Renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou will affect?

Polaris solar PV net news: yesterday’s renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province, approved programme, the message component in the energy circle has as much as the Prairie Festival in the entertainment business. Let us look at renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou later on how tall!

And people closely related to the first point, Zhangjiakou after people used to be like this:

Renewable energy consumption accounted for total final energy consumption in 2020 up to 30% by 2030 50%. Can renewable energy application achieved economic social field full cover, to 2020, 55% of power consumption from can renewable energy, all city public traffic, and 40% of town residents life with can, and 50% of commercial and the public building with can from can renewable energy, 40% of industrial enterprise achieved zero carbon emissions, built international leading of “low carbon Olympic area”; to 2030, 80% of power consumption from can renewable energy, all town public traffic, and urban and rural residents life with can, and Commercial and public buildings energy come from renewable sources, all industrial enterprises to achieve zero carbon emissions, fully formed mainly of renewable energy system.

Have to say, both 30% and 50% targets are ambitious, industrial enterprises achieve the goal of zero carbon emissions by 2030 is quite advanced. If implemented, it but really to achieve the plan’s “renewable energy development in the world” goal.

What is the impact on the environment?

The plan says: “by 2020, renewable energy installed capacity reached 20 million-kilowatt, annual output of 40 billion-kilowatt above, provide clean energy for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development. Through the comprehensive utilization of renewable, year substitutes for fossil energy of 14 million tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX) emissions were about 36 million tons and 350,000 tons and 60,000 tons, continuous improvement of air quality, ecological civilization construction was strengthened. By 2030, renewable energy installed capacity reached 50 million-kilowatt, annual power generation capacity of 95 billion-kilowatt above. Through the comprehensive utilization of renewable, year replace fossil fuels, about 33 million tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions by about 85 million tons, and 140,000 tons of 840,000 tons. ” In short, the “powerful support for ecological civilization construction in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.”

Olympic concept and renewable based

‘S bid for the 2022 Winter Games said the day after the results were announced, whether following once again to host the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing at that time knew the answer. Whether successful or not successful, in the planning, but there is really a “low-carbon Olympic zone,” as one of the five areas of Zhangjiakou strive to create. Anyway, today the plan organized by the national development and Reform Commission media briefing, officials of the national development and Reform Commission said the bid is no big problem.

In the plan of the five functional areas of “low-carbon Olympic zone,” says:

Organized according to “low-carbon Olympics” concept and requirements, strive for the 2022 Winter Olympics ago, chongli can use renewable energy, and promotion in the demonstration zone.

Building low-carbon Olympic venues. Chongli renewable power as Lord of the Olympic power for power, power of the surrounding counties as auxiliary power, realization of the Olympic Center and other power 100% using renewable energy. Building 4-6 above 100,000 square meters large-scale solar heating stations, realization of all Olympic venues construction using renewable heating.

Towards a low-carbon city and transport. By combining centralized and distributed energy supply mode, chongli in offices, hospitals, schools, parks, squares and other public places, heat-all using renewable electricity use. In accordance with the concept of green and intelligent, creating renewable energy transportation system and transportation using renewable energy facilities in the area.

Low-carbon residential areas. Olympic village, Chong Li County, major scenic spots and surrounding rural heating using renewable energy. Village and town in accordance with the concentrated, dispersed as a supplement, heating using solar, geothermal and other sources of heat, using distributed solar heating in other regions.

The plan will create investment opportunities?

Of the planning of the development goals in addition to the aforementioned 30% and 50%, also “renewable sources of energy as a representative of emerging industrial clusters become a new pillar of economic growth. Over the planning period, demonstration area with new energy, data, new materials, new energy vehicles, as the representatives of the industry value added grew by 15% 2020 new industry value added as a proportion of GDP of around 15% in 2030 to reach about 30% “.

The implementation of specific projects is “organizing the implementation of large-scale development, large-capacity energy storage applications, intelligent transmission channel building and diversified application demonstration” that four projects.

1, large-scale development projects

High qianwanqianwa wind power base. In accordance with the scale of the development and efficient use of the combination of local absorptive and reasonable delivery combination, power grid construction and the principle of combining power supply development, gradual improvement in absorptive proportion of locally based on relative to expand absorptive range and reduce abandon wind power, continue to advance the large-scale development of wind power.

