First half of 2015 India PV market review

Polaris solar PV net news: India now faces a 400 million people lack electricity and coal to major power generation domestic pollution and issues such as international pressure to cut emissions, speed up clean energy development necessary to solve this problem.

India Prime Minister MODI came to actively promote solar development, committed to make each and every term of “at least lit a lamp.”

+ Natural conditions of good policy to promote India PV development

India become 2015 attracted the attention of global PV investment hot spot is inseparable from its own solar conditions, coupled with India has introduced solar support policies of the Government, such as system PV targets and annual implementation plan and to further promote India PV market hot trends.

First half of 2015 India PV market developments

“Hot spot” there are still constraints

India became the world’s most attractive solar markets at the same time, but there are some constraints, photovoltaic companies falter.

India PV development began to take shape

With India PV market development of hot at the same time, future India PV market trends have started to appear.

Original title: first half of 2015 India PV market review

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