GCL integrated resumption of jump nearly 10 times before the resumption of equity changes in rat

Polaris solar PV net news: delisting have been caught up in the crisis of *ST Suri, turned after a year of the re-engineering GCL integration back into shares, nearly 10 times the one-day gain for a lot of investors rich overnight. However, shortly before the resumption, have been involved in ownership transfer of corporate reorganization plan investor frequently also caught the market’s doubts.

Recovery first-day surge

On April 28 last year, GCL integration *ST Suri, the predecessor of 1.91 Yuan/share price and company losses for three consecutive years was suspended after listing. But after about four months of the year, shares of GCL integration completed restructuring has changed to 13.25 Yuan per share.

Capital reserve fund be converted into share capital involved in the reorganization plan, which opened yesterday that corresponds to the reference price of the company to 1.22 Yuan/share. Yesterday, the GCL integrated high 800%, opening price for 10.98 Yuan per share, the first transaction of about 184 million Yuan. In morning trading, GCL integrates direct up to 12.08 Yuan per share, below the opening price rose for the first time at 10% and temporary suspension of GCL integrated or 890.16% at this time. 11:30, stock trading resumed, about 10 minutes later, again touch second temporary suspension of the company’s stock limits, climbed to 13.18 yuan per share, or 980.33%. Eventually, the GCL integrated cent to 13.25 Yuan per share, rose as high as 986.07% a day.

However, for small investors, the profit margin does not eventually have 10 times as much. Due to the transfer of shares in a company is not directed against the minority shareholders, and ex-rights shares (interest rate), if calculated at 1.91 Yuan per unit price, suspended bets before GCL integration of minority investors, the largest profit margins of about 593.7%. But in a year’s time, achieve such high returns for investors can still call it rich.

Delisting was on edge

In fact, yesterday soared GCL integration was once a deserted delisted stocks.

2011-2013, ultra Sun losses jumped to 4.61 billion yuan from 110 million Yuan, on May 28 last year, was suspended because of the losses listed on June 26, the Court ruled that chaori solar bankruptcy reorganization. Last October, Jiangsu GCL 9 investors involved chaori solar reforming work, Suri shares all the free transfer of the investors of 1.68 billion shares converted into shares, the condition of 1.68 billion shares converted into shares by investors, investors paid total no less than 1.96 billion yuan to cover restructuring costs, pay off debt. After the reorganization, company 21% owned by Jiangsu GCL, GCL integrates actual control, while Shanghai Chen Xiang, jiaxing long 8 contributors have become a strategic investor in the company, after the restructuring is complete, GCL integrated positioning in the field of photovoltaic systems integration.

GCL in Jiangsu Province also promised, a listed company in 2015 and 2016 respectively not less than 600 million and 800 million yuan in net profit, if not standard, cash compensation for Jiangsu GCL. Before we resume the listing, plans of major shareholders of the company Concord Group supporting the increased purchases of 4GW component assets and financing, increased prices by 1 Yuan/issue about 2 billion shares, matching financing according to 1.26 Yuan/share issue up to 500 million shares, after the transaction is completed, GCL group holds shares of GCL integration will be more than 50%.

Before the resumption of equity changes in rat

However, shortly before the reporters found listed in the GCL integrated recovery, holding some strategic investors frequent changes in ownership of the company’s stock, and buyers of the investor is a natural person, over more than 10 days only of those natural persons on the floating profit more than 3 times as much.

On July 28, an Bo Investment Management Center (limited partnership) to transfer amounted to a natural person in the manner Zhou Yang, luehning, Liangshan holding company transferred about 126 million shares, 5.03% per cent of total equity, holdings of its own shares in the company down to 3.69%. On August 4, the Shanghai Chen Xiang Investment Centre (limited partnerships) also to transfer to natural horse 珺, Mao Zhihua transfer holdings of shares of the company amounting to approximately 180 million shares, 7.13% per cent of total equity, holdings of Shanghai Chen Xiang after holding company declined to 4.76%. These five natural persons holding cost of 3 Yuan per unit, in a short period of more than 10 days after their company stock is floating profit of about 342%. On the status of natural persons, rights were not specified in the book of changes.

The reasons for the reduction of company stock, they are said to withdrawal of funds. However, in the view of the industry, the two strategic investors or in preparation for the subsequent exit. “After a transfer by agreement, two financial investors holding shares of listed companies are lower than the 5%, you can avoid reducing restrictions on shares 5% per cent shareholder. “In the industry, buyers or in connection with these enterprises belong to the community of interests of natural persons. At a low price, buyers, they will choose the right time to cash holdings, including block trading. While Song Qinghui, a well-known economist thought, or to optimize the equity structure of listed companies.

Original title: GCL integrated resumption of jump nearly 10 times before the resumption of equity changes in rat

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