Construct solar (thermal) development and application of Al-Qaida. Full play dam Shang area area vast, and solar resources rich set advantage, using mountain, and shortage slope advance a large ground power station construction; followed “green Olympic, and low carbon Olympic” of hosted concept, support large PV enterprise in Huailai to Chong Li Highway along sides construction million kW level PV corridor, started Beijing-Zhangjiakou Highway (Zhangjiakou paragraph) PV power station and the distributed storage can pilot construction; exploration through expanded new energy application promote regional industrial green transformation development pilot work; in various industry area, And public building, and commercial buildings, and residents community, and rural, regional, vigorously development distributed PV power, and scenery complementary, in city full implemented green building standard, active development passive super low energy green building; to promotion solar PV agricultural, achieved “light agricultural”, and “light Mu” complementary; active implementation national PV poverty engineering, in Chicheng first first try, lessons learned Hou in model district within promotion; fast promoted shangyi set photoelectric, and ecological, and tourism, and holiday for one of large solar model park construction. Focus on the development of high-power solar thermal electricity generation in bashang area, with a focus on promoting the construction of a number of solar-thermal power generation demonstration project.

2, large capacity energy storage application

Large capacity energy storage pilot. Vigorously promote the use of energy storage technologies, and actively explore the commercial storage, reduce storage costs, relying on industry leader, chongli, zhangbei in large capacity energy storage pilot to achieve renewable energy complete coverage model. Increasing compressed air energy storage, large storage capacity battery, super capacitor energy storage, flywheel energy storage technology research and development, pilot scale energy storage.

Integrated energy storage model. In wind electric, and photoelectric, concentrated zone, carried out “wind electric + storage can”, and “photoelectric + storage can”, and “distributed + micro-network + storage can”, and “big grid + storage can”, sent storage with integration of storage can application model, support power, and electricity, and storage can enterprise, investment construction and operation storage can device, for model district can renewable energy mass development application provides support.

Supporting the construction of pumped-storage power station. Considering regional power new energy and peak power development needs as well as the local site conditions, argumentation based on pumped in shangyi, reasonable layout, and participation in regional power grid peak.

3, intelligent transmission channel engineering

Pilot in intelligent transmission technology. Renewable power is out of the way of innovation. Combined with the newly developed wind power, photovoltaic sent and eliminate the need, rely on CAs, the electric power Research Institute and other research institutes and universities and by 2020 intelligent transmission planning construction of a number of demonstration projects, leading the direction of grid-connected renewable energy development.

Building the smart grid, raising the demonstration area of absorptive capacity. Expansion of EHV power transmission project, construction of UHV power transmission project, improving renewable electric power across the province, trans-regional transportation corridor planning, demonstration area of improving renewable electric power transmission capacity, optimizing energy structure in three areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, enhance absorptive proportion of regional renewable energy. Optimized power management, strengthening regional collaboration network, tap System peak load and potential power channel, to improve power to dissolve and transport renewable electricity capacity. Meet the needs of distributed renewable energy development in rural areas, and further increase the rural network investment, accelerate the pace of upgrading of rural power network, upgrading the rural power grid equipment, power supply capacity and quality.

4, diversified application demonstration project

In the heat, municipal lighting, residential, industrial, agriculture, rural development, transportation, construction and other fields, and vigorously promote the reform, promoting efficient use of renewable, build diversified to dissolve on the spot demonstration model works.

Renewable energy heating. Advance chongli, zhangbei and other wind turbine heating pilot, and gradually expand the heating area. With Putin’s joint bid to host the Winter Olympics opportunity, combined with Beijing continuing to expand wind turbine heating range. Supports in chongli pioneered the construction of 1 million square meters with seasonal focus heat storage passive architectural techniques with a combination of heat demonstration projects, and increase renewable energy use efficiency. Relying on large solar thermal power stations, the implementation of cogeneration. Universal solar thermal in urban and rural, large scale solar hot water systems. Full low-temperature geothermal resources in clean pollution, persistent and wide application and other advantages, rich in geothermal resources such as Akagi, yangyuan, Huailai County, actively planning a number of, construction of a number of geothermal heating, reserve a number of projects, with a focus on promoting the construction of typical demonstration project.

