Matthew manifest photovoltaic industry concentration or further enhance

Polaris solar PV net news: in 2015, the PV industry in China is still facing complicated domestic and international situations, both domestic industry good policy environment continued to improve and international export market uncertainty caused by trade protection and Government policies. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that, during a certain period, development of PV industry in China is still in a deep adjustment phase, merger and reorganization of enterprises and integration will be accelerated, enterprises with technical, financial, management, brand advantage will further seize market opportunities.

Operating a generally better

Data released by the Ministry showed that PV enterprises generally improved in China, according to preliminary statistics, the PV manufacturing industry output value of more than 200 billion yuan in China in the first half. One in, one is the enterprise production and management continued to improve. 4 before the domestic polysilicon companies are to achieve full capacity, average gross margin over 15% top 10 components, into the PV manufacturing industry standards bulletins list of 29 components enterprises with an average net profit margin rose 6.5%.

Second, industry continued to grow steadily. China poly silicon productions from 74,000 tons, an increase of 15.6%, imports about 60,000 tons shipments 4.5 billion, compared with a slight increase; solar module production 19.6GW, an increase of 26.4%; wafers, cells, modules and PV products exports were $ 7.7 billion.

Third, industry development order become more reasonable. Of the PV manufacturing industry standard conditions (2015) was promulgated and implemented, and further guide the development of industry order specifications. The Ministry in conjunction with the Department of energy, CNCA released for the promotion of Advanced photovoltaic technology application and opinions on industrial upgrading, establishment of a PV Application market barriers and lead the industry on the technology level.

Four is the domestic and foreign market development is getting better. The first half of the new grid-connected PV installed capacity 7.73GW, cumulative installed capacity up to 35.7GW. PV companies to accelerate expansion in China and Latin America emerging markets and built factories overseas. According to incomplete statistics, PV enterprises in China have been built overseas capacity battery 800MW, component 1.5GW, building and expansion of 3.2GW and 3GW; exports to Europe accounted for about 30%, Europe and the “double reverse” (anti-dumping and countervailing) effect a further reduction.

Five is the key technology standards continue to improve. Unit capacity of PV manufacturing investment continue to decline, average production of polysilicon consumption continues to decline, the backbone enterprise of monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cell average conversion efficiency has improved, back electrode, heterojunction, high concentration and other technology to accelerate development and photovoltaic power generation system to minimize investment costs 8 Yuan/w, unit cost of 0.6~0.9 Yuan/kWh.

Six is the industry integration continues to accelerate. Some PV merger and reorganization of enterprises in China willing, to increasing market-driven resource integration, Enterprise Group with strong market competitiveness through productivity, power stations, such as mergers and acquisitions to accelerate market layout. First half of polysilicon production industry-wide specification announcement enterprises accounted for nearly 90%, solar module production industry accounted for more than 70%.

Industry faces a big test

China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua said the first half of this year, China’s PV industry continues to show good momentum of development, and Enterprise shipments on the rise, most enterprises out of the red.

In fact, China is the PV manufacturing power, is a major global PV market one-third of global market share and, therefore, the success of PV industry in China has important implications for new energy development in the world. 2015, China PV industry and the market warmer of while, still exists some urgently solution of problem, including PV Application market still needed perfect, and policy developed implementation has yet to be strengthening, and products export situation not optimistic, and merger restructuring process still save hinder, and products quality problem not ignored, and features financial support still stay strengthening,, especially suffered Europe “double anti-” and domestic capacity serious excess double test of China PV industry.

Since the second half of 2011, due to excess capacity, the European market demand and trade barriers, such as multiple factors that stack, into the “winter” to describe China’s PV industry without too much. During the most representative event is in March 2013, the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer, Suntech announced its main subsidiary bankrupt in China. Suntech’s bankruptcy further exposed the bad situation of the global solar energy industry. Prior to that, a series of failures in the solar industry in the West, including Germany q-cells and United States Solyndra’s bankruptcy. A series of business failures, especially large enterprises fail, can be understood as an important sign of bottoming.

At present, China’s PV industry market-oriented resource integration moves forward, Enterprise competitive advantage are stepping up through the acquisition of power plants, such as expanding production capacity. Analysts say change, new energy micro-grid, energy policies under the positive stimulus such as the Internet, expected year PV industry showed a trend of steadily rising, watch the technical, financial, management and brand advantages of photovoltaic equipment and photovoltaic power plant operators.

Development will be steadily on the rise

In 2015, the domestic PV market will still maintain a rapid growth, China PV industry also continues to expand the scale, and constant of the photovoltaic industry, and Matthew will continue to ferment of the weak being weaker, industry concentration will further enhance, technological progress and reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation will continue to be industry topics. As Europe and other developed countries by publishing an “Advanced million-kilowatt photovoltaic manufacturing plant” or the acquisition of efficient implementation of PV manufacturing back battery manufacturing enterprise strategy, expected technical competition will be more fierce in the photovoltaic industry, enterprise technology development and industrialization of capacity needs to be further strengthened.

Wang Bohua said that further expansion of the PV industry in China this year, capacity utilization has increased, improved corporate profitability, export hot spots become more prominent, the domestic installed capacity market prospects, the overall situation is developing towards a good direction. But at the same time, development of PV industry in China is still facing trade friction and financing difficulties in manufacturing, corporate profitability is weak, abandoned power in parts of PV power station, as well as serious problems. With gauge condition of the PV manufacturing industry implementation of the 2015 Edition revision, will further promote the technological upgrading of industry-wide, global industrial layout in PV industry in China will also speed up the pace, “go” will become the PV industry’s new normal.

Wang Bohua believes that China’s PV market demand, capacity could be in the second half of 10GW above, along with the rapid development of the downstream market, is expected to have edged in the four quarter. Key enterprises will further enhance market share, part of the small business survival will be squeezed further, leading to industry concentration further forward.

For the future development of the photovoltaic industry, the Ministry pointed out that, in the second half, China PV industry development will be steadily on the rise, but the industry faces structural problems still outstanding, weak competitiveness in manufacturing, power generation, PV enterprises financing difficulties subsidies and system cost and capacity linkage mechanism needs to be perfect. Sadie think tank recommended that scientific development of photovoltaic power generation target boot sector collaboration; expanded domestic photovoltaic applications, opening up new market; industry mergers and directed against industry malignant competition, strengthening dialogue and communication between banks and enterprises, increase financial support; improve related institutional mechanisms to promote the development of distributed PV.

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