the tax on foreign polysilicon, and raw materials cost increases, thus weakening the international competitiveness of the downstream, this formed an “external pressure in the crowded” situation. Downstream enterprises, China also accelerated the outward transfer.

Why is called “external pressure squeeze”, which itself abroad as “the parties” makes product tax increase for China’s domestic enterprises, competitiveness weakened export business is very difficult on the sales side and on the raw materials side, the domestic double, continue to raise taxes and increase the costs of raw materials and end. Look at it this way, is the Terminal tax increase, raw materials and end tax, raise business costs, further weakening the competitiveness of enterprises. In this “external pressure in the crowded” situation, the lower reaches of the wafer, cell and module manufacturers only accelerated outward shift just to survive.

Of the energy: in your opinion, what impact it will have on the industry as a whole will?

Lu title: China’s PV industry, all strong operating ability, which companies said affected are those who do not have their own technology, can only purchase raw materials processing businesses. Because there is no technology, only the processing capacity, spend a little money to buy equipment, give me foreign polysilicon, wafer processing, and a processing fee.

In this process, each other on silicon wafer processing requirements, six or eight inch, single crystal or polycrystalline, or how much raw film, thickness and thinness provides okay, because such consumption will work out, that is fully in accordance with the other sample processing, it earns is a processing fee. This type of enterprise is affected. For now, the Lungi is not. Longi can buy Silicon material, can sell silicon chips, he can do component, their ability to survive is still relatively strong.

Zhong Baoshen: polysilicon companies, we believe that will not bring substantial benefits. Several large domestic polysilicon companies, regardless of the cost, the scale has been with global competitiveness. In this case, trade protectionism can only protect the backward enterprises. Is similar to a lot of small blast furnace of steel enterprises, the country plans to launch a large, these enterprises see production, opportunities will, polysilicon is the same. But this production is short, even in the absence of foreign companies, China’s enterprises will beat them. Advantages of Chinese enterprises have announced expansion plans, these backward production technology will eventually be phased out.

Longer term, the domestic polysilicon industry will have an impact. As high-end products, at present, few companies can stabilize production, domestic polysilicon quality problems will lead to the decline in the rate of n-type silicon wafers, having overall losses, p-type silicon wafer business concerns. This policy will lead to China losing international high efficiency solar modules supporting capabilities. These domestic high-end wafer enterprise, are for overseas efficient battery pieces supporting enterprise, Shang connection overseas polysilicon material high-end market, Xia connection overseas efficient battery, once lost overseas competitiveness, then, China polysilicon enterprise is lost has offshore supporting of advanced wafer enterprise this quality test window, domestic of polysilicon industry on lack technology traction, this will may led to domestic of polysilicon will in global of low-end, whole industry will will faced more big of crisis.

For domestic manufacturers of these supporting overseas high-end market, from imports of Silicon is more economical and convenient channels. Will be open to the domestic polysilicon test window, such as our common growth plans with the TBEA, GCL Silicon test done before. Through continuous testing results will show how far are these enterprises are high quality, improved further.

Three focus issues

Of the energy: for many downstream companies, they have to worry about. When limiting foreign imports of silicon, polysilicon manufacturers in China will expand to form a monopoly?

Lu title: polycrystalline silicon in the semiconductor era is a monopoly, because technology is the threshold higher, small companies find it difficult to survive. Seven companies worldwide in the semiconductor age, tons more than enterprises do not more, because this material is too specific, and require special high. So it is with China, and hundreds of domestic polysilicon companies a few years ago, thousands of ton of unable to survive. The Ministry has proposed that domestic polysilicon companies in the future five to ten families, one or two, ton, two or three.

In addition, from the polysilicon price trend, a product’s price, if higher at $ 400/kg, low 15 or 16 dollars. That industry is in a State of full competition. Not just polysilicon and PV industry as a whole is, I think, can’t defend, can’t monopoly monopoly. Polysilicon industry characteristics of polysilicon companies are not necessarily unable to compete in the international scale, can only be eliminated.

Of the energy: the data from the first half of this year, domestic domestic polysilicon price less than 130,000 yuan/ton, fell sharply, while domestic production plus imports of about 135,000 tons, consumption was 120,000 tonnes, supply still have excess. So, overcapacity in the domestic polysilicon will be even greater in the future?

Zhong Baoshen: from upstream enterprises are faced with the situation, we believe that excess capacity and falling prices this is a kind of market behavior. By 2014, China polysilicon output increase has been far greater than overseas, almost 3 times to 4 times times abroad increases. Meanwhile, China two years ago, the sales increase last year, far more than the global average increase. This illustrates that the overseas expansion of polysilicon market has stalled. Expansion is mainly companies in China now, and overall excess production, but also in the expansion, the future certainly causes a greater pressure.

China had more than 40 more than polysilicon plant and future survival of only 5 or 6, but now there are more than 10 in production. Why advanced enterprises in the expansion, it is still profitable, advanced in the domestic polysilicon companies are profitable. Earnings last year, its profit was well above the downstream business. However, polysilicon companies are losing money, in this case, policy choices? Part is to exit, because their technology is backward when investment, high costs, poor competitiveness and eventually was eliminated. If we let it continue production of trade protection, but also a waste of resources.

Lu title: from the perspective of implementation of more than a year, restrictions on imported polysilicon not much, after this, in August this year implementation of the truly began, imports on the market as a whole will be reduced by 20,000 tons. First, Korea would be reduced, because they supply, used more than 30,000 tons, is fifty thousand or sixty thousand tons of the overall supply in the future, the overall supply of 80,000 tons of ten questions about 10,000 tons. So it is here that although the amount of anti-dumping duties, the amount will increase.

Meanwhile, we note that more than 10 companies in the country, as we have a ten thousand or twenty thousand tons, increased by ten thousand or twenty thousand tons per year, our capacity is 50,000 tons the previous year, is 67,000 tons last year, is more than 7 million tons this year, about 15,000 tonnes a year, plus the TBEA and other companies, total domestic supply probably increased 3, 40,000 tons a year. That can make up for the gap in foreign countries. This specific situation, so now you can see, this supply of polysilicon oversupply in General. But in recent years, low excess capacity is.

