Australia Victorian Government renewable energy plan

Polaris solar PV net news: Victoria State Chief Executive, August 21, Governor Andrew announced the “renewable energy plan”, said the plan will reshape the State’s leadership position as the Australian renewable energy and renewable energy certificate issued to Victoria’s new project, and a $ 200 million support new investments in renewable energy projects.

Andrew said that Virginia has world-class renewable energy resources, and will use its resources to Virginia into the industry leader. The program is designed to accelerate the State renewable energy development, mainly the following four key measures to achieve the objectives:

1, 20% State to be achieved before 2020 electricity from renewable

2, the use of State power of the Government income support for renewable energy, job creation

3, improving the quality of solar energy users

4, the use of a $ 20 million Fund for new energy jobs supporting clean energy jobs

Original title: State Government renewable energy plan

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