“Thirteen-Five” PV installed capacity goal or improve the main distributed PV

Polaris solar PV net news: follow the Chinese “Twelve-Five”, “Thirteen-Five” will launch, China’s domestic industry “Thirteen-Five” solar PV installed capacity target generally have a high degree of confidence, not a lot of people think that “Thirteen-Five” will increase installed capacity objective, its total installed capacity and may even be. Is currently known, distributed PV will be “Thirteen-Five” one of the key.

In the “Twelve-Five” project, national energy administration, China plan solar installed capacity by 2020 the country will reach 100GW but because of installed capacity grew faster than expected, the target of 100GW appears to be too conservative. A Chinese photovoltaic industry points out that PV installed capacity target of 2020 should be raised, but adjustments are still developing. From the national development policy, “Thirteen-Five” should be considered development of distributed PV focus.

According to understand, “Twelve-Five” plans focuses on Yu installed volume, but not on electricity more inking, caused part area occurred abandoned light power problem, so “Thirteen-Five” will will will electricity together into considerations, while discussion far distance transmission problem, and special high pressure Cable construction, and grid capacity and grid regulation capacity,, not only continues to push rose installed volume, also hope can let these Sun photoelectric get more effective of using.

Original title: “Thirteen-Five” PV installed capacity goal or improve the main distributed PV

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