Star technology intended to raise 1.4 billion to expand business

Polaris solar PV net news: Star technology intended to not more than 10 non-public offering of no more than 200 million shares for a particular object, not exceeding a total of 1.427 billion yuan to raise funds for investment in “annual output of 12 million km ultra fine diamond line” project.

Shows the project total investment of 1.45 billion yuan, the project construction period is 2 years, to be ultra fine diamond production line is mainly used in Solar Silicon, Sapphire, of new materials such as gallium arsenide single crystal cutting. According to estimates, the project reaches the postpartum can achieve sales revenue of 1.036 billion yuan, with an average annual post-tax profits of 337 million Yuan, profit 30.94%, static payback period of 6.46 years (including construction period 2 years), the project is good.

Star technology, said the company has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, products related to power grid construction and renovation, infrastructure construction and solar wafer cutting in different fields. This proposed use of stellar research and Development Center and production advantages of Super fine steel wire, for the market to provide efficient, eco-friendly super fine gold lines of new products, so as to further meet the domestic photovoltaic industry, Sapphire industry, new materials in the field of cutting needs. And because of the non-public capital investment projects of Super fine gold wire products gross profit margin is higher if the project smooth production and product sales, will significantly improve the company’s current products gross margins, improve the company’s profitability.

Original title: Star technology intended to raise 1.4 billion to expand business

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