Heilongjiang photovoltaic project development and construction Guide

Polaris solar PV net news: first, resources

Heilongjiang province is the highest latitudes, the annual average temperature minimum, good solar radiation, solar energy resource-rich provinces. Total annual solar radiation to 1.201 million/m2 year in 2,400-2,800 annual average sunshine hours between the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Percentage of Sunshine 60%, temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of South North is less. According to meteorological statistics, Heilongjiang province, Sunshine rate peaks in winter (December-February). It is because the latitude of Heilongjiang higher low winter sun elevation angle, South to the intensity of solar radiation on the vertical surface.

Second, tariff and subsidy policy

PV power station: according to local solar resources and construction costs, the country is divided into three types of benchmark price, develop benchmark price of photovoltaic power station.

Distributed PV: territorial power subsidies for distributed PV policy, price subsidies for 0.42 Yuan per kWh (including tax, the same below), be paid through the renewable energy development fund, by the power companies to pay which, distributed PV systems use more than the power of the Internet, by grid enterprises in accordance with the new benchmark coal price in the local acquisitions.

Third, economic evaluation

Heilongjiang province is rich in solar resources, class ⅱ resource areas, PV power station corresponds to the benchmark price of 0.95 Yuan per kWh, distributed execution 0.42 Yuan per kWh of electricity price subsidies. Assuming the PV Unit cost of the item to 9400, over hours at 1350 hours.

1, PV power station project

Assuming the ground power station installed capacity of 10MW, based on calculations, the pre-tax rate of return between the 9.18% before the project financing, investment recovery period is 9.67 years, projects have good profitability.

Table 1 PV financial indicators table

2, distributed PV projects

Assumes that the distributed project for 1MW of installed capacity. If all Internet access mode, on-grid price of 0.95 Yuan per kWh using spontaneous use, more than power, spontaneous use part of the electricity price is the selling price + 0.42 Yuan per kWh, surfing some new benchmark for local coal-fired electricity price + 0.42 per kWh; all spontaneous use, price is the selling price + 0.42 Yuan per kWh. According to Heilongjiang power grid from electricity sales prices, the highest selling price to General commercial and industrial electricity consumption – 0.8780/kWh, spontaneous use of distributed project selection pays best. This pre-tax rate before calculating project financing 10.98%, payback period between 8.57, the project has good profitability.

Financial indicators table 2 distributed PV project list

Four, filing process

PV project in Heilongjiang Province State policy implementation, provided solar power generation project in project management, national projects of photovoltaic power generation project, need to be included in the annual construction plans.

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