Japan “zero” time break solar stocks limp

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan from 2011 after 311 Fukushima nuclear disaster, the domestic nuclear reactors closed in succession, but spent nearly two years in the “zero” era, re-enable kernel power plant of Kagoshima, August 11, announcing “zero” at times interrupted. At this juncture, Japan solar stocks also fell.

Japan domestic anti-nuclear backlash at the Fukushima nuclear disaster grows ever more stronger and the successive stop directly to the nuclear power plant. September 2013, Japan Kansai big ban nuclear power factory fourth, machine stop running, thereafter Japan spent has nearly two years of “zero nuclear” times, base contains power modified to fire power mainly, and in Prime Minister Ann times Jin three of promoted Xia, vigorously through “fixed-price buy take system” (feed-intariffs), related policy encourages renewable energy development, makes Japan became global Qian five big solar market one of.

At present, Japan Global Center rooftop solar market, one of the many new products and solutions designed for the home roof, includes efficient components, thin-film components, light steel frame technology, and home energy management, in Japan the demand of the market and the fastest. According to Japan solar energy Association (JPEA) proposed by the best combination of energy proposals, Japan when planning for 2020 solar constitute at least Japan energy 7%/2030 11%; corresponding installed capacity of 66GW with 100GW.

Although JPEA to Japan expressed optimism about the development of solar energy in the country, but Japan short end in zero time. Japan 1th kernel power plant of Kagoshima, Kyushu electric power reactors has been enabled on the morning of August 11 and Japan China 43 nuclear reactor safety review has 24 applications, is expected to have more nuclear reactors to join future restart.

According to the NHK report, Sendai nuclear power plants restart triggered opposition from local residents, but Japan trends continue to restart nuclear power plant have been unable to resist. However, the Japan Government is also planning the year 2030 national energy proportion of nuclear power generation is expected to 20~22%, this number is much lower than the Fukushima nuclear disaster before it occurs, it is evident that Japan Government will try to reduce the ratio of nuclear power.

On the occasion of Sendai nuclear power plant will enable, Japan solar energy stocks look weak. According to MoneyDJ’s pricing system, Japan Panasonic, Kyocera, Mitsubishi Electric to develop the solar business group shares were lower, while Sharp is struggling. By contrast, Kyushu electric power’s stock rally.

Original title: Japan zero interrupts the nuclear age solar stocks limp

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