Global energy Internet: fantasy or reality?

Polaris solar PV net news: global energy Internet, which aims to solve energy supply crisis, environmental pollution and climate change three challenges of ambitious ideas, date since last May, far from imagine that in the heat of public opinion.

“Cold shoulder” underlying causes, not only in its background are too ambitious, but also on the economic and technical feasibility of is difficult to grasp. Outside the inner circles of energy, “bad”, “not see” journalists often hears voices.

Internal power systems appear to have been affected by this, quietly solid related research and development and research. Global energy ended here today international symposium on Internet technologies, with its progress so far the most complete show, or may answer: global energy Internet, what is it fantasy or reality to be looking.

Developing Arctic wind turbine, solar Equatorial Intercontinental Exchange, worth it?

Energy in the overall layout of the Internet around the world, including the “pole” the equatorial regions of the Arctic wind, the large-scale development of solar energy.

Such a large scale, energy development and transportation of the Super-far-distance, economically feasible?

On February 3 this year on the launch of the global energy Internet, sgcc President Liu Zhenya said the book writing process, the Working Group to the 10 countries and Equatorial regions of the Arctic, conducted investigation.

Country network Beijing economic technology Institute Deputy Dean SI of special high pressure and the global energy Internet economic sex research, is from China special high pressure grid engineering practice, and global energy Internet benefits assessment, and Asia Europe intercontinental networking economic sex analysis, obtained “special high pressure transmission technology has has mass application of conditions, can in global energy Internet building in the play important role; building global energy Internet, can reduced energy supply cost, and protection ecological environment, and pull economic growth ; Reliance on UHV power transmission technology for the Asia-Europe continental interconnection, Central Asian energy resources to Europe load Center, good price competitiveness “conclusion persuasive.

It was impressed on intercontinental grid interconnection of economic analysis: global geographical span of the main load centres, taking into account the time factor, there is a strong complementarity between the load characteristics. Global energy Internet of peak benefit.

2050 years on three continents in the northern hemisphere-Europe, North America, Asia, for example, global networking, natural jet lag can be used to optimize global power grid load, forming a smooth curve, achieving peak load shifting and difference between peak and Valley from the 25%-down 10%.

Renewable resources adequate to support global energy interconnection, please?

“Global renewable energy resources that can support Internet-global energy building”; “only play a wide allocation of network resources and renewable resources, complementary characteristics of time and space, and manpower development, configuration, and utilization of energy resources in the world.”

Chief Engineer, China electric power Research Institute renewable energy chiyongning these two conclusions, based on family to ascertain on the basis of renewable energy resources in the world, its global renewable energy resources assessment and resources in typical areas of the Zen v plus groundbreaking.

Chiyongning introduced, this items assessment used numerical simulation method, will wind parameter (including wind power density, and wind speed, and wind frequency distribution, and wind density distribution, and wind shear index) and solar parameter (including total radiation years total, and directly radiation years total, and direct than average, and years total sunshine Shi number), by a complex of data collection, and simulation calculation, and Statistics analysis, again using weather station observation data on simulation data for precision validation, obtained conclusion:

1640t Watts of total global wind energy resource, develop better 73T Watts. According to the richness of the wind resource and global climate Division, global wind energy resources are mainly distributed in 4 latitude band, namely North wind at higher latitudes, latitude latitude wind belt, North subtropical monsoon zone, subtropical monsoon zone.

6390t w total global solar energy resources, develop better 320t Watts. According to the solar energy resource enrichment and solar energy resources are mainly located in the lower latitudes, that is North of tropical, subtropical, temperate regions of the southern temperate North and South, South area between 45 degrees north latitude.

Typical dwell on with great interest: the most abundant wind energy resources in the Arctic region is located in the ocean east of Greenland and. The results show, southern island of sea surface wind speed maximum, 50 m elevation average about 12-14 mph North wind small, 50 m elevation average about 7-10 m/s; on the wind speed is less than the islands of the Northwest, elevation average about 50 meters at 5-7 mph. Junction of island and marine wind speeds are relatively low.

The “Virgin” not only interesting and can be put to great use in wind power development in the future.

Technical equipment: emboldened?

Concerns about global energy Internet, equipment capacity to worry about probably the most intense yet.

State grid’s smart grid Qiu Yufeng, Deputy Director of the Institute, said global energy of the Internet will be expanded to cover power range from countries and regions worldwide, needs to develop more high voltage, long-distance transmission technologies, developing greater capacity, low loss intelligent equipment to address extreme weather conditions for electric power equipment and materials from the adaptation. Related technologies and equipment challenges including: increasing renewable safe and convenient access to, enhance the level of UHV transmission technology and equipment, raise the level of energy storage technology economy and capacity, research and adapt to the extreme weather conditions of electrical materials and equipment.

However, his global energy grid in Internet technologies and equipment, gave us enough confidence: UHV DC is currently only available in the qianwanqianwa-class energy efficient transportation to 2000 kilometers of power transmission technology. He explained that at present, the State grid company has put into operation 4 uhvdc project in HVDC valve and converter transformer technology achieved system performance breakthroughs. Meanwhile, China has a comprehensive grasp of UHV AC all the core technologies, in terms of core equipment, engineering applications reach international advanced level, the successful implementation of trans-regional networking. He disclosed that State grid was ± 1.1 million kV and above valve and development of converter transformer, DC transmission capacity enhancements to 12g Watts or more, transmission distance more than 4000 kilometres will also enhance the flexibility of DC transmission voltage, high power transmission capacity has increased significantly and losses decreased significantly, “is expected to replace conventional DC, contributes to the intercontinental network and DC power system construction”.

Original title: global energy Internet: illusion or reality

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