Of the energy: polycrystalline silicon in imported and domestic produce more than 200,000 tons, of n-type Silicon raw material demand is not a large percentage. Domestic demand for polysilicon to cover this part of it?

Lu title: in fact, high expectations for the crystals, especially as minority carrier lifetime, the poly does not need, and p-type single crystal silicon film is not needed, just n-type high, even this polycrystalline silicon, and that several major companies in our country, including GCL-poly, Guinness can provide, just not this trading relationship.

More important question is this material to be used rarely. Last year, photovoltaic industry association, China by 230,000 metric tons of polysilicon in the market as a whole, not used for n-type single crystal 4%. About 8,000 tons, is very small. Of course, imports about 100,000 tons, also has tens of thousands of tonnes of n-type product is not able to do this. Then, some of 130,000 tons in the country can do, to take part can certainly meet the 8,000 tons of.

Zhong Baoshen: n type wafer it of market share is a growth process, now it in whole wafer in the accounted for than is didn’t so more, we is buy part domestic of Silicon material, another part is need from abroad imports, because p type of wafer at any time market requirements and technology progress, also constantly to high-end development, for domestic of Silicon material, is not said p type requirements it on can completely reached. We also bought thousands of tons a year of silicon materials, because the customer’s process is different, requirements are not the same, if they can meet the requirements we will definitely buy domestic, certainly more convenient than the import cost of funds ratio so high in China, buying domestic materials each have advantages, why options.

High end wafer, not just the n-type, efficiency do now more than 20% of p-type battery requirements for silicon wafer is also very high, such as carbon, total metals content requirements are very high. If 20%, we believe that can be achieved at the domestic level, bulk supply, but the conversion efficiency in 20% of p-type and n-type, are currently not stable supply. There is continuity in production, if the material is not stable, businesses won’t be able to organize production, while this raw material testing is very difficult, only produce products to test, in this who was responsible for losses during processing.

Cooperation to maximize the benefits

Of the energy: PV industry in China as the country, both upstream and downstream enterprises has a strong competitive advantage in the international arena, whether better cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, realize the maximum benefits of PV industry as a whole?

Lu title: cooperative, uncooperative how could it be possible. Because the industrial chain is connected, even if there is a lot of technology, but technological advances, equipped to solve a lot of things are complementary, are to cooperate in the industrial chain, processes to cooperate, of course, this cooperation is based on the market, using administrative means is impossible.

Zhong Baoshen: upstream and downstream firms have collaborated, also must cooperate. Upstream products sold downstream downstream is upstream of the customers, upstream is downstream of the dealer, in a sense, we are very good, very close to the cooperation. PV industry also is a very promising industry, mainly because it continues to reduce the cost of technological progress, constant improvement in the efficiency, which is the most fundamental point.

Of the energy: for polysilicon market what are the next step in the development of our proposal?

Lu title: I think I should pay attention to the promotion of technology, because the industry from Silicon, silicon wafers, solar module industry chain as a whole has been very advanced, but has to stay ahead of technology, leading enterprises in particular to greater efforts. Then, keep the cost down, through the channels before they can bring down the cost of technology, mass production, then, each enterprise is to contribute to the decline in the cost of, so after so many years, all successful is because doing so, did not succeed is because you violated it, so that’s what today’s situation.

I think we need to sustain this situation, as manufacturing will continue upgrading technology and reduce costs. From a country, funds should support these leading enterprises of the construction and participate in international competition.

Zhong Baoshen: because of the industry’s gross margins are low, downstream industries generally between 15%-18%, upstream margin, on the 20%. Now, even after the implementation of this policy is the lowest pretax Korea polysilicon materials, costs will increase by 6%-20%,

We of recommends is, a is release high-end material (level material above) processing trade, encourages advanced processing enterprise development, don’t let low-end material into China, such both using whole industry balance, pull industry of development, also will makes “double anti-” more effective, II is, put single wafer of export rebate from 14% improve to 17%, through wafer of sales led polysilicon material of export, keep advanced processing technology in international market of competitiveness. Meanwhile, increasing the export tax rebate of Silicon rods and polycrystalline silicon material, since it encourages the industry, should be included in the list of export tax rebates, making it regain international competitiveness. On the basis of the existing, more conducive space for.

Original title: arguing PV “58th article”

140GW! Hillary Clinton’s goals could be realized?

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ˙ Clinton unveiled her climate and energy plan, including that by 2020 United States total PV installed capacity up to 140GW. Is a candidate in the presidential elections for the first time specific solar deployment capacity goals.

How big is this goal?

Hillary’s solar energy goal is not a small number. At present, the United States deployed photovoltaic power capacity totals about 21GW, so this goal over the next 5 years, growth of up to 7 times now.

Source: GTM Research Institute

According to the forecast, assuming that current policy unchanged, by 2020 PV 70GW of capacity. Clinton twice times the goal is to predict.

This is a very aggressive target. Hillary ˙ Clinton was elected to power, 2017, so before 2020 could exert their influence on the market most of the time she is only 4 years. Assume that our predictions are correct for 2015-2016, then at the end of 2016 United States total PV installed capacity will reach 38GW, which means that if elected, Hillary will be 102GW in his 4-year term the deployment capacity, in other words, the figure is more than 2.5 times times when she was elected.

Same comparison, in his second term, President Barack Obama is close to complete this goal. The end of 2012, and PV deployment capacity is 7.3GW, but due to falling PV costs, stable policy environment and technological innovation, we expect the end of 2016 cumulative size would be 38.3GW. In this way, 2013-2016 increments for 31GW–today is 2012 the end of volume 4 times more than doubled.

Source: GTM Research Institute

But President Barack Obama’s second term, the growth market is starting from a very small base. If Hillary’s tenure, the market growth rate, the increase is as follows.

Source: GTM Research Institute, GTM/SEIA United States PV market watch

So, market increase of the year 2020 to 36GW, the cumulative capacity of roughly at the beginning of this term.

