China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy strategy 2015 third inverter purchase hidden trick?

Polaris solar PV net news: July 30, 2015, China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development in 2015 third PV inverter strategic sourcing project has released the bid announcement. According to the CITIC international tendering Corporation tender results display, publication name “contracts and Shenzhen energy investment limited” winning the 100MW procurement contracts.

According to cgnpc, tender documents, bidder’s qualification requirements are very strict.

1, must be in the People’s Republic of China territory (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to register independent legal personality, with value-added tax general taxpayer, has not been closed and bidding qualification was canceled, or property being taken over, freezing and bankruptcy;

2, with professional technology, the qualification necessary for the performance of the contract, with good after-sales service, with trans-regional supply, distribution capabilities;

Good credit records 3, banks, financial condition, there is enough liquidity to take this tender delivery of the goods;

4, has a good business reputation and performance, no performance record, no bad record of the proceedings, no in the tendering and bidding activities subject to punishment in violation of the record;

5, 2012-2015 years, the equipment one time delivery real good running performance of not less than 10MW (not included in the above performance related party transactions);

However, the reporter, according to the national business information company information system query that “contracts and Shenzhen energy investment limited” set up time is less than 1 year, date and approved on June 16, 2015. Main business products such as non-inverter sales and technical services. In this regard, the number of enterprises participating in the tender to the new energy network reporters, the enterprises can provide technical services for 25 years is open to question.

Original title: China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy strategy 2015 third inverter purchase hidden trick?

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