Department of energy Sun PV status: half-abandoned photoelectric amounted to 1.8 billion

Polaris solar PV net news: in March this year, released by the National Energy Board 17.8 million-kilowatt PV installed capacity goal for this year, and the completion of the first half of this year but is not optimistic. Recently, the National Energy Board released data shows that first half of the year, national new photovoltaic power installed capacity reached 7.73 million-kilowatt, including new PV installed capacity 6.69 million-kilowatt released distributed PV installed capacity of 1.04 million-kilowatt, only to achieve the annual target of 43%.

In this regard, the PV industry experts, said Zhao Yuwen, “Judging from the data, PV installed capacity this year progress has been slow, 17.8 million-kilowatt wants to finish the year a challenge, since the current progress of distributed PV installed capacity is not ideal. ”

Goals in first half of 40%

National Energy Board issued by 2015, programmes to inform the construction of photovoltaic power generation, according to the nationwide scale PV power station is set to 17.8 million-kilowatt this year, far more than the 14 million-kilowatt 15 million-kilowatt and 2014 for the record in the draft plan. It is worth mentioning that 2014 real new grid-connected PV capacity 10.52 million-kilowatt, only installed capacity target of 70%.

Data shows that first half of the year, national new photovoltaic power installed capacity of 7.73 million-kilowatt, only to achieve the annual goal 17.8 million-kilowatt 43%, including new PV installed capacity 6.69 million-kilowatt, new distributed solar PV installed capacity 1.04 million-kilowatt.

Zhao Yuwen on daily economic news reporter said, “large PV power station by local government, and grid and PV enterprise unified planning, progress problem not too big, but distributed PV power station, due to scale is unlikely to, and most concentrated in roof, for roof of area, and grid and installation conditions requirements are compared high, this on progress effect larger, to currently progress speed view, this year wants to completed annual of installed target difficulty very big. ”

Parts of absorptive capacity

National Energy Board statistics showed that earlier this year when China PV power generation 19 billion-kilowatt, abandoned when optical weight of about 1.8 billion-kilowatt. Worth noting is that abandoned photoelectric mainly occurred in Gansu province and the Xinjiang region, where the abandoned power light 1.14 billion kWh in Gansu province, abandoned 28%, Xinjiang (Regiment) left electro-optical 541 million kWh, abandon rates 19%.

According to press reports, resulting in abandoned optical reasons, is mainly caused by cuts, a number of PV power stations because of power rationing measures on line rate of elimination from the last 60% to 30%,70% power network wasn’t working. In fact, leaving behind the optical also reflected the power station development and power out of the serious mismatch between channels. “The sharp growth of the installed capacity in the Northwest, but due to lack of power transmission capability, resulting in abandoned optical. “Zhao Yuwen, told reporters.

Also, China can renewable energy learned Deputy, Chairman of Meng Xiangan in first half of PV summary Conference Shang said, abandoned photoelectric of situation main is because development layout not reasonable, and local power elimination na capacity insufficient, and grid construction delay, and outside sent transmission channel capacity limited,, “currently China exists grid construction and PV power station project of approval way and construction cycle not match of problem, caused PV power project to synchronization design, and construction and voted shipped. In addition, due to a power, and power grid planning and construction does not match the limited absorptive and market space, resulting in Hexi corridor of Gansu province since last year there have been more serious in some areas, such as abandoned light power. ”

Original title: Sun photovoltaic energy Council: half-abandoned photoelectric amounted to 1.8 billion

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