This goal realistic?

In short, Yes, but there are several points to note. Clinton to achieve this goal to ensure the 2017-2020 years, United States solar market annual growth of 32%. This rate with our forecast of growth between 2013-2016 36% roughly equivalent. In other words, speed only needs to keep the market growth for 4 years.

However, often it is not easy to achieve, our projections for 2020 and there is a big gap between Clinton’s goal. In my opinion, reaching this goal requires special attention to some problems.

Extension of the investment tax credit: the biggest uncertainty is the current market 30% of the Federal investment tax credit (ITC) a continuation of policies (or terminated), the policy will expire at the end of 2016. Regardless of whether the ITC policies continue, sharply falling solar costs could help the market through this barrier, 2016-2017 before the expiry of the policy last year, market growth of 30% is available.

Clean electric power plan: If we can rapidly adopt and implement clean energy plan, then to the second half of the term of Office of the President (2018-2020), American solar energy market will be encouraged by the substantial, this includes in some lagging development of photovoltaic regions. 2015 1th quarter, United States 70% PV system annual capacity from 4 districts-California, Northern California, Arizona and New Jersey. However, 140GW Grand goals need to be more widely distributed.

Municipal and State-level activities: solar markets many of the major driving forces in the local utility or State level. This includes the administrative licensing, grid interconnection, subsidies, tariffs, and renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS), a series of policies and measures such as net metering rules. Any changes in these mechanisms, especially in the 20 major PV State, would greatly influence the market demand, and 140GW the goals of.

Solar costs: put aside the political and regulatory factors, solar energy is related to the cost of development and the rapid decline in the market. Even in today’s component costs are relatively stable, the overall deployment costs become cheaper as the falling cost of hardware and software. Faster-than-expected decline in cost of speed is the most important factor of all.

Overall, Clinton’s highlights include: tax incentive extension (ITC), PV extension project (community solar energy), and solar x Prize pushing communities to reduce red tape. There are many other plans, such as increased investment in clean-energy research and development, as well as common land expansion for renewable, will to a certain extent, also be able to influence and promote the development of the solar energy market.

Campaign targets most meaningful value, but the target is interesting in that, its commitment to future years United States solar market can reach their full potential.

Original title: 140GW! Hillary Clinton’s goals could be realized?

Polaris solar network on July 28, 2015 highlights review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary of July 28 news, global energy Internet: fantasy or reality, five months before the photovoltaic solar module exports more than US $ 5.9 billion, energy micro-grid new guidance released open a new situation for the development of energy industry and so on, as follows:

Global energy Internet: fantasy or reality?

Five months before the photovoltaic solar module exports more than US $ 5.9 billion

Energy micro-grid new guidance issued to open energy storage industry development in new situation

Bosses love to play with IT for transboundary water energy giants!

Reverse mergers: SoloPower can realize film counter attack?

Rainbow refinement into the photovoltaic industry three years planned installed capacity of 1GW

Hebei Baoding planned rise of the low-carbon building “PV demonstration zone of Taihang mountain”

Hunan Changsha community solar power encounter “growing pains”

Micro-grid markets in North America in 2020 will reach us $ 829 million/year scale

Mrs Clinton vowed after his election to the United States providing 500 million solar panels

Solar suppliers flocked to seize Australia energy storage market

Commercial solar-thermal power generation projects in China to the latest statistics (table)

New PV system combines power generation and energy storage function

Taiwan, Chiayi City proposed setting up solar energy promotion to promote the sun roof million scheme

Polaris solar PV net news: Government to promote green energy use, beginning in 2012 to promote “sunshine roof million” project, green energy to facilitate in June 2015, approved by the Mayor to serve, the formation of “solar set of Chiayi City and promoting group” is currently seeking professionals to join our team to assist in accelerating the review of future sun roof of Chiayi City.

Buildings roof set solar photoelectric facilities part, can according to “set renewable energy facilities from again please led miscellaneous license standard” of simplified process application, from again handle miscellaneous license, another Chiayi City currently amendment building management autonomy Ordinance draft Institute on the will solar facilities Yu roof, and roof highlight real of set height and the area relaxed; relaxed part stay Interior Department construction Department of approved Hou, Ka city will can created more favourable of solar facilities set environment.

Original title: drive sun roof million planned Taiwan, Chiayi City intends to set up solar team

Approval by the State Council located in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province renewable energy demonstration area

Polaris solar PV net news: 29th from the authorities wide nets that, recently, the State Council approved the establishment of renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou of Hebei province, the establishment of the demonstration zone will not only promote the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergy, will also help Games bid.

The plan proposed, in promoting the reform of energy and electricity at the same time, the establishment of new large-scale integration of renewable energy power system planning system, electricity market system, the development of regional integration mechanism and benefit compensation mechanism. Among them, in order to solve the current up wind up light, power, renewable energy issues such as lack of trading mechanisms, focus, including power generation, electricity and transmission and distribution of electricity price reform, encourage enterprises to smart grid construction of mixed ownership forms of investment, improve the mechanism of electricity trade in demonstration zones across provinces and cities, to deliver power to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei area.

In addition, by making sure the demonstration area of renewable local electricity consumption percentage of annual quotas, clear the responsibility of local governments, utilities and power plants, promoting renewable energy to dissolve on the spot. First try, through demonstration of the planning district, first to break the limits of, cracking the deep contradiction of renewable energy development. Zhangjiakou is join hands with Government in Beijing’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, so the planning for this part and also gave some ideas. Planning clear proposed, in Zhangjiakou construction international leading of low carbon Olympic area, and proposed in 2020 Zhangjiakou model district 55% of power consumption from can renewable energy, all of city public traffic, and 40% of town residents life with can and 50% of commercial and the public building with can from Yu can renewable energy, 40% of industrial enterprise achieved zero carbon emissions, in Olympic venues of power and heat supply aspects, Olympic Center and other of field electricity 100% used can renewable energy, Realization of all Olympic venues construction uses renewable sources of energy for heating. In respect of municipal and traffic, and in some areas can also use renewable energy.

