Liu Qi: seize the coordinated introduction of solar thermal demonstration project pricing policies

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal power generation is an important emerging industries of strategic importance. Press Conference July 31, learned from the National Energy Board, the Bureau will in the planning guide, demonstration projects, electricity price support policies, technical research four aspects to promote solar thermal power generation.

National Energy Council Deputy Secretary Liu Qi introduced, a to continues to deepening perfect solar hot power of resources survey evaluation work, do solar hot power “Thirteen-Five” planning, proposed guide sex of development target, to industry development enhanced confidence; II to as soon as possible started a model engineering, early started, and early exploration, and early accumulated, for industry of mass development lay solid based; three to hold Coordination introduced related support policy, especially model project of electric price policy; four to focused solar hot power key technology, national with enterprise platform And the integration of various resources, organizational strength in core technology research, efforts to occupy commanding point in solar thermal power technologies international competition.

After more than 20 years of research, international solar thermal power generation entered a period of industrialization development in recent years. Data provided by the National Energy Board, in 2014, the global solar thermal power installed capacity 1.1 million-kilowatt, Spain and the United States, and India and other countries build a commercial-scale solar thermal power engineering. By the end of 2014, global solar thermal generation capacity built 4.53 million-kilowatt, under construction reached 2.7 million-kilowatt, more and more countries new energy solar thermal power as a strategic industry.

According to the National Energy Board, the “Twelve-Five” period, China’s accelerated industrialization of solar thermal power technology research and tests were carried out. In the control technology group in Qinghai delingha built independent development of 10,000-kilowatt test power station; in the wide nuclear solar company in Qinghai delingha construction has solar hot power test field;, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing yanqing built solar hot power laboratory; country electric voted group and United States bright source company and the Shanghai electrical group cooperation, has completed introduction localized manufacturing of technology programme, will in Qinghai construction single capacity 130,000-kilowatt of solar hot power engineering.

Liu Qi said that solar thermal power generation potential in the field of industry in our country, seize market opportunities can seize the strategic high ground, in the year 2020 before the formation of a strong international competitiveness. Solar thermal power output adjustable stable and controllable, is expected to serve as base-load supply and peak tasks can make significant contributions to the adjustment of energy structure in China.

Original title: China will take four measures to promote solar thermal power generation

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