6 expansion destroyed Taiwan “semiconductor” Godfather Chang PV dream hit

Polaris solar PV net news: usher in happiness of the moment in the global PV industry, Taiwan “semiconductor” Godfather Chang dreams PV has been stalled. He had high hopes of the Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company (hereinafter referred to as Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company, NYSE:TSM) Solar business in front of a dark, can’t seem to see the future.

According to Taiwan, the economic daily news reported, TSMC announced on August 25, PV business operations will stop at the end of this month, TSMC solar limited (hereinafter referred to as TSMC solar) closures, serving more than 300 employees transferred to the parent company, TSMC, inventory of thin-film solar modules will be loaded on TSMC’s office building and wafer plant “self digestion.”

Six years ago, which is also the world’s first and largest specialized semiconductor manufacturing services (wafer Foundry) enterprise profile into the photovoltaic industry, aggressively with the world’s largest thin-film solar giant United States First Solar to compete.

TSMC’s initial operation of solar energy capacity of 200 megawatts, will eventually reach 700 MW. The plant mainly produces Copper Indium-Gallium-selenium thin film CIGS solar panels, technology comes from investors United States Stion Corporation. The CIGS thin-film technology conversion efficiency is among the highest in the world, released in April of this year the conversion efficiency of up to 16.5% of the product. After the United States First Solar 18.6%.

In 2009, the chip manufacturing giants TSMC had bets, eager to create a new growth point in the solar business. When the first solar power plant to break ground, and then-new solar Division General Manager Rick Tsai, TSMC publicly said its goal is to become the world’s top five in five years.

Solar business looks forward to play a piece of heaven and Earth, Chairman of the Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company, Taiwan “semiconductor” Godfather Morris Chang’s original intention was, has been working on a professional wafer cost TSMC could open up new areas of industry, PV into their “hopes to build one or more do not compete with customers” in new industries.

Chang’s goal is, by 2015, solar business to at least US $ 1 billion, accounting for 10% of the total Group revenue, 2008 TSMC’s revenue of $ 10 billion.

TSMC was quite optimistic. It is expected to be between 2009-2015 and solar industry compound annual growth rate of about 23%, CIGS thin-film solar technology because of the cost advantage, the annual growth rate up to 115%.

Has a strong parent company, financial, technology, brand and market a strong backing, TSMC solar short term soon became the most cutting-edge companies on the island.

TSMC submitted to the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) said in financial filings, its solar business unit valued at $ 433.1 million as equity in the industry’s largest solar company.

Then, TSMC shares Taiwan polysilicon 20% stake in Motech battery leading enterprises. Including the Hawker Beechcraft, new two CIGS competitors such as manufacturers, Taiwan photovoltaic industry has clearly feel the pressure of the TSMC solar. Subsequently, UMC, Hon Hai, Delta electricity, solar energy and LED, TSMC big layouts, smoke flavor with these large Electronics Group stronger.

Traditional polycrystalline silicon solar cell industry raw materials, prices of products on both sides run down, and rely on Government subsidies, various business models do not sound, prompting TSMC to decide the withdrawal of Motech, move to a new field in the film.

In November 2013, Chang said at the company’s annual sports meeting, TSMC’s solar energy company after four years of development in the area have a certain competitiveness has been on the market. The company will continue to expand and seek listing in the coming years.

At the time, a frenzy of PV industry has hidden crises. Just when TSMC entered the solar energy industry, the rapid growth of the photovoltaic industry in mainland China, plus the damage of the financial crisis begin to be felt, European Photovoltaic Industry subsidy policies face cancellation, $ 300-400/kg price polysilicon prices dive, to grab price advantage of CIGS thin-film solar hit increasingly small living space.

Film market only First Solar and the Solar Frontier’s business situation more stable, including TSMC, solar manufacturers were small, poor cost competitiveness, product conversion efficiencies than amorphous silicon solar cells, orders status more precarious.

Encroach on the polycrystalline silicon and thin films, after several years of struggling, unable to obtain a stable return on commercial path, TSMC still nothing in the photovoltaic industry. Under shareholder pressure on TSMC’s top management tolerance, only the helpless closed.

Interface TSMC’s solar energy company, declined to comment on the journalists could not be contacted.

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