Solar suppliers flocked to seize Australia energy storage market

Polaris solar PV net news: is located in the southern hemisphere, Australia with plenty of sunshine, dark horse in recent years in the field of solar energy. Today, it attracts a lot of energy storage systems to provide solar power equipment suppliers, its domestic and commercial energy storage technologies into the continent.

Bloomberg reports, Australia has become a rooftop solar installation in the world’s most populous country. Australia PV industry association reported earlier this year, latest figures showed Australia rooftop solar power system installed capacity has exceeded 4 gigawatts. Australia Bureau of statistics also said, o out of every 5 families have a rooftop solar installations. Expected by 2040, Australia will have half of the households with power generated its own rooftop solar panels.

Foreign investment to enter

Huge solar based led to the development of the energy industry. Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) data show Australia domestic energy market value of up to $ 24 billion, or about $ 18 billion. Tesla, and LG, Panasonic, and many other energy storage battery suppliers therefore have entered Australia seeking opportunities in the market.

Among them, the Tesla battery partner of Panasonic company, already in June of this year, Australia power producer and retailer Snowy Hydro subsidiary of Red energy, Queensland Government Ergon energy ActewAGL three public utility companies signed an agreement supporting rooftop solar energy systems of cooperation projects.

Matsushita said the solar energy battery storage can help home users extra power storage for later use, this can help reduce peak electricity use, while saving energy costs. Panasonic developed energy storage system can help advance rooftop solar around 30% of electricity, the company hopes to take this “to install rooftop solar to provide reliable and efficient supply of electricity.” The company is also scheduled for October this year in Australia on sale their storage batteries.

LG chemical (LG Chem) proposed, in August this year the latest storage technology applied to the Australia market. The company said in an e-mail, hoping to get Australia 30% of the market. LG chemical is expected over the next two years, Australia will increase 15 times the energy storage industry, you need to install more than 30,000 sets of energy storage systems.

Meanwhile, Samsung SDI is working with Australia Origin energy company, tests its energy storage devices, is expected later this year will provide the customer with the final product. Another Chinese Taiwan AU Optronics Corporation, is also working with Australian local AGL energy companies to carry out cooperation in the energy field.

All conditions support

Bloomberg new energy finance noted that, by 2040, Australia solar power market attracts about 3.7 trillion dollars in investments, will drive the country’s energy industry also ushered in a rapid round of development.

Consulting company SanfordC.Bernstein&Co. analyst Michael? Parker said in a telephone interview: “Australia has focused investors want conditions: long intense sunlight, high energy prices, low financing costs. This is a fertile ground for the development of the storage industry. ”

In addition, Australia energy storage industry has received support from government policies. Australia this year, the Federal Government’s policy adjustment, keep the residential and commercial solar installations less than 100-kilowatt support mechanisms. Policies with solar and energy storage technology costs continue to decline, making Australia energy storage industry has been further developed. Australia PV Industry Association statistics show that “solar + energy storage” mode of operation has become the Australia open areas for “new standards”, in the Western region of Australia, solar energy storage solutions and even become the mainstream model of energy supply.

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