Original title: approval by the State Council to establish renewable energy demonstration in Zhangjiakou area in Hebei province

Peng Xiaofeng: why is he called Chinese “aier·masike”?

Polaris solar PV net news: after a year of silence, before new energy Tycoon Peng Xiaofeng frequent appearances in mainstream media vision in the near future, former venture is blocked, can now join SPI green treasure reappearance.

Someone commented that this Pang after the low life again, and the same fate as Shi Yuzhu of the roller coaster has a lot of similarities; others believe, Peng business remains firmly in the photovoltaic industry and green energy treasure into the SolarCity mode of China, his energy Internet ambitions, is seen as a living Chinese version of “El ˙ musk.”

“Famous now”: 30 years of achievement the wealth myths

SPI green treasure turned flaunts a purposive far-reaching mission: to let everyone become producers and harvesting of solar energy. Peng Xiaofeng in good faith for the third venture, SPI green treasures by “+ financial + Internet new energy” innovative business models, PV industry in connection with ordinary investors, the left hand c-right hand-side b, create a combination industrial chain. SPI green treasure to solve the problem: there is no harder to build photovoltaic power plant to solve financing difficulties, so as to promote clean energy to replace fossil fuels and improve ecological environment.

SPI introduced green energy to the public when Bao, Peng Xiaofeng has referred to SolarCity, which not familiar to domestic enterprises, in the United States highly sought after, by Tesla owners and business legend El ˙ musk built. SolarCity has hundreds of thousands of homes installed solar roofs for free so that you can provide cheaper electricity prices, its momentum very rapidly.

SolarCity because Peng Xiaofeng successfully combined with China’s national conditions, to create SPI green treasure, he is regarded as China’s “El ˙ musk.” In fact, Peng Xiaofeng and musk of similarity, not only in what he did to distributed PV of “localization” attempts, more is a legendary life and entrepreneurial experience.

“Famous to get” this sentence in the two-person may be appropriate. Born in 1975, Peng Xiaofeng, 24 years old already have their own factory in Suzhou, 3 years later, Peng Xiaofeng by Liu Xin of the PPE Group, has accumulated billions of wealth. When musk is the University of Pennsylvania, who do not think, in almost the same age, experiencing the life of two people, ultimately has the wonderful intersection.

PPE is labour-intensive industries, is already very mature. There have been studying dream Peng Xiaofeng apparently don’t. 30 years old this year, and his transformation into the photovoltaic industry, and this time, he found a career in “true love”.

In July 2005, the LDK established, specializing in solar wafer production, high purity polysilicon and solar module manufacturing. Peng Xiaofeng in this industry with amazing speed of wealth-creation. Two years later, saiweichenggong in the United States listed on the New York Stock Exchange this year, at age 32, he, with net worth of 40 billion yuan to become the richest man in China’s new energy industry. Peng Xiaofeng ineloquent, strong, resolute character each time in the company’s development also reflects on the node.

That same year, Ocean 34 musk has been through several wars fame, worth more than $ 300 million. Business Internet, clean energy, and space in three areas. Tesla company founded in 2004 in particular, leapt to become the focus of world attention.

At this low ebb, they fight back

But the accumulation of entrepreneurial experience, does not guarantee business success. Tesla, management and production process is not smooth, musk encounters a problem, the young billionaires putting all the money into research and development. Peng Xiaofeng is not surging, beginning in 2011, excess capacity in the global PV market, under the background of lower demand, making PV module prices slashed led LDK business external environment deteriorated. Later, Peng Xiaofeng resigned in saving on all the functions, PV business myths tell of a paragraph.

While LDK underperformance, but members of the public praise of Peng Xiaofeng cique did not disappear: his easy-going style, heavy hearted river barons, let him venture once again assembled a friend. Although the company suffered bankruptcy, but credibility has never been bankrupt, he gained public acclaim. It is because Peng Xiaofeng has accumulated a good personal reputation, less than a year after leaving sinovideo his portable SPI green treasure again.

In a sense, although Peng Xiaofeng and musk and experience overlap in areas, but Peng Xiaofeng going through a more difficult business environment and more sinister low life. He lives with his tough “personality” implemented to fight.

Subvert the old rule: adoption of new energy to change the world

At Tesla and musk with a technical means to redefine the means of transport, Peng Xiaofeng in the photovoltaic field, reduces the cost of power generation, prices from 8 yuan per ten years ago down to 0.8 yuan per unit. As set out later, Peng Xiaofeng, to shift the focus of their businesses to photovoltaic application laid the Foundation.

Although with a different emphasis, but in essence, the people actually involved in the energy Internet, they constructed a new business model in new energy, to overthrow the old rules in different ways.

For purposes of musk, new energy electric cars did not meet his “ambition”. Through SolarCity electricity storage using Powerwall, on closed-loop towards the household electricity supply.

But that’s not all, either Tesla, or like Powerwall, actually is a market for the musk Gigafactory, and in his plan, it will be the world’s largest lithium-ion battery production factory, Powerwall and Tesla, need to use lithium-ion batteries, new energy vehicles alone, it will make the market a little cramped, drive does not Gigafactory capacity. In this way, Thomas g set up a whole new field of energy of the whole industrial chain, allows users from the source to the terminal are inseparable from their products. From power generation to electricity, allows users to fully exist without the power grid of the country.

Great minds think alike, business logic in Peng Xiaofeng, a complete industrial chain is equally important, he is more “game”.

Although State restrictions, Peng Xiaofeng could not be fully replicated SolarCity pattern, but SPI green treasure continues to actively expand its own roof resources, the acquisition of Shanghai Yazi roof you can prove it. A leading supplier of integrated roofing system, can bring plenty of roofing to SPI green treasure resources and technical services solutions.

Roofing resources, SPI Bao’s new green dimension intelligence to solve textual layout. It is a resident of distributed and small commercial exclusive brand of distributed generation systems, is the provider of intelligent small PV systems. Miss this link, showing the green treasure for key segments of the industry chain control.