Comprehensive utilization of biomass energy. Support Wan Quan, and Hua, and zhuolu, and Wei, County construction health material forming fuel production base; support backbone advantage enterprise in industrial park construction health material forming fuel heating model project; support zhuolu, and Wan Quan, and gardens, and Akagi, and guyuan, County (district) speed up construction health material thermoelectric project; support rural implementation health material forming fuel alternative coal-fired engineering; support large professional energy enterprise construction scale biological gas model project.

Renewable energy industries to dissolve. Accelerate the guyuan of wind power demonstration project of hydrogen production and downstream industries, opened Beijing, Zhangjiakou-bandwidth of 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) to the optical and build data center demonstration project of Beijing University, form a comprehensive utilization of renewable energy industry chain. Renewable energy application in demonstration area combined with the upgrading of the industrial structure, improving the industry entry threshold, accelerating the Elimination of backward production capacity, develop clean industries with low energy consumption and low emissions.

Renewable energy engineering. Accelerate the construction of demonstration area of renewable transportation network, the first in the public transport, taxis, tourist areas such as promoting the use of electric cars, perfect charging station (piles) and other facilities, by 2020, renewable energy transportation network coverage.

Construction of distributed energy supply model project. “Internet and network regulation of spontaneous use, remainder” operation mode and construct solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and gas “heat” and power and other distributed generation. On the premise of ensuring safety, planning and construction of a number of smart grid, networking and storage technology to support micro-grid demonstration project energy and new energy supply area, enhance absorptive capacity and energy efficiency of the system. By 2020, in Olympic venues, hotels, landmarks and other places took the lead and built a number of distributed energy supply model works.

Zhangjiakou electric power reform’s “Shenzhen”?

Zhangjiakou power reform seems to become “Shenzhen”. According to the plan, demonstration area will establish large-scale renewable into the new power system planning management system, electric power market system, regional integration mechanism and benefit compensation mechanism.

The plan referred to in the more important contents are:

Exploring energy planning and management system. Establishing new system of energy and electricity planning, realization of demonstration area renewable energy planning and coordination and harmonization of planning, advancing renewable energy project approval system reform to further simplify the approval processes, optimize the approval process and improve approval efficiency; the model district targets for renewables development plan row support product quality standard of biogas into the natural gas pipeline and gas fields.

In-depth implementation of the reform of the electricity market. Carried out including power, and electricity and lost distribution zainei of power price reform, established sound new energy no discrimination, and no obstacles Internet system, promote new energy Internet price through market competition formed; encourages social capital investment distribution business, to meet conditions of market subject release added distribution grid investment business, encourages enterprise to mixed ownership way investment Council domain intelligent grid construction; perfect model district across province (district, and city) power trading mechanism, to Beijing Jin JI area conveying power; advance sent electricity plans reform pilot, By determining the demonstration area of renewable electricity accounted for annual quotas of power consumption, clearly the responsibility of local governments, utilities and power plants, promoting renewable energy to dissolve on the spot.

Establish and improve the compensation mechanism. Innovation subsidy for renewable energy power generation enterprises mechanism simplify the subsidy programs, improve the efficiency of subsidies; investments in approved construction costs on the basis of perfecting compensation mechanism for grid-connected renewable energy costs; build grid ancillary services share sharing mechanism, perfect peak of grid-connected power generation enterprises, frequency modulation and standby and other auxiliary services, assessment and compensation mechanism.

In terms of policy support, the plan refers to financial policy, human resources policy, innovation policy, land policy, fiscal and pricing policies.

Particularly worth mentioning is the financial policy:

Was launched by the local Fund for renewable energy development, and attracting private capital investment and participation in the management of operations. Use of financial resources, set up the renewable energy security fund, to finance renewable energy companies to provide security services. Developing equity and asset securitization, support eligible renewable energy and related businesses to the multi-level capital market, including the regional stock market listing and bond financing.

Promoting collaborative development of Jing-Jin-JI three-carbon trading markets, explore the carbon finance on renewable energy development and application support. Vigorously develop green credit, increase its support for renewable energy power generation enterprises. Support of emission rights, the right to charge Ms (inward) charge secured loan business.

Exploring the use of water, heating, electricity, sewage disposal, gas production loans backed by expected returns, such as business. Research investment and loan, and credit guarantees, credit insurance and other innovative financial services. Supports the development of insurance agencies and renewable energy investment, construction, technology and consumer-related insurance business, encouraging the investment of insurance funds demonstration area of renewable energy.

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