In June, China polysilicon still imports more than 10,000 tonnes

Polaris solar PV net news: according to Chinese customs statistics, in June 2015, China’s imports still exceeded 10,000 tons of polysilicon, cumulative imports 60088 tons in the first half, including through imports in the processing trade manual polysilicon has 60.3%. However, the Handbook is expected to be terminated at the end of August, foreign imports is expected to reduce the amount of polysilicon.

According to the Association of colored silicone industry branch reports that imports in June 2015 10942 tons of polysilicon, which imports from Korea 4833 tons, price US $ 15.8 yuan per kg. United States imports 2202, 2196 manual tons through processing trade imports, import price of $ 14.25 Yuan per kg. Germany imports 4420 tons, purchase price $ 19.41 Yuan per kg. June import price of polysilicon as a whole can be said to have fallen to historic lows.

In the first half of 2015, of the United States, South Korea and Germany imports 51595 tons of polysilicon, which United States imports 10903 tons, Korea imported 24033 tons, Germany imports 16660, 8493 tonnes were imported in other regions, accounted for only 14.1%. Import price US $ 19.15 per kilogram, hit a new low, 12.1% less than a year. Among them, the United States imports into China’s polysilicon through more than 90% of the Handbook, so not being levied anti-dumping taxes, Germany Wacker has a certain proportion of polysilicon is borrowed from the Handbook into China; Korea dumping tax only applies to two major polysilicon companies 2.4%, 2.8%, imports did not pose a threat. Imports of polysilicon in China in the first half of severe oversupply and prices continued to dip.

Colored silicon industry branch of the Association believe that re-examine the double rate, stops, such as the Handbook, effectively cutting foreign polysilicon dumped into China’s situation.

Original title: in June, China polysilicon still imports more than 10,000 tonnes

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