In April this year, SPI green energy treasure complete the world-famous ZBB energy storage technology company’s strategic investment, the two sides signed a 4-year, with a total combined output power of 40 MW of energy storage system. Peng said great significance for development of photovoltaic energy storage, which will help SPI green can seize the treasure in the global business development process.

On the b side, roofing resources, power generation equipment, and energy storage devices, Yan Peng Xiaofeng is doing integration of dense stitching, likewise, c-Terminal layout also go hand in hand. In addition to the popular, based on photovoltaic power plant leasing project “beautiful orange”, “beautiful orange” series, recently launched products, post 1, 2nd, all sold out on the day. This product is, which marks the green treasure through the outlet of new energy vehicles, officially entered the civilian areas.

In recent days, said Peng Xiaofeng, SPI green treasure approaching the new energy car rental business, which means that the company will further the civilian market, accounting for Internet end users of energy resources, that SPI brings more green energy treasure of imagination.

Peng Xiaofeng under coups, the Chinese “El ˙ musk” is creating a new world in the field of new energy.

Original title: Peng Xiaofeng: why is he called Chinese “aier·masike”?

Energy micro-grid new guidance issued to open energy storage industry development in new situation

Polaris solar PV net news: on July 22, the National Energy Board issued the guidance on promoting the construction of new energy micro-grid demonstration projects (hereinafter referred to as the opinion), encouraging networking, independent new energy micro-grid demonstration projects. The publication of the opinion, will help enhance the micro-grid technology, energy technology, energy management technology development, will also be tested for next change and energy development and exploration.

The views clear for new energy micro-grid, through demonstration projects to establish up to high volatility of renewable electric power transmission (with) reserved local power system integration.

Photovoltaic and wind power due to the higher volatility, was dismissed as “garbage” and accepted by the grid limits. Vigorously develop clean energy policies, under the guidance of network opening its accepted restrictions on wind power, has followed up with rapid growth in the photovoltaic and wind turbine. However, this did not change the wind and new energy high-impact effects of fluctuations on the grid problems.

Industry experts say, guidance for construction of new energy micro-grid demonstration project, clear wind, light industry and storage industry association of complementary, not only for the energy industry provides a number of more than 100 gigawatts of wind market, but also for the booming wind industry a new booster.

Original title: energy micro-grid new guidance published

Bosses love to play with IT for transboundary water energy giants!

Polaris solar PV net news: raise blurted out Apple iPhone mobile phone and want to open brush Taobao shopping immediately cat, domestic and international IT Giants have always had a trumps field of inviolability of the Lion King.

However, the bosses of “ambition” only this?

Not enough! Most people have to label bosses when the Giants invariably played across borders.

Wildest, most strategically across most of them deserted, turned out to be energy!

Apple: PV make up that I was bitten off

On why Apple logo bite off one early story, Apple fans understand but still strange.

However, it doesn’t matter why now bitten off! Because Apple’s investment in the photovoltaic field is there to back it up!

On April 16, NO.1 world market value of the company will be SunPowerCorp. in the construction of two invest in solar PV power plant in China.

Worthy of attention is, Apple’s Vice President of Environmental Affairs, the former United States Environmental Protection Agency Director lisha·jiekesen said that Apple in the United States of facilities has been 100% the use of renewable energy. Next, in China in order to realize this goal.

It is no wonder that, in July, the Hongyuan County, ABA Prefecture flower workers are installed PV power station phase II project of high efficiency solar photovoltaic power generation facility, the world’s first of the year, with a total installed capacity of 20MW plateau and high efficiency photovoltaic power stations will be built and put into use. Recording the ancient Apple invest in PV-related videos from Apple hangs on its official website a high profile.

Google: every time Google is an emission reduction

Compared with Apple, Google to clean energy are already sounded the charge.

Up to now, the world’s largest Internet company has 16 renewable energy projects all over the world has invested more than $ 1 billion.

However, the IT giant is not satisfied in the present. On Wednesday, Google announced that it would buy the Spinning EDF Renewable Energy Spur wind power projects. The project is located in Oldham County, Texas, which Google will pay 200 million dollars of investment.

Spinning Spur wind power installed capacity of the project is 161MW, can provide electricity for 60,000 families, end of 2012 has been in a State of full load power. Google senior wrote in his Blog, new energy is a very wise investment, Spinning can Spur project services for the local population, but also can bring profit to Google.

Reporter learned that, in fact, Spinning Spur2 billion investment can only be second. Early 2012 at a cost of US $ 280 million SolarCity project is Google’s largest investment in new energy, SolarCity has United States native 15,000 solar projects, 10 States nearly 90,000 homes for rent can be solar power systems.

Investments such as solar renewable energy, is to establish corporate environmental image PR strategy, and reduce energy consumption cost of an investment in the future. According to Greenpeace data, from 2009 until now, Google share of clean energy use has risen from 36.4% to 48%.

In addition, Google also in the Solar Inverter, solar house, solar roof, solar-powered aircraft actively exploring in the area. Although a very sad news is that at the beginning of May this year, Google’s solar-powered aircraft Solara50 crashed shortly after taking off.

Ali: Ali Baba from more than an energy treasure

Alibaba, China’s largest Internet company and the world’s second-largest Internet company. On September 19, 2014, Alibaba landing New York Stock Exchange, shares United States depository $ 68 a share offer price, became United States financing the largest IPO.

Since March the Prime Minister Li keqiang “Internet +”, the upsurge of all walks of life picked up a discussion, head–energy 20% GDP, is no different, exploring energy Internet outlet became the darling of the media works in the energy sector.

In this context, the Group also will not miss such a good time. Its aliyun announced in March to cooperate with Sun power, jointly issued “smart solar cloud.” To be wisdom in PV power station, energy, Internet, Internet financial services, cloud computing, big data, information security, carry out extensive cooperation in the field, to jointly promote cloud services business development in related fields.

