Google “sunny roof” project and related conceptions

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CarlElkin served in the Google search engine sector, found that people often use Google search engine to ask these questions: have tens of thousands of, investment in solar power generation at home do not fly? If I want to get a solar power system at home, the roof will catch fire?

“Sunny roof” project was born.

It is an online assessment map, and you plan to install a solar roof home but when you don’t know anything about this, it will tell you how to operate it, of his home is a good investment.

“Sun roof” after retrieving the page, you can see a yellow roof, represents weak lighting the dark shadow areas.

This product is simple. Find a meter address in “sunny roof” project page a try, you can get a set of estimates of installed solar power system information including your roof can be as much a year Sun, how many can fit into an area of solar panels, installed and you will save electricity.

Carl took her head out of the projects is not Google’s first, current United States many solar equipment providers of this service, including the United States national renewable energy laboratory is open online assessment. So you have to ask, what is different about this set of tools from Google?

Project’s website explains, there are many factors affecting the efficiency of solar power generation, such as shading, roof regional weather conditions, solar equipment type, provider selection, and so on. General assessment will only investigate the shadowed area of the roof is not affected by light. Google “sunny roof” project has the advantage, Google maps and deep learning “propping up”, taking into account more factors, and joined the time dimension.

Google “sunny roof” project assessment material used Google maps and aerial photographs of the same resolution to draw Earth for your roof to 3D modeling. To use a computer deep learning, you can deduct the shadow covering the roof area. Thanks to the Google maps quickly updated features, this data can come from different periods. Maps can be seen sprouting trees removed or blocked, this factor will also be joining algorithm. Details of Heads of households in the past, electricity saving necessary reference, if this data gaps, the system will default based on the estimation of average electricity consumption in the region.

Currently this service is only open to tenants of 3 regions, including Central California where Google, who co-founded project CarlElkin the Boston metropolitan area. On pilot areas of the San Francisco Bay area also is set to reason, CarlElkin explained, because his mother lived there? if the project was welcome, coverage will be expanded to a national and even global.

“Sunny roof” project to become a green energy project “treasure map” and tell how much money you can save, when you can earn back the investment.

Remember last year when Ford in the United States to its four electric car agents to install a solar roof, power for the building, lighting, as well as car charging power supply. If “sunny roof” project to join the commercial electric estimates that electric 4S shop prior to the construction if you want to combine location and stores carrying charge needs to be a budget for future shop as we have a solar rooftop energy innovators, “would be a very cost calculation tool.

More and more households buy electric vehicles. If “sunny roof” on purpose “you have electric cars” the problem into the assessment classes, you can easily build system facilities, an overload situation into account, to plan the wiring and laying work.

And because it is a form of map, providing electric vehicle solar charging map is not entirely impossible. Through the users of solar energy systems and “sunny roof” project’s interface calculated electricity surplus of households providing for power-sharing, contribute more to play the star.

But for now, the “sunny roof” project will only provide data and do not provide solar equipment installed, and it is perpendicular to the services contracted. On this item, many people have started thinking about, installed, connected to the grid … … These services are similar to SolarCity solar energy service provider, such as the scope of business. They can now “sunny roof” user under the search box in the page paid advertisement show his face. But a long list of considerations, “sunny roof” projects do not have too many ideas.

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