Cheung Sha to create the national PV industry base

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Changsha City Government on speeding up the implementation of distributed PV applications, which clearly by the end of 2020, Changsha into the province and the country’s important PV research and development, manufacture and application of the industrial base.

Changsha has a good environment for PV development, annual sunshine time of 1400-2,200 hours, annual capacity of 4300 MJ/square metre, belonging to solar energy resources in four areas of our country, rich in solar resources. Meanwhile, PV industry in Changsha also has a good macro policies, more perfect PV industrial base and a considerable number of roofing resource.

It is understood that the Changsha this year to ensure that the new photovoltaic generating capacity of 300 megawatts or more, construction of photovoltaic power generation demonstration area scale. To encourage the “spontaneous use, residual Internet” approach, first in industrial plants, commercial complexes, business marketing, exhibition venues, stadiums and other roof construction scale of distributed PV systems.

Cultivating a number of independent innovation superiority and market competitiveness of products manufacturers, system integrators, and operational service providers, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic conversion efficiency systems integration capabilities continue to increase, cost of electricity decreased, overall development of the photovoltaic industry levels improved significantly.

As of now, Changsha has built scale more than more than 60 MW PV power generation projects. According to conservative projections, in 2020, the Changsha available roof area will reach 15 million square meters (about building distributed PV power station 1300 megawatts), combined with the construction of agricultural and fisheries production of agricultural complementarity, Yue Kwong mutual complement and other emerging distributed generation projects, will provide a solid basis for the construction of distributed PV in Changsha.

Original title: Cheung Sha to create the national PV industry base

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