According to the North China electric power University Professor Zeng ming told reporters in March, Internet draft energy action plan from the Department of Energy Conference, Alibaba, Sun has always represented. Perhaps it is meeting for both parties, “flirt”, can be so pleased to finalize this cooperation.

Baidu: the public seeking his 1100 degrees

Is the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu, the largest Chinese-language Web site. In 2005, Baidu in the United States NASDAQ breaking first-day gain of highest number of records, and became the first to enter the NASDAQ stocks of Chinese companies.

“Searching for her hundreds of” more than 10 years in the past, has not satisfied the largest Chinese search engine Baidu’s position. Stick, map, Baidu was recently reached to the energy sector.

It is understood that Baidu cloud computing (yangquan) Centre for solar PV power generation projects two months ago (May) grid-connected power generation.

As one of the biggest data centers in Asia, Baidu cloud computing (yangquan) Center took the lead by high voltage DC offline, UPSECO technologies, increase the efficiency of power supply from 90% to 99% above; with no raised floor air distribution method, server delivery efficiency 20 times.

Baidu cloud computing (yangquan) Center of innovation once again becomes the first application of solar PV technology in the data center, the Baidu and the local green data center building has landmark significance.

Huawei: photovoltaic industry, “Wolf”

Huawei is the world’s largest providers of telecommunications network solutions, the world’s second-largest telecommunication base station equipment supplier, the world’s second largest supplier of communications, the world’s fourth largest think tank expert machine manufacturer, is the world’s leading supplier of information and communications solutions. This year, fresh from the oven in the Fortune Global 500 ranking of World No. 228.

And early development of the slow and steady is different, Huawei’s goals are often aggressive ambitions. As early as a few years ago, Huawei will dare to go beyond Apple and Samsung, earnings for the first half of this year on media communication, Huawei Huawei Terminal consumer BGCEO, said Yu, Chairman of the company, Huawei’s goal is not only to become the first to surpass Apple in the domestic market in two years.

Not only that, but Huawei in the PV field, also known as “Wolf”. Journalists access to information found the end of 2014, shipments of smart PV solutions for Huawei as high as 4GW, orders 5.5GW, catching up with industry leader Sun power. Company insiders are revealed to the media, in accordance with its own internal data is measured, is already higher than the Sun power company 5%, became the first.

Huawei successfully into a killer app in the market mainly through the core equipment of PV inverter PV power station. Huawei entered the solar PV sector doing three things: one is the innovative design of the PV inverter products and transformation, the other is pushing the string to replace the centralized, three are new customer advocates, shook the PV inverter in an instant “traditional view”.

This year, it has high profile announced that shipments will double again up to 8GW, that number will hit the global industry leader.

Tencent: the latest official CP out

While Tencent has been saying “what others do I follow”, but recent actions in the field of energy show that Tencent does not always seem to be imitating. Official, State-owned enterprises in cooperation with Tencent talk was its name, real what is the last version of the official CP.

On May 25, the Sichuan Provincial Government announced cooperation with Tencent, both sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chengdu, “the Internet +” full deep cooperation. Meanwhile, the State grid power company in Sichuan province was signed with the company “Internet + network” project cooperation agreement formally implemented “Internet + network” strategy, carry out more comprehensive and deeper strategic cooperation.

According to the agreement, both sides will rely on its user data, cloud computing, social and media platforms, create a development environment of the Internet industry in Sichuan, to create industry clusters, promoting “Internet +”, promote the optimization and upgrading of industry and economy in Sichuan transformation, information management as well as raising people to facilitate closer cooperation in the area.

The Sichuan Provincial Government says in support of Tencent in Sichuan and the landing and the implementation of the project, especially those micro-payments, Internet banking, content and creative industries, Tencent network, Tencent Chengdu office and other business operations.

Original title: big brother is playing across borders: counting those who tried IT water energy giants

Solar suppliers flocked to seize Australia energy storage market

Polaris solar PV net news: is located in the southern hemisphere, Australia with plenty of sunshine, dark horse in recent years in the field of solar energy. Today, it attracts a lot of energy storage systems to provide solar power equipment suppliers, its domestic and commercial energy storage technologies into the continent.

Bloomberg reports, Australia has become a rooftop solar installation in the world’s most populous country. Australia PV industry association reported earlier this year, latest figures showed Australia rooftop solar power system installed capacity has exceeded 4 gigawatts. Australia Bureau of statistics also said, o out of every 5 families have a rooftop solar installations. Expected by 2040, Australia will have half of the households with power generated its own rooftop solar panels.

Foreign investment to enter

Huge solar based led to the development of the energy industry. Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) data show Australia domestic energy market value of up to $ 24 billion, or about $ 18 billion. Tesla, and LG, Panasonic, and many other energy storage battery suppliers therefore have entered Australia seeking opportunities in the market.

Among them, the Tesla battery partner of Panasonic company, already in June of this year, Australia power producer and retailer Snowy Hydro subsidiary of Red energy, Queensland Government Ergon energy ActewAGL three public utility companies signed an agreement supporting rooftop solar energy systems of cooperation projects.

Matsushita said the solar energy battery storage can help home users extra power storage for later use, this can help reduce peak electricity use, while saving energy costs. Panasonic developed energy storage system can help advance rooftop solar around 30% of electricity, the company hopes to take this “to install rooftop solar to provide reliable and efficient supply of electricity.” The company is also scheduled for October this year in Australia on sale their storage batteries.

LG chemical (LG Chem) proposed, in August this year the latest storage technology applied to the Australia market. The company said in an e-mail, hoping to get Australia 30% of the market. LG chemical is expected over the next two years, Australia will increase 15 times the energy storage industry, you need to install more than 30,000 sets of energy storage systems.

Meanwhile, Samsung SDI is working with Australia Origin energy company, tests its energy storage devices, is expected later this year will provide the customer with the final product. Another Chinese Taiwan AU Optronics Corporation, is also working with Australian local AGL energy companies to carry out cooperation in the energy field.

All conditions support

Bloomberg new energy finance noted that, by 2040, Australia solar power market attracts about 3.7 trillion dollars in investments, will drive the country’s energy industry also ushered in a rapid round of development.

