GCL integration “skyrocketing” depends on what?

Polaris solar PV net news: “whoever owned the stock, estimated in a dream will awaken. “Micro-groups, friends chatting out such a sentence, and was accompanied by a picture.

This picture’s protagonist is GCL integration.

Audited net profit for three consecutive years is negative, *ST Suri listed is suspended on May 28, 2014. Subsequently, in a series of bankruptcy reorganization after reorganization, *ST with date change as *ST integrated. August 12, *ST Suri after reorganization and was renamed the Concord integrated resume listing, the company opened the reference price is 1.22 Yuan/share. Finally, after two temporary suspension of GCL integrated end to highest 13.25 per cent throughout the day. Rose 986.1%, volume was 2.203 billion yuan.

So, investors said: this is not an ordinary “ghost shares”.

Then, the investors called “demon” is tempered? First look released before the company announcement.

Notice shows that during the suspension period, Jiangsu GCL-led restructuring of the company and became the controlling shareholder of the company. After the restructuring, solar panel sales to become main business *ST integration. 2014, profitability of the company, made a net profit of 2.69 billion yuan and net profit of 146 million Yuan after deducting the non-recurring profit and loss. First quarter of the year, the company achieved net profit after deducting the non-recurring profit and loss of 70.32 million Yuan and expected to be achieved in January-June, 150 million-250 million yuan in net profit.

So, why GCL integration “surge”? Try looking at the various research institutions to study.

Shen Wan Hongyuan believe that GCL integration are honoured to become “integrated” leading strategic goals, to become the industry bellwether, covered for the first time to a “buy” rating.

Qilu securities proposed to make the investment, saying that in the case of not considering a diluted share capital, combined with the company’s 2015-2016, 600 million Yuan, 800 million yuan of the performance pledge, the company in 2015-2017 EPS were 0.24 Yuan and 0.33 Yuan, 0.43 Yuan, the corresponding PE 5.1 times, 3.7 times respectively, 2.8 times times. Considering the company’s business model, industry position and scale volume, the first company to “buy” investment rating.

Changjiang securities from “bankruptcy reorganization completed, GCL group strong entry”, “positioning system integrates the leading, driving profit expansion in scale,” the additional acquisition capacity, improve the industrial chain layout “three aspects of analysis, expected in 2015 and 2016 respectively vested in the parent company made a net profit of 699 million Yuan, 1.032 billion yuan, giving buy ratings.

Zheshang securities investments in four points, one of which is “high performance pledges demonstrate confidence”, said the holding company, Jiangsu GCL undertook to revamp after 2015, 2016 implementation audited net profit attributable to the parent company will be not less than 600 million Yuan, 800 million Yuan.

Despite the various broker views on GCL integration is more optimistic, but the risks still to be reckoned with. Qilu securities, such as the five-point risk warning, including PV industry needs is not expected; PV power than expected; project resources were not up to expectations; financing does not reach the expected energy Internet layout is not expected.

Like GCL integration, “soaring”, the author believes that investors are rational, do not blindly came into. After all, the “surging” or hidden behind a certain amount of risk.

Original title: GCL integration “skyrocketing” depends on what?

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