Consulting company SanfordC.Bernstein&Co. analyst Michael? Parker said in a telephone interview: “Australia has focused investors want conditions: long intense sunlight, high energy prices, low financing costs. This is a fertile ground for the development of the storage industry. ”

In addition, Australia energy storage industry has received support from government policies. Australia this year, the Federal Government’s policy adjustment, keep the residential and commercial solar installations less than 100-kilowatt support mechanisms. Policies with solar and energy storage technology costs continue to decline, making Australia energy storage industry has been further developed. Australia PV Industry Association statistics show that “solar + energy storage” mode of operation has become the Australia open areas for “new standards”, in the Western region of Australia, solar energy storage solutions and even become the mainstream model of energy supply.

Original title: solar cell suppliers flocked to seize Australia energy storage market

Rainbow refinement into the photovoltaic industry three years planned installed capacity of 1GW

Polaris solar PV net news: Rainbow and merchants of the capital investment limited liability company signed a cooperation agreement, jointly invested 5 billion yuan to set up a “merchant Rainbow new energy industry investment fund”, and expand the power plant finance leasing business. Within the next three years, Rainbow refined plans to develop 1GW solar PV power station.

According to the agreement, total 5 billion yuan of funds will be introduced by phases and merchants capital payment amount should be less than the total funding of 25% should be higher than 10%, Rainbow refined subscription amount, remaining funds are obtained through banks and other financing channels. Funding the establishment of objectives for the development of solar energy industry, and refinement is responsible for the investment of the Fund by the Rainbow PV power plant maintenance and management. In addition, the two sides also plan to set up financial leasing platform, opening up financing channels.

Rainbow refined installed capacity planning: three years 1GW

According to the China business daily reported, China Merchants Rainbow new energy industry investment funds were a period of four years, the first two-year investment period, two years after the recovery period. Rainbow refinement in 2014 begin solar power investment, operations management, and reserve project in capacity-building so far around 600MW; 1GW installed within three years of the company’s goals, and reached this target may need to cooperate more closely with merchants.

At present, the Rainbow essence of the solar PV power plant is mainly distributed in Anhui, Jiangxi, Hebei, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other provinces, in addition to continuing in the future to expand outside the power plant holdings, also plans to add “energy Internet + financial platform” category, this China Merchants cooperation will be further pursued.

It is understood that the Rainbow refinement is currently holding on line ratio is not high, but in China began to have “abandoned” the problems emerging at this moment, Rainbow refinement for grid-connected solar power station set and must carefully plan to avoid the abandoned light power on finance and negative impact on the rate of return on investment. In this regard, the Rainbow essence, Chairman, the Secretary said, the company will be in accordance with the State of photovoltaic power generation and local policy of selecting excellent factories, sunshine or other areas, and with “along the way” policy introduced photovoltaic power plant investment overseas.

Original title: Rainbow refinement into the photovoltaic industry three years planned installed capacity of 1GW

Global energy Internet: fantasy or reality?

Polaris solar PV net news: global energy Internet, which aims to solve energy supply crisis, environmental pollution and climate change three challenges of ambitious ideas, date since last May, far from imagine that in the heat of public opinion.

“Cold shoulder” underlying causes, not only in its background are too ambitious, but also on the economic and technical feasibility of is difficult to grasp. Outside the inner circles of energy, “bad”, “not see” journalists often hears voices.

Internal power systems appear to have been affected by this, quietly solid related research and development and research. Global energy ended here today international symposium on Internet technologies, with its progress so far the most complete show, or may answer: global energy Internet, what is it fantasy or reality to be looking.

Developing Arctic wind turbine, solar Equatorial Intercontinental Exchange, worth it?

Energy in the overall layout of the Internet around the world, including the “pole” the equatorial regions of the Arctic wind, the large-scale development of solar energy.

Such a large scale, energy development and transportation of the Super-far-distance, economically feasible?

On February 3 this year on the launch of the global energy Internet, sgcc President Liu Zhenya said the book writing process, the Working Group to the 10 countries and Equatorial regions of the Arctic, conducted investigation.

Country network Beijing economic technology Institute Deputy Dean SI of special high pressure and the global energy Internet economic sex research, is from China special high pressure grid engineering practice, and global energy Internet benefits assessment, and Asia Europe intercontinental networking economic sex analysis, obtained “special high pressure transmission technology has has mass application of conditions, can in global energy Internet building in the play important role; building global energy Internet, can reduced energy supply cost, and protection ecological environment, and pull economic growth ; Reliance on UHV power transmission technology for the Asia-Europe continental interconnection, Central Asian energy resources to Europe load Center, good price competitiveness “conclusion persuasive.

It was impressed on intercontinental grid interconnection of economic analysis: global geographical span of the main load centres, taking into account the time factor, there is a strong complementarity between the load characteristics. Global energy Internet of peak benefit.

2050 years on three continents in the northern hemisphere-Europe, North America, Asia, for example, global networking, natural jet lag can be used to optimize global power grid load, forming a smooth curve, achieving peak load shifting and difference between peak and Valley from the 25%-down 10%.

Renewable resources adequate to support global energy interconnection, please?

“Global renewable energy resources that can support Internet-global energy building”; “only play a wide allocation of network resources and renewable resources, complementary characteristics of time and space, and manpower development, configuration, and utilization of energy resources in the world.”

Chief Engineer, China electric power Research Institute renewable energy chiyongning these two conclusions, based on family to ascertain on the basis of renewable energy resources in the world, its global renewable energy resources assessment and resources in typical areas of the Zen v plus groundbreaking.

Chiyongning introduced, this items assessment used numerical simulation method, will wind parameter (including wind power density, and wind speed, and wind frequency distribution, and wind density distribution, and wind shear index) and solar parameter (including total radiation years total, and directly radiation years total, and direct than average, and years total sunshine Shi number), by a complex of data collection, and simulation calculation, and Statistics analysis, again using weather station observation data on simulation data for precision validation, obtained conclusion:

1640t Watts of total global wind energy resource, develop better 73T Watts. According to the richness of the wind resource and global climate Division, global wind energy resources are mainly distributed in 4 latitude band, namely North wind at higher latitudes, latitude latitude wind belt, North subtropical monsoon zone, subtropical monsoon zone.

6390t w total global solar energy resources, develop better 320t Watts. According to the solar energy resource enrichment and solar energy resources are mainly located in the lower latitudes, that is North of tropical, subtropical, temperate regions of the southern temperate North and South, South area between 45 degrees north latitude.

Typical dwell on with great interest: the most abundant wind energy resources in the Arctic region is located in the ocean east of Greenland and. The results show, southern island of sea surface wind speed maximum, 50 m elevation average about 12-14 mph North wind small, 50 m elevation average about 7-10 m/s; on the wind speed is less than the islands of the Northwest, elevation average about 50 meters at 5-7 mph. Junction of island and marine wind speeds are relatively low.

The “Virgin” not only interesting and can be put to great use in wind power development in the future.

Technical equipment: emboldened?

Concerns about global energy Internet, equipment capacity to worry about probably the most intense yet.

State grid’s smart grid Qiu Yufeng, Deputy Director of the Institute, said global energy of the Internet will be expanded to cover power range from countries and regions worldwide, needs to develop more high voltage, long-distance transmission technologies, developing greater capacity, low loss intelligent equipment to address extreme weather conditions for electric power equipment and materials from the adaptation. Related technologies and equipment challenges including: increasing renewable safe and convenient access to, enhance the level of UHV transmission technology and equipment, raise the level of energy storage technology economy and capacity, research and adapt to the extreme weather conditions of electrical materials and equipment.

However, his global energy grid in Internet technologies and equipment, gave us enough confidence: UHV DC is currently only available in the qianwanqianwa-class energy efficient transportation to 2000 kilometers of power transmission technology. He explained that at present, the State grid company has put into operation 4 uhvdc project in HVDC valve and converter transformer technology achieved system performance breakthroughs. Meanwhile, China has a comprehensive grasp of UHV AC all the core technologies, in terms of core equipment, engineering applications reach international advanced level, the successful implementation of trans-regional networking. He disclosed that State grid was ± 1.1 million kV and above valve and development of converter transformer, DC transmission capacity enhancements to 12g Watts or more, transmission distance more than 4000 kilometres will also enhance the flexibility of DC transmission voltage, high power transmission capacity has increased significantly and losses decreased significantly, “is expected to replace conventional DC, contributes to the intercontinental network and DC power system construction”.

Original title: global energy Internet: illusion or reality

Abandoned in the West “shocking” Gansu is the most prominent

Polaris solar PV net news: rapid development of PV industry in China in the first half of this year at the same time, some problems are gradually exposed.

In this, the “abandoned” problem is allowing people to “shocking”.

PV industry association in China’s “PV industry development and prospects for the second half first half of 2015” seminar, the State grid Energy Research Institute, said Li Qionghui, Director of the Institute of new energy and statistics, in January-June this year, the State grid (excluding West Inner Mongolia) cumulative “abandoned” quantity of 1.733 billion kWh, all concentrated in the three provinces of Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang in Northwest China.

The Western provinces “abandoned” serious

China PV industry association data showed first half of the year, PV installed about 7~8 gigawatts, cumulative installed capacity reached 35 GW. Due to low manufacturing profit margins in recent years, many traditional businesses are starting to invest in PV applications.

It is understood that the first quarter of this year, China PV 11.29 million-kilowatt new record volume. Among them, the power station 9.26 million-kilowatt, 82%, essentially flat with last year. National new grid-connected capacity of 3.99 million-kilowatt, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Xinjiang in the top three. Among them, the power station 3.27 million-kilowatt, 82%. The first quarter of this year, national PV full load hours, an average of 294 hours, national photovoltaic power plant in the first half hour at full capacity is approximately 560 hours.

However, the policy environment is good, market order and progressively improve, “abandoning” problem continues.

It is understood that the first half of this year, Gansu province “abandoned” the most prominent, in January-June, the cumulative “abandoned” power 1.141 billion kWh, State grid area “abandon” 65.8% of electricity. Followed by Xinjiang in January-June, “abandoning” power 463 million kWh. Qinghai today January-June “abandoned” quantity of 128 million kWh. New energy for hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources engineer Qin Xiao said at a seminar, hercynian, Hami, Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai and other regions in the North to this year’s “abandon” problem “disastrous”. “Some parts of ‘ abandoned ‘ is higher than the provincial average, ‘ abandoned ‘ rate of about 15%, individual project ‘ abandoned ‘ rate even up to 30%~40%. “Qin Xiao said.

Should take into account the wider to dissolve

“Abandon” phenomenon is not a new problem. While “abandon” power causes vary, but are influenced by local absorptive capacity is not strong, power grid construction, external power transmission and restricted by limited channel capacity and other factors.

“Some parts of Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, the varying degrees of ‘ abandoned ‘ problem was mainly influenced by the development of irrational, sync matching power grid construction and other factors, resulting in PV power plant to dissolve contradictions once again highlighted in these areas. “Li Qionghui said.

Beginning in 2011, each year the PV industry in China has a “Installing tide”, in the midst of this, in the past two years and especially. It is understood that three quarter of 2014, and scale really only 400 MW of PV installed in China, and one quarter of “installing” scale is more than 600 MW. Because PV power station construction period is short, often lead to power station completed, matching lines are still lags behind.

“Give up”, but statistics showed that first half of the year, the highest in the State network of new grid-connected PV capacity in the region of the top three is still in Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces.

“In Qinghai province, the power to dissolve the market size restrictions, even under load to maintain double-digit growth estimates, by 2020, the PV of Qinghai province to dissolve is still seriously inadequate. PV electricity does not take into account a wider range of Qinghai to dissolve the case, the province’s new PV installed capacity term ‘ abandoned ‘ power will be difficult to avoid. “Li Qionghui said.

Original title: first half of Gansu “abandoned” when the ultra-1.1 billion-kilowatt